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Chestnut Burr 

Kent State 


Kent, Ohio 

Volume 56 

Page 156 

Page 330 

Page 232 

opening Section 
Page 4 

Page 110 

Page 286 

You could forget 
it all — downtown, 

Gulp a beer, 

ogle some legs, 

groove awhile. 

Forget the diploma factory 

up the street 

and get some real food — 

ummmm — pizza — 

with anchovies, and 

sausage and pepperoni 

and a little, uhhh, dirt. 

Slosh that old 3.2 down 

and maybe 

you'll get another piece 

of — uhhh — pizza. 


Miller High Life 

' ii ! 

•H*l»- .■:4» 

.#';. ■ 


came to life 
with new ideas 
of young 

Once a drab place . . . 

known only for bars 

and TGIF on Fridays 

. . . downtown has 

come to life. 

Students are merchants 

now, selling everything. 

. . . leather shops, bookstores, 

clothing boutiques, antiques, 

junk, hand-made stuff 

and odds and ends . . . 

New life, new 

excitement ... a new 

spirit in our town. 




^< ^/^ 

No magic bus 
traveled through Kent 
this year. 

A place of idle time, 

a way to get there 

and maybe back again; 

to the next class, 

to downtown, 

back to the dorm. 

No time 

to make a friendship 

or start a conversation 

as faces change so rapidly. 

Stare out the window 

at passing lives, 

blurred and faint. 

You can ride a mile 

or a whole day. 




We, an elite minority, have the right 
We alone know the truth 
We will speak; you will listen 

— for your own good 
We will dominate; we will rule 

— or destroy you. 
We, an elite minority. 


In the Year of the Pig 
the middle of the road 
became a no-man's-land, 

"The streets are in turmoil. The universities are filled with students 
rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. 
Russia is threatening us with her might, and the republic is in danger. 
Yes, danger from within and danger from without. We must have law 
and order . . . law and order . . . lawandorder! 

— Adolph Hitler; 1932 

:#^" \^ ^ 

^ ^. 






1 ■ 






"'*• ^r_ 


JrV^' . 







m ~^ifmsi 



And on June 16, 1969 
a last ditch stand for 


death by strangulation: 



An artist practiced 
his time -honored 
trade in 
Lincoln Center. 

A huff, a puff 

patience and skill, 

plus heat, lung power, 

and a "feel" for glass 

are united 

in the creation 

of a shimmering work of art 

by Kent State's glassblower 


'Creative' artists broiijght 
a little sophistication to KSU 

"Big City Dudes out 
to spend our money? 
Seven creating artists 
invade Middle American 
to find uptigint minds 
closed to mud flows 
and happenings 
A wasre? 

Students turned-on 
to the minds of our time 
caught the message of 
a Living art." 

i»r- ' 





Folks gathered at 
Kent for that 
down-home sound, 

Come down home one time 

for a handfull of visiting gitfiddles and 
join in tine goings-on cause it's fun 

to hear people sing what they feel 
and it's fun to grin through an un-electronic 

good time. 



mmm:"^ ' 


Si ,i H *'* 

,1 ' z^ 



V -^ 


Black seers told 
unspoken truths with 
flashing eyes. 







to the music 
of the drum 
as it beats 
and it drives 
and it pulls 
and it draws 
and awakens 
a reply 
from the walls within 
that re-echo 
and resound 
and reply 
to a glow 
from within 
that will swell 
to the throb 

of a heavy, heavy drum. 



Theatre came alive 
with a 

world premiere 
at Kent State. 



Create: a melody, a character, a 

Design: a costume, a scene, 

a mask. 
Direct: an actor, an orchestra, 

a cast. 
The end product? A world 

premiere; a spring 

or summer repertory company; 

a playbill crammed 

with entertainment. 
— All in a Year's work for theatre 

people at KSU. 

Death of a Salesman 

Much Ado About Nothing 


Once More on the Merry Go Round 




Orpheus Descending 




^V^, ''ft',' 





Mtf, ' 



. -'^-^ 






^^^^^^^^^Sm ^V^l 





fvpspv wj 

f^^^pMF ^'^ 


^^^^^^JH s^^^H 


^^^v "^ ^i^ii9||^^^^^^V^^>^^^7^^<<^^^^^^^^^| 

Hp/ 'JP 

r'Pr >■ 


<; ^9 

Once More on the Merry Go Round 


Tiny Alice 



The band marched 

its way into the hearts of 

half-time ceiebrators. 

Ifandwhen the time comes 

for you guys 

to get yourselves UP for 

this thing 

we CAN finish it on time 

and you, you 
pick up your FEET 


people DO watch halftime shows 

you know. 

both of 'em 
you know. 


am the small and the meek, looking for a way b; 

" Because I wanted to sec what you look hke and what you can do. Because I thought you 
might help me find my way back or maybe my way to some other place. Because, hell, I 
.like a good kick as much as the next guy 


I don't know Whatever form I choose, how will I know you will help me'? 


Well OK, I guess, OK, I want to get back to Kansas very badly. And I like excitement and 
a good kick just like the next guy, just like my friends. 



Karate Club mennbers 
worked toward perfecting 
the art of self-defense. 

The ancient ballet 

of conditioned alarm — 

— poised — fluid; 
the controlled perfection of 





^over^ . . . 

^t may be a. renewing oi an old leelinef or 

an exckancfinef o} precious 

'^lint-time' voxaA o} loyalty. 

0} louinef, oi sharing, 

all hurried - aefueezed 

between claaaeA, 

between tertn papers and books, 

between the pages o} their lives. 

^hey live their brlei, probably passing, 

fttaybe lasting, tnentories oi caresses, 


laughs and deieats. 

<=Alone they started, 

and tnay 

be alone again, 

but, as the story reads, 

there was a time when . . . 





. -'"^.j*^ 



A blind man and a holy teacher 

sang truths 

for those who came home. 


The whispers were 

"beat B.G.— 

and, well, 

we tried: 

with a pep rally and queen (Beth Calhoun) 

a torchlight parade and 


then hot-fevered strums, 

cool shaded hums 

from a blind virtuoso; 

but mud-muscled birds 

squished by our flashes, 7-0. 

Then love taught by a 


$30,000 Donovan 

eased the 7-point pain. 


■1-. L.;>-..c..t 


Havens brought blacks 
and whites together 
with hard-driving blues. 

Richie Havens 

of greenwich 
of Woodstock 

at Kent State; 
offering a future of understanding. 
To those who will understand 
the christian says 



Sly and the Family 
changed an audience 
to . . . just people. 




IVIind exploding 

music sharing the high 

— Flying 

of sex 



rhe Association 

The Association 

warmed a winter weeicend 

Bring on a seven-man band for a weekend in winter 

to play THAT SONG that finally 

suckered you into your 

first love. 










^^^H^^^^^K J^g^tm 







An entertainer lead us back 
along the road to childhood 

Tell us a funny story, Mr. Cosby. ■ . 
Big Bill — 
little willy 

— the man with the back door to yesterday 
who tells I 

children's tales in grown-up language for 
children and kids tales that adults understand 

. . . rennember? 

that scared us blind } 

or we looked at and never quite saw 

. . . once, 
make us howl and roll in the aisles at 
something that pop would have 
smacked us for 

. . . yesterday, 
bring back yesterday mr cosby 
let me hold it in my hand and return 
with you to I 

the innocence of childhood. 1 

that's the biggest joke of all ''" 

. , . . mr cosby. 




Of course it 


and the floats — 

floated past the Hood. 

But the wet-blanket 

'am was just an 

aftermath to a night of 

Ormandy, and 

a prelude to Sahl 

and Mendes and Country Joe 

and the Fish and Blood, 

Sweat and Tears. 

And though it rained 

on our parade, 

this Day was the best yet. 

In the spring, 
KSU became 
a Carrousel of 



Beauty glowed on 
the faces of girls 
on the way 
to being women. 

Eighteen-year-old virgins 

out to meet 

The World of Man 

on their own for the first time. 

They step from 

the shelter of their 

steel-womb-dorms and 


another person 

who will smile when they do, 

watch them move, 

hold them when they cry 

and maybe even giggle with them. 

You're in a new world 
when you're 18 and 
you step into the sun. 

o I' 




Ho-hum the rowboat regatta 
when the sky is as wet as the water (again) 
SHE radiates all the sunlight I need 

but I don't care 
unless of course I have to wear it thanks 
to one sloshed-up EN 

'cause all the girls 

knew the nu. 
the best show wasn't in the water. 

W/ine and water 

mixed in the splendor of 

spring grass. 



Little children heard 

new sounds with 

help from their teachers. 

Many stare 

but few see. 
Step into look — 
why not stay awhile and help? 

Look through, 

the bits and pieces of other people's lives. 
Find them a reason to search for a meaning. 

Think Week speakers 
brought pollution problem 
home to KSU. 

■ -.■.■.!n-*n 

For a week 

we thought about 


in our air, 

in our water, 

in our guts. 

"America the Raped" 

is a reality and only 

WE can stop polluting 

ourselves out of existence. 


Do not pass go; 
do not collect $200 

Well, how'd it go? 

Are you kidding me? 

Check this, check that . . . 

Yeh, sure . . . 

I'll never get out now. 

I'm taking Ancient Etruscan 

Military Recipes 150. 


$214 for this damn slip of paper 

I can always change my major to 

the history of eating. 

Awwwwwwww, CRAP! 



So, you joined the police force 
to protect society from evil 
and now you're a 
meter-maid . . . rent-a-cop . . . 

pig , . .flat foot. . .fuzz. . . 

gestapo trooper of a decadent c 

Well, officer, parking gates, 

parking tickets, security cameras, . 

pedestrian campus and spring offensive aside 











■.:; m 



^pWi 1 "WsA,;^^. 

Dancers swayed 
In an ellipse of time 

Come . . . escape. 

Let a silent shadow 

whisper to you 

as the dancers 


Feel the beat 

move you to new heights 

of oneness with 

the universe. 

<• ''* 


Once in a while, 
there was a class 
worth going to. 

Well, Dr. Gargan, 
here we go again 
50 minutes a day, 
3 times a week. 
That's a long time for 
Anybody to go at full 
steam, even if it is about 

Dr. John J. Gargan 

But it must be quite a compliment 
to know about 25 per cent of the 
class comes just to hear you lecture. 
Hell, I've never seen ANYBODY 
make state government as interesting 
as you do. 
I mean, 
"Doesn't that turn you on — at all?" 


Researchers sought answers 
to science's mysteries. 

New buildings, new facilities, new ideas, and new 
projects . . . faculty members and students are in- 
volved in a wide range of research ... in Chemistry, 
the emphasis is centered on the Varian A-60 nuclear 
magnetic resonance spectrometer. X-ray diffraction 
equipment and light scattering equipment . . . Bio- 
logical research includes interests in ecology, physi- 
ology and systematic botany. Exercise physiology 
is concerned with the body's reaction to exercises, 
the improvement of working capacity and its effect 
on coronary risk factors ... in Physics the studies 
range from the liquid crystal experiments to prob- 
lems in pulsed and continuous nuclear magnetic 
resonance methods, Mossbauer spectres copy, 
cryogenics and X-ray techniques . . . Psychological 
research involves human and animal learning, clin- 
ical, developmental and social psychology quantita- 
tive methods, sensory processes and preception. 


If.'- ' 



In the spring, 

a young girl's fancy 

turns to . . . games. 

What ho! young ladies, 
such decorum, my dears, 


'eh what? 

". . . culturing the essence 

of young womanhood . . ." 
off my . . .) 
is a hellish business. 
And though boys will be boys, 

the FEMALE is, 
after all, 
the deadlier of the species. 

^^ iHtf 





4^SJ . 



WKSU Radio catered 

to the tastes 

of a ''multi-versity/' 

"Hi Buddy! This is Mike Ewing, and I've got a tape of Billy 
Shears we recorded last night during a trans-Atlantic tele- 
phone call . . . This is Wayne Lynch with the Fighting Flashes 
in Kent's Memorial Gym . . . Twenty-four before five on the 
Sounds 70 program, my name is Bob Circosta . . . This is the 
first of four serious music programs presented daily on 
WKSU-FM . . . Join us again tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock 
for another broadcast day . . . This is the National Educa- 
tional Radio Network . . . What is a multi-versity?" 



And in June, a Commencennent to the biggest 
disappointment of your life. 


^ ^ / 



^ .^ "V^ ■^O^'V] 













.r ..»i^.iY4<*:' 



^ • 

\ "'%»«n-.'->f» 



il»i?^ii <***"" 

Cross Country 

and you run . . . and you run . . . and you run . . . 

while your heart pounds and your feet turn 

to lead and your legs dissolve intosillyputtydropbydrop 

and you run . ... and you run . . . and you run . . . 

you taste your salty lungs while twenty thousand 

little men play the anvil chorus in your head 

and you run run run while 

your throat burns and your feet can't tell where 

the ground is and the next step is two steps 

long, and you run run run 

and you run, 

and you run, 

and you run 

and run . . . 


• • • • • • 



Sailboat Regatta 

White wings bisect 
a cloud-scudded sky;' 
sun-blistered lips 
sling yohoho cheers 
to mates. You slip 
in behind Toledo and 
you're home clean. 
How come you feel 
so warm in a cold-soaked 




Yes, we have a soccer team, a damn good one. 
So what if the MAC doesn't recognize soccer 
as a varsity sport? Maybe the soccer team doesn't 
recognize the MAC. 
Record? Sure, a 4-5-1 record. 
Put us with OU in first place in the 
unrecognized MAC. 

Held seventh in the state for three weeks, then 
we only dropped back to ninth. 
You wanta see a great player — Nick DiGrino — 
our goalie. Marvelous! 
He never started playing soccer until his 
freshman year at KSU. 

man, the animal: 
running the risk of 



'It takes 
leather balls 
to play rugby. 

in a mad, what's goingonhere? 

scramble of 
peopleless bodies. 

is now; 

but to score is 


for we must win to live 

and Valhalla is a positive good. 



Swim . . . like your life depends on it 
for a first place trophy depends on it 
and the hours of practice seem like a lifetime 
for this race . . . 
this dive. ... 

and the crouch at the block 
and the climb to the board . . . 
are manifestations 
of a stomach-knotting 
wait that never ends 

— is only suspended 

'cause when the reach for the water is past 
all that's left 
-win or lose- 
is the sound of heavy breathing 
and the knot in your stomach. 




A rough year for our team — 
with internal struggles and 
external criticism 
heaped on them, 
they played — and though 
they stayed in the cellar, 
Lagodich made his "1013th" 
and the rest of Truitt's boys 
tried their very best. 





hen it comes down to whether or not 
you can actually do it 
■don't ask the team 

. . . they're your friends; 

— don't ask Begala 

. . . it's too late; 

— don't ask your opponent 

. . . he's wondering, too; 
they're all asking you that same question 
without a team to cover your mistakes, 
without a chance to call "Time" 
without anyone else to blame. 
And if you're good 

and the ref is fair, 
when his har% hits the mat for the third time 
onH th^i-Qwd on its feet roars your name 

*, '..■^' 







■i' % 








Beauty ... an unfamiliar word to 

sports, but in gymnastics an 

essential component. 
Perseverance . . . typical of all sports, 

but seldom thought of in 

connection with beauty. 
Competition ... the basis for all 

sports, but usually team against 

Independence . . . found in 

some sports, provides no team to 

back you; you're on your own. 
Gymnastics . . . beauty, 

perseverance, competition and 




is a game 

Soft summer and 


sunburn and crow's feet 

Catchbreath smiles 

for two — 

of sunlight; 
from squinting; 


A serve, you say? 

and a good-swinging 

Love is tennis. 

a game? 



' \. ' 




Cross country is one thing; track another. 

Track requires skill as well as personal training. 

Sure you run. There's the 440, the 880, the mile. 

But there're other events. There're jumps: 

the running broad, the standing broad, the running 

high and the standing high. There's shot put. 

There's the javelin. 

Every one of these events takes just as much 

training as any one other sport. You can 

specialize in one event, but you usually 

participate in more than just one. 

The events you participate in you do well, or 

you just don't participate in track. 



Think of baseball this way: 

the computation of the trajec- 
tory of a sphere and the approach 
of a tube so that an intersection 
will occur and the resulting angle 
of incidence will give an angle of 
reflection with a vector force cap- 
able of another trajectory to carry 
the sphere far enough to an area 
unprotected by an opponent's 
team member. 

The opponent's team member 
then retrieves the sphere and re- 
turns it with another trajectory to 
a second opponent team member 
before the man making the origi- 
nal computations is able to propel 
himself a total of 360 feet, making 
three 90 degree turns. 

That's quite a baseball team, 
isn't it? 


f- '"f ■ 





%i^si!i >i^^%M.irs% 


Row 1: T. Mokros. L. Soloman. N. Bobb, J. Kavcar, K. Haverland, J. Cofngall, S. Trustdorf. J. Young. 0. Richburg, D. Smith. Row 2: R. Hinson, G. Long, G. Wilson, 
P. Lasagna, L. Cella, J. McKay, R. Houston, J. Clemens, J. Pinkerton, B. Hart, M. Kuiala. Row 3: P. Johnson. G. Greb, L. Rogers, J. Baker, S. Sinchak, D. Brenning, 
K. Benjamin, A. IVIichalic, D. Nottingham, M. Atkins, T. Schultz. F. Mrozek. Row 4: D. Puddington, head coach; F. Dreier, D. Drennan, H. Lampley, C. Natalina. D. Neff. 
N. Moore, G. Kok. C. Lori, T. James, R. Ambrose. B. Bossell, J. Riley, coach. Row 5: L. VanDusen, coach; B. Heyward, G. Austin, S. Waller, A. Franklin, T. Rubino, 
T Bowersox, F. Blosser. T. Rubino, T. Balfe, G. Ober, B. Rosencrans, coach. Row 6: T. Phillips, coach; S. King, manager; T. Larrigan, T. McDonald. S. Boykin. 
B. Worthington. M. Corcoran, P. Reynolds, T. Cahen, D Corsi, A. Andreani. D. Woodrmg, G. A.; B. Harrison, coach. Row 7: K. Dombach, manager; F. Holland, P. O'Kolish, 
B. Fello, M. Hrenya, G. Young, K. Mogish. T. Goodhart, G. Venables, C. Goldschmidt. P. Taylor, G. A.; A. Christopher, coach; S. Pino, coach. 



Row 1- J Smith manager; B. Pescatore, manager. Row 2: B. Phillips, D. Snyder, J. Steen, L. Moore, T. Dommel, K. Yaeger, C. Kitchm, T. Hammargren, G. Bowen, 
R Miller manager; J. Fennen, J. Lewis, S. Wise, F. Musser, G. Muske. Row 3: F. Vicchy, head coach; M. Rypel, M. Griggs, B. Chisholm, M. Davis, J. Schneider, 
J. Feick, E. Murphy, G. Bishop, D. Clymer, A. Smith, G. Penn, J. Steffel, B. Hawes, B. Griffin, D. Messer, B. Zutti, assistant coach. 



Row 1: S. Ludick, D. Zamberlain, J. Tingley. Row 2: J. Schakne, R. Barker, J. Kozich. Row 3: C. Swensson, M. Cummings. 


Row 1 : M, Cumens, 
B. Barto, D. Krusoe, 
E. Strickler. Row 2: 
S. Bauer, T. Haase, 
N. Detter, R. Brouse, 
J. Brown, Coach; 
K. Miller, T. Hol- 
lister, D. Strimple. 

Gymnastics: Women 

Row 1: S. Hart, D. Polk, B. 
D. Munay, K. Dartt, C. Bagli 
Bidinger. Row 4: C. Barrett, V 

Andrews, M. Kenning, K. Calderone, G. Smitfi, M. Hamilton, Row 2: B. Brown, B Howe, 
), L. Krauss. Row 3: B. Redmond, D. Sabin, S. Bell, J. Skinner, J. Vahldieck, K. Nelson, R 
. Beck, L. Tryon, L. Gregory, D. Marquart, M. Myers. 



Row 1: J. Huxel. J. Rust, D. Herbert, T, Waleer, M. Milkovich, D. Milkovich, R. Piscopo. G. Paulas. Row 2: J. Vitale, T. Balthis, W. Sctiramm, D. Lacy, D. 
Bailey, J. Wtiittaker, J. Ross, T. Dickfirson, C. Calendar. Row 3: J. Begala, B. Herbert, T. Macko, M. Thomas, M. Turkoc, T. Andres, H. Purton, D. Wiley, A. 
Piatt, R. Skellin, D. Wolfson. 

.. urtLi, 

^n; F. Dreier, . 

,.■; B. Heyward, G. 

coach; S. King, man; 

<;on, coach. Row 7: K. ; 

' A. Christopher, coac 

Row 1: D. Ray, A. Cariss, 
T. Nappy, M. Bodkins, D. 
Straka, J. Hall. Row 2: M. 
Lift, A. Lieberman, D. Bur- 
gett, K. GeTsI men , S. 
Grusza, J. Zawak. Row 3: 
L. Garger. trainer; R. Whee- 
ler, J. Gilhousen, R. Rango, 
B. Cole, G. Zahwiser, B. 
McGowan, M. Corrigan, S. 
Prater, K. Austin, M. Pask- 
ert. coach. 



Row 1: J. Brown, P. Walker, A. Welch, F. Truitt, coach. Row 2; H. McGhee, K. Halbert, L. Wilson, R. Evans, T. Lagodlch, G. Mack, A. Meyer, D. Lowe, trainer. 
Row 3: R. Quinn, D. Faber, D. Reasbeck, C. Burton, B. Burden, T. Hintz, M. Foote. 

Row 1: D. Meeson, L. Longo, N. DiGrino, T. Wagner, J. Castellana, T. Hufler. Row 2: R. Bachna, head coach; J. Wahl, N. Sarp, R. Warner, J. Fellner, K. Morgan- 
stern, T. Gray, S. Hamada, assistant coach. Row 3: C. Svarez, assistant coach; P. Berthold, L. Pittman, B. Leven, M. Mamujee, R, Hanna, K. Kraus. B. Munson, 
R. Richardson, B. Fisher, M. Fernella, assistant coach; G. Hauser, trainer. Row 4: R. Devananzio, B. Bertrand. D. Grossi, A. Baxter, B. Meirowitz, A. Kraczkowski. 
M. Steffens, B. Leahy, B. Rosenbioom, A. Johnson, S. Wilder, M. Harris. 


Row 1; P. Naukam, co-captain; W. Munson, B. Yendrek, D. DeCIark, D. Hover, 
D. Hindman, D. Ferraro, D. Naukam, D. Blasius, co-captain. Row 2: H Howie 
R. Allen, T. Hess, G. Grondin, D. DeCoulo, S. Stangasser, J. Overcasher, G. 
Warren, trainer. Row 3: R. Bachna, head coach; S. Hamada, assistant coach; 
T. Sochor, M. Wishek, R. Vederman, J. Zimmerman, assistant coach; G. Gluszek, 
assistant coach. 


i '^fS 





^ ...#" v 

r -* 




fei" iSkJ 


jmHM.'^m^x., ' 


'^^ ^^Pl^l^l^ 0^^ 

M -'''v'>:^!^^^P^ ^^ ^^sMt^ ^^m^S^^^^^tiSff^^ 

■ *^|^ ^W^ili. \" 




^■'**MP8|^ tI^^ jl 

, * i~ ^\*^ 


-'^^L^ ^^'' ^^mIIj^; ''^^ 'a^B^^^I^^^^K 


1 ^'' o^* 


lift^ ^ 


v:^^v•■ v.. V 
f-r; ,. - 

■^ ■ s ■ *- * 


Carol Sue Abel 

Toledo, Ohio 

Linda Abens 

Hinckley, Ohio 

Walter Abood 
Mogadore, Ohio 

Lorrie Accettola 

S. Euclid, Ohio 
Gloria Adams 
Kent, Ohio 
Norman Adams 

Tallmadge, Ohio 

Ralph Adams 

Penn Yan, N. Y. 

Stephen Adams 

Dayton, Ohio 
Elizabeth Addis 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Sally Adgate 
Niles, Ohio 
Brenda Adkins 

W. Farmington, Ohio 

Frank Aiello 
Warren, Ohio 

Leslie Ainsman 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

David Aiton 
Kent, Ohio 

David Akel 
Canton, Ohio 

Susan Albright 
Shaker Heights, Ohio 
Bryson Albritton 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Judith Aldstadt 
Cuyahoga Fails, Ohio 

Kay Alexander 

S. Euclid, Ohio 

Linda Alexander 
Atwater, Ohio 

Virginia Aliberti 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Janet Allen 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Margery Alpert 

Irvington, N. J. 

Adnan Al-Saffar 
Kent, Ohio 

Nikki Altman 

Akron, Ohio 

Marianne Ambrose 

Warren, Ohio 

Patricia Ambrose 

Kent, Ohio 

Mary Amodio 
Kent, Ohio 

Cheryl Anderson 

Detroit, Mich. 

Janis Anderson 

Orchard Park, N. Y. 


Sharon Anderson 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Terrie Anderson 

Dayton. Ohio 

Nancy Andreas 
Solon, Ohio 

Prudence Annett 
Martins Ferry, Ohio 

Paul Anthony 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Timothy App 
Kent, Ohio 

Frederick Appel 
Canfield, Ohio 

Barbara Applebaum 

Kent, Ohio 

James Applebaum 

Kent, Ohio 

Diane Appleby 
Silver Lake, Ohio 

Josephine Arceci 
Kent, Ohio 

Donna Arick 
Valley City, Ohio 

Linda Arkis 
Warren, Ohio 

Jan Armbruster 

Seville, Ohio 

Bill Armstrong 

Berea, Ohio 

Barbara Arthur 
Hanoverton, Ohio 

Linda Ash 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Judith Ashley 

Scotia, N. Y. 

William J. Athas 

Reading, Pa. 

Frances Au 

Lucas, Ohio 

Bruce Babbitt 

Columbus, Ohio 

Joyce Babits 

Cleveland, Ohio 

John Bacher 

Canton, Ohio 

Susan Bacher 

Urbania, Ohio 

Marilyn Bachman 
W. Lafayette, Ohio 

Barbara Bachtel 

Akron, Ohio 

Cliff Baggott 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Cecilia Baglio 
Comnnack, N.Y. 

Elizabeth Bahr 
Wickliffe, Ohio 
Barbara Bailey 

Poland, Ohio 


Jan Bailey 

Washington Court 
House, Ohio 

Judi Bailey 

Brool<lyn, Ohio 

Susan Bailie 
Steubenville, Ohio 

William Baird 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Lynn Bakalik 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Carl Baker 

Elyria, Ohio 

Robert Baker 
Mansfield, Ohio 

Diane Balasz 

University Heights, Ohio 
Kathleen Baldwin 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Thomas Balestreire 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

James Balitz 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Marianne Balotta 
Parma, Ohio 

Jeanette Baluk 

Westlake, Ohio 

Mary Ann Bankovich 
Alliance, Ohio 

Candy Baranchik 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

John Barilla 

steubenville, Ohio 

Richard Barker 

Dover, Ohio 

Roberta Barnes 

Dover, Ohio 

Jack Baroody 

Newark, N. Y. 

Charles Barr 

Mansfield, Ohio 

Kathy Barr 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Mary Ellen Barrelle 

Georgetown, Conn. 

Robert Barrett 
Mentor, Ohio 

Beverly Bartish 
Painesville, Ohio 

Fred Bartos 
Parma, Ohio 

Joseph Bartoszek 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Larry Basar 
Monaca, Pa. 

Constance Base 

Akron, Ohio 

Don Bashaw 

Paris, Ohio 

Joan Basile 

Punxsutawney, Pa. 


Illona Basiletti 

Mary Beck 

Uhrichsville, Ohio 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Robert Bastiaans 

Joan Becka 

Westchester, III. 

Chesterland, Ohio 

Jonathan Becker 

Norwich, Conn. 

Norman Batchelor 

Kent, Ohio 

John Bednarik 
Seven Hills, Ohio 

Karen Bauer 
Kent, Ohio 

Barb Beekman 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Ronald Begue 
Atwater, Ohio 

Janet Bayachek 

S. Plainfleld, N. J. 
Emil Bayko 
Verona, Pa. 

Laura Beale 

Weoster Groves, 

Lynn Beaton 

Kent, Ohio 

Barbara Becher 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Betty Jo Beck 
Canton, Ohio 

Gretchen Beck 

Erie. Pa. 

James Beck 

Kent, Ohio 

Constance Beier 

Clyde, Ohio 
Rick Belan 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Jack Bell 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Thom Bell 

East Liverpool, Ohio 

Kathleen Bellay 

Warren, Ohio 

Lynn Belovic 
Parma, Ohio 

Marsha Bellowe 

Akron, Ohio 

Janine Bender 

Akron, Ohio 

Jane Benedetto 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Robert Benedict 

Kent, Ohio 

Joan Bennett 
Middletown, Ohio 

Lester Bennett 
Wellsville, Ohio 


Michael Berens 

Hamilton, Ontario 

Barbara Berg 

Hamburg, N. Y. 

Robert Bergman 

S. Euclid, Ohio 

Holly Berkowitz 

E. Rocl<away, N. Y. 

Eileen Berman 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Lawrence Bernet 
Canton, Ohio 

Sharon Berry 
Westlai<e, Ohio 
Mimi Bertucci 

Lal<e Forest, III. 

Kathleen Best 
Genoa, Ohio 

Rae Ann Bethel 

Parma, Ohio 

Linda Betley 

S. Euclid, Ohio 

Sally Betts 
Kankakee, III. 

Kathleen Bianculli 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Janie Bible 
Brookfield, Ohio 

Rae Louise Bidinger 
Elyria, Ohio 

Gary Biehl 
Massilon, Ohio 
Cynthia Bisenkennp 

Canonsburg, Pa. 

Deborah Billson 

Willoughby, Ohio 

Frank Binder 
Parma, Ohio 

Madeline Bir 

Euclid, Ohio 

Jewel Bishop 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Barbara Black 

McDonald, Ohio 

David Black 

Bridgeville, Pa. 

Garry Black 
Mt. Vernon, Ohio 

Valerie Black 
Springfield, Ohio 
Jeffrey Blackman 

Trumbull, Conn. 

Robert Blackman 

Youngstown, Ohio 

George Blackstone 

Holland, Ohio 

Robert Blackstone 

Canton, Ohio 

Ronald Blackstone 
Canton, Ohio 


Tod Blair 

Warren, Ohio 

Linda Blandford 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Leander Blankensliip 

Streetsboro, Ohio 
Bonnie Blatnil< 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Thomas Bleetiasli 

Akron, Ohio 

Richard Bliss 
Aliquippa, Pa. 

Alan Bloom 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Lynda Bloomfield 
Beachwood, Ohio 

Karen Blower 

Parma, Ohio 

Margaret Bluxome 
Meadville, Pa. 
Phillip BIy 
Kent, Ohio 

Steven Boback 

Ebensburg, Pa. 

Nelson Bobb 

Gahanna, Ohio 

P. Mike Bodkins 

Van Wert, Ohio 

Teresa Bodnar 

Sylvania, Ohio 

Cathleen Boehm 

Maple Heights, Ohio 

Jeannette Bogdan 

Medina, Ohio 

Lawrence Bogo 
Maple Heights, Ohio 


Mary Bohannan 

Elyria, Ohio 

William Bolin 

Fairview Park, Ohio 

Dennis Bolitha 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Ann Bollinger 
Canton. Ohio 

Grace Bonanno 

Euclid. Ohio 

Susan Bond 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Karen Bonk 
Massillon, Ohio 
Edward Borkowski 

Perth Amboy. N. J. 

Gary Borland 
Ravenna. Ohio 

Gary Borman 
Baden, Pa. 

Karen Borovitcky 
Youngstown. Ohio 

Julian Boryczewski 
N. Olmstead. Ohio 

Lawrence Bosch 
Kent, Ohio 

Sharon Bosma 

Kent, Ohio 

Donald Bostwick 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Marita Boughton 

Ravenna. Ohio 
Charles Bourgeois 

Euclid. Ohio 

Ann Bowdish 
Mayfield Heights. Ohio 

Lynne Bowen 
Alliance. Ohio 

Charles Bower 
Danville. Ohio 

Ginger Bower 
Kent. Ohio 

Murray Bowes 

Scotch Plains. N. 

Craig Bows 

Cleveland. Ohio 
Beverly Boyer 
Bedford. Ohio 

Robert Boyle 
Parma, Ohio 

Charles Boynar 
Cleveland. Ohio 

Tom Brachna 

Parma. Ohio 

Mary Ann Brady 
Netcong. N. J. 

Patricia Brady 
N. Olmstead. Ohio 
Rexford Brag aw 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 


Lee Brandfass 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

David Brandt 
Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Jill Braunstein 

Merricl<, N. Y. 

Marianne Breen 
Akron, Ohio 

Sue Breit 
Alliance, Ohio 

Douglas Breoiger 
Massillon, Ohio 

Paul Brennan 

Coraopolis, Pa. 

Lawrence Brenstuhl 

Medina, Ohio 
Lonnie Bresnick 

Kent, Ohio 

Barbara Brewer 
stow, Ohio 

Lakalyn Bridenstine 

Salem, Ohio 
Barbara Brislinger 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

John Broemsen 

Louisville, Ohio 

Donna Bronza 
Independence, Ohio 

Daverly Brooks 
Union City, Ind. 

Alan Brown 

Barberton, Ohio 

Catherine Brown 
Kent, Ohio 

Patricia Brown 
Newton Falls, Ohio 
Richard Brown 
Alliance, Ohio 

Thomas Brown 

Springfield, Ohio 

Maragaret Bruni 
Alliance, Ohio 

Barbara Brzytwa 
Willowick, Ohio 

Linda Buck 

Kent, Ohio 

Jane Bridge 

Kent, Ohio 

James Bufalini 

Warren, Ohio 

Michael Bugosh 

Alverton, Pa. 

Irene Bujwalo 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Howell Bullard 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Robert Buller 

Kent, Ohio 

Barbara Burch 

N. Canton, Ohio 


Susan Burd 

Lake Forest. III. 

Thomas Burgbacher 

Fostoria. Ohio 

Joseph Burke 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Michael Burke 

Belmont, N. Y. 

Bruce Burky 
Sugarcreek, Ohio 

Richard Burleigh 

N. Canton, Ohio 

Kathleen Burns 

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Robert Burns 
E. Palestine. Ohio 
Richard Burrier 

Canton. Ohio 

Feme Bushman 
Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Cynthia Bushnell 

Parma, Ohio 

Valerie Butler 

Garrettsville. Ohio 

Richard Byrnes 

Parma, Ohio 

Diane Calascibetti 

Maple Heights. Ohio 

Charles Caldas 

Canton, Ohio 

Brenda Caldwell 

Conneaut, Ohio 

Charles Caldwell 

Canton, Ohio 

John Caldwell 

Kent, Ohio 

Randy Calhoun 

Liverpool. Ohio 

Rick Call 

Steubenville. Ohio 

Ronald Callari 

Kent. Ohio 

Larry Campbell 

Jefferson, Ohio 

Roger Campbell 

Barberton, Ohio 

Judy Campolieto 

Canton, Ohio 

Debbie Canada 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Kathleen Canning 
Ashtabula. Ohio 

Eda Canter 
St. Everett, Mass. 

Laraine Caparanis 
Warren. Ohio 

Louis Capecci 

Niles, Ohio 

Peter Caperones 
Barberton, Ohio 


Rosemary Cappelli 

Richmond Heights, Ohio 

Barbara Cappetti 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Rosemarie Cardarelli 
Warren, Ohio 

John Garden 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Kathy Carlson 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Sally Carman 

Tallmadge, Ohio 

Jennifer Carpenter 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Pam Carpenter 
Kent. Ohio 
Barry Carroll 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Gregory Carroll 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sue Carroll 
Marblehead, Ohio 

Robert Carson 
Strongsville, Ohio 

Richard Cassell 

Kent, Ohio 

Andrea Castanien 

Wooster, Ohio 

Perry Castelli 

Bedford Heights, Ohio 

Linda Catchpole 

Vienna, Ohio 

Gloria Caves 

S. Euclid, Ohio 

Sharon Cavileer 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Deanna Cendroski 
Negley, Ohio 

Joseph Cettomai 

Kent, Ohio 

James Chadwick 
Warren, Ohio 

Marlene Chaff 
W. Sunbury, Pa. 

Robert Chaleff 

Fort Lee, N. J. 

Peter Chard 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Barbara Charlesworth 

Girard. Ohio 

Larry Charns 
Austintown. Ohio 

Chris Charvat 

Parma, Ohio 

Cynthia Chen 

Kent, Ohio 

Rafael Chen 

Kent, Ohio 

Robert Cheng 

Kowloon, Hong Kong 


Patrick Chisholm 

Rocky River, Ohio 

Thomas Christopher 

Kent, Ohio 

Linda Chrzan 
Parma, Ohio 
Margaret Chyall 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Tomasina Cipiti 
Parma, Ohio 
Linda Cirell 

Lorain, Ohio 

Jo Ann Ciresi 
Brookpark, Ohio 
Hugh Clarl< 
Canton, Ohio 

Mary Clark 

Bay Village, Ohio 

Michael Clark 

Coshocton, Ohio 

Greg Claridge 

Cranbury, N. J. 

Cheryl Clegg 
Atwater, Ohio 

Linda Coats 

Little Silver, N. J. 

John Coe 

Kent, Ohio 

Mark Cohen 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Michael Cohen 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Raymond Cohen 
Kent, Ohio 
Barry Cole 
Cortland, N. Y. 

Beverly Cole 

Alliance, Ohio 

James Coleman 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Kathleen Collins 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Barbara Jo Conkel 

Martins Ferry, Ohio 

Carolyn Conkel 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Patricia Conley 
N. Canton, Ohio 

Frances Connelly 

Warren, Ohio 

Kathleen Connelly 

Glenshaw. Pa. 

Lynda Conover 
Absecon, N. J. 

Bettie Conn 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Charles Conrad 
Barberton, Ohio 

Linda Joy Conte 
Garfield Heights, Ohio 


Nicholas Contes 
Steubenville, Ohio 

Kathy Cooper 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 
Roberta Cooper 

Novelty, Ohio 

Nancy Cordier 
Mogadore, Ohio 

James Corrigall 
Barrie, Ontario 
Michael Corrigan 

Euclid, Ohio 

Mary Cossentino 
Massillon, Ohio 

Rody Costanzo 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Thomas Costello 
Parma, Ohio 

Kathleen Cotman 
Euclid, Ohio 
Kristin Cottingham 
Whitehall, Ohio 
Jane Cowan 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Paul Cowden 

Dayton, Ohio 

Arlyn Craig 
S. Euclid, Ohio 
Jerry Craiglow 
Uniontovi(n, Ohio 

Barbara Cramer 
Canton, Ohio 

Barbara Crawford 

Barberton, Ohio 
Catherine Crawford 
Salem, Ohio 
James Crawford 
Cygnet, Ohio 
Claire Crittenden 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Karen Crites 
Massillon, Ohio 

Sandra Crocker 

Valley City, Ohio 
Frank Cuda 
Brookfield, Illinois 

Andrea Cullen 
N. Canton, Ohio 


Helene Gulp 

Avon Lake, Ohio 

Lutricia Cummings 

Sireetsboro, Ohio 

Sandra Cummins 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Gail Gunningham 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Garol Cupp 

LeRoy, Ohio 

Janet Currey 

Rootstown, Ohio 

Paul Gurry 

Bethel Park, Pa. 

Deborah Gurtis 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Mike Gush 
N. Canton, Ohio 

Ann Gushing 

Kent, Ohio 

James Guthbertson 

Kent, Ohio 

Enid Gutler 
Rockville Centre, N. Y. 

Janice Dado 

Parma Heights. Ohio 
Lacey Ann Dahler 

Conneaut, Ohio 

Kevin Daly 

Kent, Ohio 

Richard Daniels 

Bedford, Ohio 

Saul Daniels 

East Meadow, N. Y, 

John Dante 
Kent, Ohio 


Allison Daring 
Gardner, Mass. 

Jeanette Darvas 

Lorain, Ohio 

Mary Dates 

Corning, N. Y. 

Joseph Dattilo 

Akron, Ohio 

A. Kent Daugherty 

Troy, Ohio 

Robert Daull 
E. Cleveland, Ohio 

Thomas Davenport 

Mentor, Ohio 

H. Bruce Davies 
Bethel Park. Pa. 

Richard Davies 
stow, Ohio 

Dale Davis 

E. Cleveland, Ohio 

Gerald Davis 

Maple Heights. Ohio 

Randy Davis 
Plymouth. Ohio 

Robert Davis 

Akron, Ohio 

Jannes Dawson 

Beach City, Ohio 

Elizabeth deBord 

Canton, Ohio 

Susanne Decker 

Elyria, Ohio 
Darlene DeCore 

Brooklyn, Ohio 

Diane Deering 
Monroeville. Ohio 

Gemma Deering 
Akron, Ohio 
Timothy Defrange 
Kent, Ohio 

Westi Jo DeHaven 

Fairfax. Va. 

Diane Deibel 
stone Creek, Ohio 

Whitfield Delaplane 
Detroit, Mich. 

Patricia Delattre 

Kent, Ohio 

John DeMarco 
Warren, Ohio 

Kathy DeMarco 
N. Canton, Ohio 

John P. Dennis 

Kent, Ohio 

Robert Dera 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Joan de San Jose 

Martins Ferry, Ohio 

Holly DeSantis 
Kent, Ohio 


Robert DeSantis 

Kent, Ohio 

Leo Paul Deshaies 

Kent, Ohio 

Ron DeStasio 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 
Merrilou Detling 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Kathleen DeVore 

North East, Pa. 

Lloyd DeVos 

Mountainside, N, J. 

Xenophon Diamantis 

AI<ron, Ohio 

Madelyn Diamond 

Hempstead, N. Y. 

Merrilyn Dietz 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Carol Dietzel 
Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio 

Thiomas Difloure 

Big Spring, Texas 
Lorena Dills 

Clyde, Ohio 

Carol Dlwgosh 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Richard Dobbins 
Kent, Ohio 

Karen Dodd 

Stovir, Ohio 

Jean Donatone 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Susan Donnelly 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Barbara Donsky 

Long Beach, N. Y. 

Maryanna Doria 
Vandergrift, Pa. 

Lenard Dostal 
Brantford, Ontario 

Carolyn Dotson 

Akron, Ohio 

Sandra Douds 

Washington Court House, Ohio 

Nina Dougherty 

Clinton, Ohio 

Clabette Douglas 

Cleveland, Ohio 

William Douglass 
Berea, Ohio 

Pamela Draper 

Kent, Ohio 

Lee Dreifort 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Dennis Drennan 
Staten Island, N. Y. 

Helenmarle Driscoll 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Kathleen Drisqoll 
Upper St. Clair. Pa. 


Brenda Driver 

Lorain, Ohio 

Michael Drop 

Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Linda Droullard 
Toledo, Ohio 
Marcia Ducotey 

Kent. Ohio 

Irene Dudar 

Yonkers. N.Y. 

Louis Dudek 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Mary Ann Dudich 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Tim Dudich 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Karen Dugger 

Akron, Ohio 

Linda Dulin 

Kent. Ohio 

Robert Dulzer 

Munroe Falls. Ohio 

David Duncan 
Kent, Ohio 

Carol Dunlap 
Carrollton, Ohio 

Kristi Dunn 
Warren. Ohio 

Elaine Durk 
Madison. Ohio 

Charles Dylag 

Brooklyn, Ohio 

Sandra Dylewski 
Steubenville, Ohio 

Bruce Dzeda 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Irene Eberhardt 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Stuart Eckblad 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ann Edel 
Conneaut, Ohio 

John Eder 

Huntington, W. Va. 

James Edmunds 

Canton, Ohio 

Rhonda Edwards 
Akron, Ohio 

Susan Edwards 
Maple Heights, Ohio 

Elaine Edwartowski 

Parma, Ohio 

Maureen Egan 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Deborah Eiben 
Westlake, Ohio 

Mary Eiben 

Strongsville, Ohio 

Ann Eiseman 
Worthington, Ohio 


Samuel Eisentrout 

Akron, Ohio 

Robert Elan 

Flushing. NY. 

Linnea Elford 
Kent, Ohio 

David Ellas 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Janice Elkins 

Kent, Ohio 

David Elliott 

Kent, Ohio 

Lorna Elliott 
Rogers. Ohio 

David Ellis 

Kent. Ohio 

John Ellis 
Ashtabula. Ohio 

Robert Ellis 
Ashtabula. Ohio 

Jane Emery 

Massillon. Ohio 
Gary Eminger 
Akron, Ohio 

Connie Ericson 
Kent, Ohio 
Glenn Ericson 

Kent, Ohio 

Kathleen Erskine 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Duane Erwin 

Emmaus, Pa. 

Paul Eshelman 

Kent, Ohio 
Michael Estell 
Hilliard, Ohio 

Kenneth Ester 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
James Estes 

Kent, Ohio 

Allen Evans 

Garfield Heights. Ohio 

Carol Evans 
Georgetown. Ohio 

Charles Evans 
Ravenna. Ohio 

Rayola Evans 
Akron, Ohio 

Jane Eyeman 

Worthington, Ohio 

Russell Fackler 
Parma Heights. Ohio 

Kathleen Pagan 

Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio 
Julie Pairchild 

Akron. Ohio 

Stephen Fallis 
Dayton. Ohio 

Carrie Pannis 
Ashtabula, Ohio 


James Farkas 

Fairport Harbor, Ohio 

Marylou Farnolz 
Painesville, Ohio 

Joe Fawaz 

Kent, Ohio 

Richard Fechter 
Solon, Ohio 

Alan Feibel 

Morristown, N. J. 

Lennie Feldkamp 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Stuart Feldstein 

AI<ron, Ohio 

Harry Ferares 
St. James, N. Y. 

Cheryl Ferguson 

Warren, Ohio 

Linda Ferraro 
Rocky River, Ohio 

David Ferry 

Warren, Ohio 

Jane Fesnak 

Cleveland, Ohio 

William Fiedler 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Barbara Figliuolo 
Somerville, N. J. 

John File 

Natrona Heights, Pa. 

Richard Fink 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Robert Fiori 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Marie Firlotte 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Larry Fischer 
Newton Falls, Ohio 
Martin Fischer 

Milford, N. J. 

Wayne Fisher 

Kent, Ohio 

Maureen Fitzgerald 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Carole Fitzpatrick 

Dayton, Ohio 

Edward Fitzpatrick 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Mary Ann Flandera 
Cleveland, Ohio 

J. Daniel Fiasco 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Bonnie Fleeman 

N. Canton, Ohio 

Evelyn Fletcher 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Jacqueline Fling 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Dreama Florence 
Shadyside, Ohio 

Roger Flower 
Columbia Station, Ohio 

Catherine Fogel 
Kent, Ohio 

Michael Foley 
Broadview Heights, Ohio 

David Foltz 

Maple Heights, Ohio 
Cathy Ford 
Columbus, Ohio 

Mary Ann Forman 
Ridgeville, Ohio 


Jeffrey Forman 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 
Steven Forrest 
Long Beach, N. Y. 
Marilyn Forsthoffer 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Deborah Fox 
Upper Montclair, N. J. 

Margaret Fox 

Hamburg, N. Y. 

Mary Ann Frabriso 

Kennett Square, Pa. 

James Frame 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Nancy Frank 

Dayton, Ohio 
Alan Franklin 
Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Barry Franklin 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Marie Franks 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Barbara Frantz 
Hudson, Ohio 

Richard Fraser 
Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Kathleen Frazee 

Greensburg, Pa. 

William Fredrick 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Jane Freeburn 

Cadiz, Ohio 

Kathleen Frew 

Sharon, Pa. 

Deloris Friday 

Mentor, Ohio 

Phyllis Friedman 
Butler, Pa. 

Lynn Friestedt 

Lake Forest, III. 

Frank Frisina 

Kent, Ohio 

Bea Frammel 

Mason, Ohio 

Terry Fuller 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Kathleen Fulop 

Alliance, Ohio 
Donna Funk 
Glenshaw, Pa. 

Bruce Fusillo 

Kent, Ohio 

Paul Galley 

Kent, Ohio 

Nancy Gailor 

Lockport, N. Y. 

Mark Galanese 

Akron, Ohio 

Barbara Galassini 

Cincinnati. Ohio 


Janice Glasso 
Bedford. Ohio 

Christina Galathris 
Campbell, Ohio 

Marilyn Gale 

Broadview Heights, Ohio 
Elaine Gall 
Parma, Ohio 

Thomas Gambill 

Alliance, Ohio 

Hallie Gannbino 
Hinckley, Ohio 

Williann Gamble 
Brewster, Ohio 

Dominic Gambone 

Canton, Ohio 

Cheryl Gantz 

Carrollton, Ohio 

Lawrence Garber 
Butler, Pa. 

Cary Gardner 
Kent, Ohio 

George Gardner 

Hamburg, N. Y. 

John Gardner 

Elyria, Ohio 

Carol Gargon 
Kent, Ohio 

Charles Garver 
Sebring, Ohio 

Jane Gary 
Marion. Ohio 

Richard Gatien 
Alliance. Ohio 

llija Gawrilow 
N. Olmstead. Ohio 
Ruthann Gedeon 
Fairview Park, Ohio 

Kaye Geierman 
Elyria. Ohio 

Rolie Geiger 

Bedford Heights, Ohi( 

Kathleen Gela 
Columbiana, Ohio 

Shelly Gelfand 

Farrell. Pa. 

Wilbert Gentry 
Passaic. N. J. 

Arthur George 

Tallmadge, Ohio 

Karen George 

Canton, Ohio 

Lynn George 
Bedford. Ohio 

Norma George 

Canton. Ohio 

Martin Gerard 

Baltimore. Md. 

Barbara Gerber 

Upper Sandusky, Ohio 


Dale Gerber 

Wooster, Ohio 

Toni Giallombardo 
Maple Heights, Ohio 

Patricia Gianakos 

Warren, Ohio 

Richard Gibbs 

Vienna, Ohio 

Mary Pat Giblin 
Lal<ewood, Ohio 

Joan Gibson 

New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Linda Gibson 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Adalbert Giel 

Kent, Ohio 

Elinor Gilcrest 
stow, Ohio 

Carolyn Gilhousen 
N. Canton, Ohio 

Joseph Gilhousen 

N. Canton, Ohio 

Bonnie Gilles 
Euclid, Ohio 

James Gillet 

Clyde, N. Y. 

Susan Gingrich 
Canton, Ohio 

Barbara Gintert 
Warren, Ohio 

Kathy Grindel 
Sparta, Ohio 

Richard Gladigan 

AI<ron, Ohio 
Nancy Glennan 
Zcarville, Ohio 

Darlene Glover 

Montville, Ohio 

Linda Gobely 

Kent, Ohio 

Willis Gobely 
Kent, Ohio 

Susan Goecks 

Monroe, Wise. 

Joanne Gold 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Pam Goldsbury 

Columbus, Ohio 

Michael Goldstein 

Pompton Lakes, N. J. 

Ronald Goldstein 

Merrick, N. Y. 

William Goodring 

Mentor, Ohio 

Dennis Goodson 

Bryan, Ohio 

Greg Goodyear 

Euclid, Ohio 

Linda Gordesky 
Akron, Ohio 


Marshu Gottlieb 
Johnston, Pa. 

Beverly Grad 
Kent, Ohio 

Carol Grady 

Kent, Ohio 

William Graham 
Hinsdale, III. 

George Gram 
Dennison, Ohio 

John Grandinetti 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Donald Grant 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Paula Grasso 

Mayfield Heights, Ohio 

Suzanne Graven 

Kent, Ohio 

Carolyn Gray 

Warren, Ohio 

Janet Gray 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 
Susan Gray 
Barberton, Ohio 

David Green 

Mayfield Hts., Ohio 

Susan Greenwalt 
Castalia, Ohio 

Joel Greenberg 
Warrensville Heights, Ohio 

Carol Greene 

University Heights, Ohio 

Genevieve Greenfield 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Carl Gregory 
Newark, N. J. 

Constance Gregurich 

Euclid, Ohio 

Cathleen Gresh 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Connie Greuloch 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Terrie Gribble 

Kent, Ohio 

Robert Griessard 

Kent, Ohio 

Margaret Grieve 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Terry Griffith 

Beach City, Ohio 

Michael Griffiths 
Kent, Ohio 

Patricia Griggy 

Kent, Ohio 

Albert Grimes 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Linda Grisak 
Parma, Ohio 

Shari Grischkan 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 


S. Griswell 

Kent, Ohio 

Christine Grombacher 

Youngstown, Ohio 

R. James Grosjean 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Barbara Gross 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Linda Gross 
Valley Stream, N. Y. 

Mary Jo Grosso 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Donald Grover 
Verona, N. J. 

James Grow 
Mogadore, Ohio 

Willy Grunspan 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Kathy Guilliouma 

Canal Fulton, Ohio 
Julie Gulrich 
Mogadore, Ohio 

Patricia Gunning 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Margo Gunther 

N. Olmstead, Ohio 

Joel Gurian 

Yonkers, N. Y. 

Jeanna Gustfson 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Marie Gutwirth 

Brecksville, Ohio 

Paula Guzzo 

Beachwood, Ohio 

Andrew Haag 

Baltimore, Md. 


Deanna Haberkost 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Gregory Haden 

stow, Ohio 

Dorothy Hagan 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Elizabeth Hagan 
Alliance, Ohio 

Pat Hagans 

Wooster, Ohio 

Joanne Hagerty 

Kent, Ohio 

Raymond Hajek 

Parma, Ohio 

Barbara Hale 
Oak Park, III. 

Claudia Hall 

Dayton, Ohio 

J. Keith Hall 
New London. Ohio 

Johnny Hall 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Donna Hallal 

Parma, Ohio 

Candace Halley 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Kenneth Halter 

Dover, Ohio 

Sandra Halter 
Conneaut, Ohio 

Cathy Hambleton 

Hartville, Ohio 

Margaret Hamel 

Lockport, N. Y. 

Francis Hamilton 
Kent, Ohio 

Joanne Hamilton 

Kent. Ohio 

Marilou Hamilton 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Marion Hamilton 

Rocky River, Ohio 

Robert Hammill 
Dover, Mass. 

Diane Hank 

Newton Falls. Ohio 
Sharon Hanni 
Stow, Ohio 

Barry Hansel 

Kent, Ohio 

Susan Hansen 

Brunswick, Ohio 

Stephen Hanzel 
Bethel Park. Pa. 

Hannah Harad 
Cleveland Heights. Ohio 

Janis Harcar 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Diane Hari 
Rochester. Mich. 


Thomas Harmon 

Stow, Ohio 

Mike Harper 
E. Palestine. Oliio 

Gloria Harris 

Canlon, Ohio 

Louis Harris 

Alexandria, Va. 

Susan Harris 
Boardman, Ohio 

R. Jonell Harrison 
Elyria, Ohio 

Susan Harriss 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

William Hart 

Warren, Ohio 

Tim Hartzell 

Pulaski, Pa. 

John Harvey 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Joanne Hassa 

Parma, Ohio 

Tamilyn Hatch 
Union City, Pa. 

Sara Hathaway 

Warren, Ohio 

James Hatherill 

Alliance, Ohio 

Eugene Hathy 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Michael Haughn 

Kent, Ohio 
Lynn Hawkins 
New Waterford, Ohio 

Susan Haynes 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Terry Haynes 

Kent, Ohio 

D. Geoffrey Hayward 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Marguerite Heard 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Rufus Heard 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Marlin Heck 

E. Palestine, Ohio 
Barbara Heffner 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 

John Heinnickel 

Akron, Ohio 

Karl Heinselman 
Kent, Ohio 

Tonda Heinselman 

Kent, Ohio 

Jeannie Heintzelman 

Massillon, Ohio 

Joan Heintzelman 

Massillon, Ohio 
Arnold Heiskovitz 
S. Euclid, Ohio 


Susan Helfand 

Erie, Pa. 

Cathy Hemming 
Kirkland, Quebec 

Barbara Hendrickson 

Poland, Ohio 

John Hennie 

Chardon, Ohio 

Karen Henning 

Grafton, Ohio 

Charles Henry 
Dillonvale, Ohio 

Claudia Henry 

Steubenville, Ohio 

Clifford Henry 
Geneva, Ohio 

fiichard Henry 

Dillonvale, Ohio 

Deborah Herald 

Toronto, Ohio 

David Herbert 

Solon, Ohio 

Patricia Herchek 
Barberton, Ohio 

Janet Herman 
stow, Ohio 
Sandra Herman 

Edon, Ohio 

Sherry Merrick 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Susan Mersey 

Kent, Ohio 

Robert Herz 

New York, N. Y. 

Bruce Herzfeld 
Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Kathleen Mess 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Richard Hess 

Flushing, N. Y. 

Vickie Hess 

Napoleon, Ohio 

Daniel Hessler 

Elbridge, N. Y. 

Susan Hicks 

New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Joanne Hietala 

Painesville, Ohio 

Gary Hiles 

Mt. Vernon, Ohio 

Nancy Hillegonds 
Hillside, III. 

Portia Himes 

Louisville, Ohio 

Kathe Hinman 

Conneaut, Ohio 

Robert Hinske 
Rocky River, Ohio 

Russell Mittle 
Laura, Ohio 


Howard Hobbs 

Kent, Ohio 

Robert Hobbs 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Margaret Hocevar 

Euclid, Ohio 

Linda Hockinbury 

Shadyside, Ohio 
Jeanne Hoessle 
Wooster, Ohio 

Mary Hoffman 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Mitchell Hoffman 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

George Hofling 
stow, Ohio 

Joanne Hofmann 
Akron, Ohio 

Gary Hogan 
Kent, Ohio 

James Hogan 

Ashtabula, Ohio 
Jeffrey Hoinski 
Euclid, Ohio 

Stella Holding 

Canton, Ohio 

Louis Holladay 
Mayfield Heights, Ohio 

Fred Holland 

Kent, Ohio 

Rita Hollenbacker 

Kent, Ohio 

Maureen Holleran 
stow, Ohio 

Donald Hollingsworth 
Valley View, Ohio 

Douglas Holmes 

Uniontown, Ohio 
Kathy Holowecky 
Avon, Ohio 

Gail Holtzman 

Erie, Pa. 

Marilyn Holy 

Thompson, Ohio 

Sharon Homola 

Dillonvale, Ohio 

Janet Honroth 
Parma, Ohio 
Margaret Hoon 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Ralph Hoopes 

Clarkston, Mich. 

David Hoover 

Warren, Ohio 

Margie Horn 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Marlyn Horn 

Mt. Vernon, Ohio 

Kathy Horvatch 

Mentor, Ohio 


Jo Ann Horvatich 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Rosemary Horvath 

Maple Heights, Ohio 

John Horvatis 

Kenmore, N. Y. 

Jane Hostler 
Kent, Ohio 

Cherelaine Hottensmith 
Kent, Ohio 

Roger Houston 

N. Canton, Ohio 

Carol Hovanick 

Orwell, Ohio 

Janice Howard 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Leslie Howard 

Poland, Ohio 

Jane Howell 

Euclid, Ohio 

Harold Howie 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Joanne Hrach 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Susan Hrbek 

Hiram, Ohio 

Cynthia Hrivnak 

Maple Heights, Ohio 

William Huber 

Wintersville, Ohio 

Robert Hudock 

Seven Hills, Ohio 

Donna Hughes 

Ravenna, Ohio 

James Hugo 

Parma, Ohio 

Russell Hull 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Faye Humphries 
Charleroi, Pa. 

James Hunger 

Barberton, Ohio 

Paula Hunsinger 

Brewster, Ohio 

Stuart Hurd 
Middlefield, Ohio 
James Hurst 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Linda Hurst 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Bonnie Hutchison 
Streetsboro, Ohio 

Nancy Hutchinson 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Irene Huttlin 
S. Euclid, Ohio 

Rebecca Hutzel 
Maineville, Ohio 

Linda Ignatz 

Akron, Ohio 


Ellen llkanic 

Northfield, Ohio 

Linda Imhoff 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Kathleen Imholt 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Connie Imobersteg 
Beloit, Ohio 

William Ingham 

Lakewood, Ohio 
Rita Intrevado 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Gloria Ireland 

Mantua, Ohio 

Douglas Isaacs 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Elizabeth Ita 

Garfield Heights, Ohio 
David Jackson 

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Patricia Jackson 
Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Shari Jackson 

Salem, Ohio 

Jeannie Jacobs 
Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio 

Monika Jakowlew 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

William Jamison 

Kent, Ohio 

Judy Janner 

Lorain, Ohio 

James Janning 

Mantua, Ohio 

Karen Janson 

Flossmoor, III. 

Cynthia Jarrett 

Ravenna, Ohio 
Robert Jarvis 

Youngstov;/n, Ohio 

Lyda Jensen 

Kent, Ohio 
Stephen Jerrick 
Parma. Ohio 

Jannice Johnson 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jerry Johnson 
Kent, Ohio 


Linda Johnson 

Columbiana, Ohio 

Plumer Johnson 

AI<ron, Ohio 

Roger Johnsoi'i 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Pamela Johnston 

Cherry Hill, N. J. 

John Jones 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Karen Jones 

Perry, Ohio 

Lynn Jones 

Randolph, Ohio 

Marlene Jones 
Maple Heights, Ohio 

Melanie Jones 

Marcellus, N. Y. 

Nina Jones 

New Richmond, Ohio 

Paula Jones 

Gallipolis, Ohio 

Terry Jones 

Cambridge, Ohio 

Martin Joyce 

Industry, Pa. 

Robert Joyce 
Versailles, Pa. 

Candy Juillerat 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Christine Juaulenas 

Dayton, Ohio 
Robyn Kabin 
Shaker Heights, Ohio 
Cheryl Kali 
Oceola, Ohio 


Patricia Kaine 
Elyria, Ohio 

Nancy Kalinowski 
Warren, Ohio 

Robert Kalisz 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Barbara Kalnitzky 
Brooklyn Heights, Ohio 

Laurene Kame 
Mayfield Heights, Ohio 

Alice Kamerer 

Hartville, Ohio 

Donald Kaminski 

Bedford Heights, Ohio 

Dennis Kaminski 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Patricia Kaminsky 

Youngstown, Ohio 
Lee Kamps 
Parma, Ohio 

Timothy Kan 

Parma, Ohio 

Frances Kane 

Canton, Ohio 

Michael Kangas 

Mantua, Ohio 
Steven Kanter 
Highland Heights, Ohio 

Diane Karia 

Maple Heights, Ohio 

Thomas Kaskey 

Olmsted Falls. Ohio 

David Katila 
Painesville, Ohio 
John Kavcar 
Westlake, Ohio 

Mary Beth Kaven 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Gregory Kavinsky 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Richard Kawalek 
Barberton, Ohio 

Linda Kay 

S, Euclid, Ohio 

Maria Kay 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 
Ralph Kaylor 
Danville, Ohio 

Richard Kearney 

Meriden, Conn. 

Mary Keating 
Bradford, Pa. 

Barbara Keefe 

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Dennis Keeney 

Painesville, Ohio 

Glenn Keeney 

Willoughby, Ohio 

Thomas Kehoe 

Richfield, Ohio 


Douglas Keith 

Canton, Ohio 

Merry Keith 
Chardon, Ohio 

Charlene Kelley 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Paula Kemper 

Akron, Ohio 

Roy Kemper 

Kent, Ohio 

Linda Kendel 

Willowick, Ohio 

Robert Kenny 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Marilyn Kerr 
Wayne, N. J. 

Rosemary Kerr 

Salem, Ohio 

John Kerwin 
Wickliffe, Ohio 

Keith Keslar 

Leetonia, Ohio 

John Kevern 

New Hartford, N. Y. 

Susan Kew 
Westlake, Ohio 
Kathy Keyser 
Leavittsburg, Ohio 

Linda Kelley 
Westlake, Ohio 

Carol Kidikas 

Hartville, Ohio 

Mary Ellen Kelley 
Kent, Ohio 

Dorothy Kierstead 
Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio 

Robert Kelley 

Rochester, Pa. 


Bruce Kelso 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Michael Kilanowski 

Youngstown, Ohio 

^m^^ m 

Gwendolyn Kemp 
Wooster, Ohio 

Thomas Kilpatrick 
Grafton, Ohio 

m ^^ 

Margaret Kemper 

Kent, Ohio 

Gerda Kim 

Kent, Ohio 
Jeuhg Kim 
Kent, Ohio 

Marie Kimpel 

Edon, Ohio 
Amer Kindilchie 
Aadhamia, Baghdad. Iraq 

John Kindzia 
Niagara Fails, N 

Alan King 
Alliance. Ohio 


Bruce King 

Euclid, Ohio 

Christie King 
Irwin, Pa. 

Kevin King 
Delphos, Ohio 

Jack Kinney 

Coshocton, Ohio 

Kathy Kinzel 
Akron, Ohio 

Timothy Kiraly 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Samuel Kirk 

Kent, Ohio 

Jerry Kish 
Euclid, Ohio 
James Kiskaddon 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Christopher Kitchin 
Ravenna, Ohio 

David Klainer 

Akron, Ohio 

Charles Klar 
Kent, Ohio 

Virginia Klatka 

Seville, Ohio 

Carl Kleder 

N. Olmsted, Ohio 

Terry Kleiber 

Elmhurst, III. 

Marilyn Klekota 
Lorain, Ohio 

Marguerite Klepcyk 
Kent, Ohio 

Dona Klicker 
Morgantovi/n, W. Va. 

Diane Klika 

N. Royalton, Ohio 

Carole Kline 

Youngstovifn, Ohio 

John Kline 
Norwalk, Ohio 

Bernadine Kloc 

Warren, Ohio 
Marilyn Klohr 
Barberton, Ohio 

Cheryl Knapp 
Canton, Ohio 

Diana Knapp 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Donna Knapp 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Susan Knapp 

Rocky River, Ohio 

E. Randolph Knauer 

Kent, Ohio 

Barry Knittel 

Solon, Ohio 

Judy Koepenick 

Bethesda, Md. 


James Kolb 

Akron, Ohio 

Marlene Kolthoff 

Garfield Heights. Ohio 

John Koniecko 

Minerva, Ohio 

Carol Koppenhafer 

Lorain, Ohio 

Ellyn Koprowski 

Pittsford, N. Y. 

Karen Korade 

Mars, Pa. 

Janice Kordel 

Akron, Ohio 

Eileen Korecko 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Gretchen Kormanik 

Clinton, Ohio 

Sandra Kormendi 
Euclid, Ohio 

Ron Kosisky 

N. Olmsted. Ohio 

Carol Kotun 

Kent, Ohio 

Janet Kotyk 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Ronald Kotyk 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Karen Koukol 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Michael Koury 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Elizabeth Kovacs 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Karen Kowals 

Midvale, Ohio 

Kerry Kozelka 
N. Olmsted, Ohio 
Carole Kraig 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Barbara Kraley 
Independence, Ohio 

Emery Kravetz 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Diane Krawczyk 
Parma, Ohio 

Sherri Krawetzki 
Castalia, Ohio 
John Krayeski 

Akron, Ohio 

Joseph Kreiner 

Kent, Ohio 

Frank Kress 
Leetonia, Ohio 

Pat Kriegmont 
Olmsted Falls, Ohio 

Laurel Kristof 
Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Joyce Kronenthal 
Tallmadge, Ohio 


Herbert Krumpe 
Glenshaw, Pa. 

Dale Krusoe 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Thomas Kubinski 
Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Thomas Kudla 

Macedonia, Ohio 

Patricia Kuebler 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Karen Kuemerle 

N. Canton, Ohio 

Carol Kuhel 
Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Madeline Kukia 

Kent, Ohio 
Myron KukIa 
Kent, Ohio 

James Kunc 

Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Cathy Kunkle 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Susan Kunkle 

Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Cynthia Kunzi 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Martin Kurta 

Oliver, Pa. 

Cynthia Kurtzhals 
Madison, Ohio 

Janice Kushner 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Dale Kutz 

Brunsv^ick. Ohio 

Virginia Kuyon 

Kent, Ohio 

Larry Kuzma 
Conneaut, Ohio 

Pat Kvart 

Maple Heights, Ohio 

Laura LaBant 

Warrensville Heights, Ohio 

Carol LaBruno 
Colonia, N. J. 

Alica Ladanyi 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Linda Lado 

Brookfield. Ohio 

Rebecca Ladrach 

Sugarcreek, Ohio 

Jacqueline Lahovich 

Campbell, Ohio 

Linda Lakso 
Kent, Ohio 

Carole Lambert 
Naugatuck, Conn. 

Pattie Landers 

Bridgeport, Ohio 

Bruce Landis 

Canton, Ohio 


Kristine Landis 
Souderton, Pa. 

David Landwehr 

Monroeville, Pa. 

Susan Lane 

Kent, Ohio 

Wayne Lang 

Brooklyn, Ohio 

Barbara Langer 

Rego Park, N. Y. 

Manuel Lanker 

Tiffin, Ohio 

Anthony Lasagna 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ronna Lasser 
Kent, Ohio 

Nancy Latimer 

Mogadore, Ohio 

Shelby Laughery 

Winterville, Ohio 

Alan Lavine 
Sharon, Pa. 

Barbara Lawrence 
Kent, Ohio 

Carol Laynon 

Gambier, Ohio 

Barbara Lazor 
Massillon, Ohio 

Ladd Leder 

Newburgh, N. Y. 

Cynthia Lee 
Bellevue, Ohio 

Patricia Lee 

Shelby, Ohio 

William Lehky 

Parma, Ohio 

Cynthia Lehman 

Mansfield, Ohio 

David Lehman 
Worthington, Ohio 

Ralph Lehmann 

Hialeah, Fla. 

Howard Leidy 

Doylestown, Ohio 

Guy Leishman 
Salineville, Ohio 

Lawrence Leitner 

Kent, Ohio 

Julie Leone 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Michael Leone 

Rochester, N. Y, 

Diane Lever 

Hiram, Ohio 

Maria Levnajic 
Parma, Ohio 

Brooke Levy 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

William Lewers 
N. Canton, Ohio 


Barbara Lewis 
Newark, Ohio 

Lois Leyda 

Malvern, Ohio 

Jeanne Liadis 

Warren, Ohio 

Alan Liberman 

AI<ron, Ohio 
Robert Licker 

Glenshaw, Pa. 

Jayne Lierberman 
Garrettsvilie, Ohio 

Donna Lifschultz 
W. Orange, N. J. 

Lynda Lilley 

Cortland, Ohio 
Ronald Limoncelli 
Elmira, N. Y. 

Nancy Lincoln 
Ravenna, Ohio 
Calvin Lindemuth 
Deerfield, Ohio 
Marilyn Lindler 
Cleveiand, Ohio 

Werner Lindquist 
Euclid, Ohio 
Janice Link 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Marsha Linkwald 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Jeannie Linton 

Bellevue, Ohio 

Byron Lipscomb 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Judith Lisson 

Rochester, N. Y. 


Robert Litchfield 

Kent, Ohio 

Glenda Littell 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 

David Lloyd 
Alliance. Ohio 

Ralph Locke 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Timothy Locker 

Canton, Ohio 

Thomas Lodge 

Norwalk, Ohio 

Janet Logan 

Bowerston, Ohio 

Elizabeth Loichot 
Canton, Ohio 

Cherie Long 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Gregory Long 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Theresa Loomis 

Columbus, Ohio 

Sonya Lopez 
Lorain, Ohio 

Dorothy Lorson 

Kent, Ohio 

Timothy Lorson 

Kent, Ohio 

Linda Lose 

Louisville, Ky. 

Nancy Loveland 

Thompson, Ohio 

Joyce Lubanovich 
Lorain, Ohio 

Bonnie Lucas 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Stephen Ludick 
Kent, Ohio 

Carol Ludwig 
E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Martha Luedemann 

Worthington, Ohio 

Ronald Luginbill 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Joanne Luhaney 

Niles, Ohio 

Carol Lukachek 

Ambridge, Pa. 

Edward Luoma 

Ashtabula, Ohio 
John Lynch 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Kathleen Lynch 

Niles, Ohio 

Michael Lynch 
Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio 

Connie Lytle 
Warren, Ohio 

Charles McAbee 
stow, Ohio 


Kay McAllister 
Lorain, Ohio 

Patricia McDonald 

Ashland, Ohio 

Sid McAllister 
Warren, Ohio 

Kathleen McDonough 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Susan McDonough 
Canfield, Ohio 

Marilyn McBride 
Kinsman, Ohio 

Robert McBride 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Kay McCastle 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Sue McClaIn 

Kent, Ohio 

Paul McClintock 
Garrettsville, Ohio 

Susanna McCosby 

Kennett Square, Pa. 

Mary Anne McCoy 
Hudson, Ohio 

Jill McCullough 
New London, Ohio 

Pamela McDavid 
Dayton, Ohio 

Jannes McDermott 

Brunswicl<, Ohio 

Barbara McElroy 

Orrville, Ohio 

David McFate 

Easton, Md. 

Mary McFerren 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Sandra McGee 

Kent, Ohio 

Priscilla Ann McGuire 
Jefferson, Ohio 

Molly McHenry 
Columbus, Ohio 

Charles Mcllvalne 
New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Angus Mclntyre 
Lakewfood, Ohio 

James McKay 

Burlington, Ontario 

Penny McKay 
Burlington, Ontario 

Karin McKinney 

Warren, Ohio 

Colleen McMahon 
Solon, Ohio 

Evelyn McMichael 

Cleveland, Ohio 

William McQuiston 

New Waterford, Ohio 

Bonnie McVey 

Springfield, Ohio 


Michael McVey 

Carlsberg, Ohio 
Gilbert Macadam 

stow, Ohio 

June Macak 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Janet Maccloli 

N. Canton, Ohio 

Donna Mack 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Bonnie Macy 
Kent, Ohio 

Diana Madden 

E. Palestine, Ohio 
Beverly Maeder 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Mary Magner 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Pamela Mahaffey 

Wintersville, Ohio 

Madelina Mahon 

Hillside, N. J. 

Christine Majcher 
Warren, Ohio 

Mary Majdan 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Maryann Majkrzak 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Dennis Malcher 
Lal(ewood, Ohio 

Kathleen Mallcki 
Cadiz, Ohio 

Virginia Mallory 
Conneaut, Ohio 

Mustafa Mamujee 

Mombasa, Kenya 

John Mancini 
N. Canton, Ohio 

Dennis Manes 
Akron, Ohio 

Kathleen Manners 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Helen Mantell 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Gerald Manzer 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Linda Marabito 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Victor Marchess 

Warren, Ohio 
Christopher Marek 

Twinsburg, Ohio 

Marianne Margolis 
Kent, Ohio 

Michael Marine 
Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Marsha Markovitz 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Susan Marks 
Cedar Grove, N. J. 


John Marshall 

Sandusky, Ohio 

Penny Marshall 
N. Canton. Ohio 

William Marshall 

Kent, Ohio 
John Marteeny 

St. Louis. Mo. 

Toni Ann Martino 

Canandaigua. N. Y. 
Brenda Marunski 
N. Randall, Ohio 

Judy Maruszan 

Parma. Ohio 

Paula Marx 

Sylvania. Ohio 

Cynthia Ann Marz 

Chagrin Falls. Ohio 

Patricia Massaro 

Youngstown. Ohio 

Jane Mastny 

Cleveland. Ohio 

Paul Mastriana 

Youngstown, Ohio 

James Mastroine 

Canton. Ohio 

Vincent Matlock 

Mantua, Ohio 

Handy Matthews 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Lorelei Matthews 

Streetsboro, Ohio 

Sandra Matthews 

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Barbara Maunus 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

William Maurer 
Willowick, Ohio 

Jane Maxsom 

Lewiston, N. Y. 

Kathleen Maxwell 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Marlene Maxwell 

Dennison, Ohio 

Charles May 

Kent, Ohio 

James May 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Timothy Mayer 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Michael Mayfield 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Steve Mayhall 
Kent, Ohio 

Louis Mazzola 
Ashtabula, Ohio 
Walter Mead 

Kent, Ohio 

Terrence Means 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 


William Mease 

Minerva, Ohio 

Richard Meeker 
Kent, Ohio 

Joseph Mehaiko 
Canton, Ohio 

Patricia Meinke 
Conneaut, Ohio 
Jim Meister 
Defiance, Ohio 
Lynn Meluch 
Diamond, Ohio 

Loretta Mendiloa 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Mark Mentges 
Canton, Ohio 

Mary Ellen Merilla 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

James Merklinger 

Parma Heights, Ohio 

Judy Merrifield 
Kettering, Ohio 

Anthony Merski 
Erie, Pa. 

Pamela Mertus 

Lakewood, Ohio 
Gary Mesnick 

Euclid, Ohio 

Richard Mesnick 
Euclid, Ohio 

Linda Messersmith 
Kent, Ohio 

Joseph Messina 

Ravenna, Ohio 

David Metcalf 
Lakewood, Ohio 

<^ \ mm. «*>.^ 

Br ^L^ 


Alvin Metcalfe 

Akron. Ohio 

Paul Metzger 

Gallon, Ohio 

Mary Louis Meyer 
N. Royalton, Ohio 

James Michael 

Rootstown, Ohio 

Robert Mictial 
Independence, Ohio 

Murray Migdall 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Joe Migden 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Patricia Mihaiko 

Springfield, Ohio 

Antoinette Milavec 

Euclid, Ohio 

Rictiard Mild 
stow, Ohio 

Linda Miles 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Gerald Milette 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Edie Miller 

University Heights, Ohio 

Joyce Miller 

Willoughby, Ohio 

Judith Miller 
Parma Heights, Ohio 

Julia Miller 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Karen Miller 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Karen Miller 

Akron, Ohio 

Leslie Miller 

Canton, Ohio 

Michael Miller 

Kent, Ohio 

Susan Miller 

N. Olmsted, Ohio 

Susan Miller 

stow, Ohio 

Wesley Miller 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Melinda Mills 
Warren, Ohio 

Ronald Mills 
Painesville, Ohio 

Karen Minkin 

Canton, Ohio 

Mart Mirka 

stow, Ohio 

David Mitchell 

Kent, Ohio 

Linda Mitchell 

N. Olmsted, Ohio 

Victoria Mitchell 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 


Paul Mittiga 

Akron, Ohio 

Diane Mittman 
S. Euclid, Ohio 

Monica Mitzo 

Parma Heights. Ohio 

Carol Mizer 

Danviile, Ohio 

Gail Mohr 
N. Canton, Ohio 

Thomas Mokros 
Bellaire, Ohio 

Stephen Molner 

Kent. Ohio 

Daniel Montgomery 

Kent, Ohio 

Beth Moody 

Barberton, Ohio 

Susan Moomy 

Erie, Pa. 

Pamela Mooney 

Steubenville, Ohio 

Connie Moore 
Ravenna, Ohio ' 

David Moore 

Louisville, Ohio 

Linda Morehead 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Deborah Moreiand 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Kathie Morgan 
Canton, Ohio 

Nancy Morgan 
Wayne, N. J. 

William Morgenstern 
Kent, Ohio 

Sharon Morin 

Fulton, N. Y. 

Lawrence Morris 

Kent, Ohio 

Janice Morrison 

Clinton, Ohio 

Cheryl Moss 

Youngsfown, Ohio 
Paul Mosser 

Warren, Ohio 

Kathy Mount 
Niles, Ohio 

Cynthia Moyer 
Alliance, Ohio 

RicTiard Mraz 
Grafton, Ohio 

Mary Martha Mrus 
Niles, Ohio 

Sally Mulhern 
Akron, Ohio 

Nancy Mulholland 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Barbara Mumaw 
Wooster, Ohio 


David Murch 
Twinsburg, Ohio 

Barbara Naukam 

Kent, Ohio 

John Murray 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Philip Naul<am 

Kent, Ohio 

Karen Murton 
Rocky River, Ohio 

James Mussey 

Parma Heights, Ohio 

David Navoyo 

Salem, Ohio 

Deborah Muto ' 

Poland, Ohio 

Karen Navrati 
Gibsonia, Pa. 

Richard Muzzy 
Canton, Ohio 

Donald Myers 

Ravenna, Ohio 
Glenda Myers 
Garland, Texas 

Janet Myers 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Wendy Nash 

Brooklyn, Ohio 

Mary Nathanson 
Oak Park, III. 
Eric Nauhaus 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ronald Neese 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

James Nelson 

Wellsville, Ohio 

Guy Naccarato 

Mary Jo Nemeth 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Donna Nagy 

Ann Neuhofs 

Solon, Ohio 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Patricia Nakatsuka 

Lakewood, Ohio 

John Nakoneczny 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Kathleen Newcomb 

Burton, Ohio 

Terrence Nakoneczny 

Bedford, Ohio 

James Newcomer 

Kent, Ohio 

Tony Nappi 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Janice Newhouse 
stow, Ohio 

Carol Nicholas 

Mayfield Heights, Ohio 


Marvolene Nicholson 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Dorothy Nicolella 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Carol Nielsen 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Kathleen Nienaltowski 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Henry Nieroda 

Akron, Ohio 

S. Stephen Nigolian 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Susan Nippell 

Warren, Ohio 

Carl Nitz 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

D. Nofrio 

Kent, Ohio 

James Nogawa 

Medina, Ohio 

Quentin Nolan 
Lorain, Ohio 

Robert Nord 

Holmes, Pa. 

Alba Noriega 

Ashtabula. Ohio 

Beverly Norrick 
West Unity, Ohio 

Patrick Norris 
Kent, Ohio 

Roger Norris 

Eastlake. Ohio 

Shirley Northcott 

Madison, Ohio 

Shirl Norton 

Negley, Ohio 

William Novak 
Bedford, Ohio 
Judith Nowak 

Columbia Station, Ohio 

Nancy Nowak 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Gail Nuernberger 
Natrona Heights, Pa. 
Kathleen O'Brien 
Warren, Ohio 

Michael O'Brien 
Warren, Ohio 

Elizabeth O'Conner 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Helen Oetzel 

Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Maureen O'Hara 

Warren, Ohio 

Jerwood Olah 
Kent, Ohio 
Dorothy Oldford 
Bronx, N. Y. 

Gayle Olszewski 

N. Royalton, Ohio 


Richard Onyak 
N. Ridgeville. Ohio 

Larry Oros 
Barberton, Ohio 

Emmett Orr 

Dayton, Ohio 
Judy Orrick 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Barri Otremba 

Canton, Ohio 

Patricia Over 
Boardman, Ohio 

Sandra Overfield 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Cathy Overlow 
Akron, Ohio 

Delores Owen 

Youngstown, Ohio 

John Pabin 

Broadview Heights, Ohio 

Jane Pack 

Navarre, Ohio 

Al Paganulli 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Susan Pahner 

Maple Heights, Ohio 

Edward Palidar 

Friendship, N. Y. 

James Palmer 

Copley, Ohio 

James Palmer 

Aurora, Ohio 

Daniel Palubniak 

Fanwood, N. J. 

Wanda Pandin 

Homeworth, Ohio 

John Pandoll 
Canton, Ohio 

Becky Park 

Austinburg, Ohio 

Marilyn Park 
Magnolia, N. J. 

Dann Parker 

Geneva, Ohio 

Suzan Parker 

Akron, Ohio 

Walt Parker 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Winifred Parker 

Warren, Ohio 

James Parton 

Canfield, Ohio 

Sharon Paryzek 
Cadiz, Ohio 

David Pasco 

Jamestown, N. V 
Chuck Patti 
Rochester, N. Y. 
Peter Paul 
Zanesville, Ohio 


Linda Pauley 

Akron, Ohio 

Robert Paulis 

Akron, Ohio 

Marilyn Paulus 
Woodsfield, Ohio 

Judith Pavlinac 

Cortland, Ohio 
Jane Pavlish 

Cleveland Heights. Ohio 

Richard Pavolino 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Dennis Pawlak 
SoJon, Ohio 

Tina Pawlak 

Parma, Ohio 

Sandra Peake 

Grafton. Ohio 

Priscilla Peale 

Hartford, Conn. 

William Pearson 

Ferry, Ohio 

William Peck 
Parma, Ohio 

Harold Pekol 

Euclid, Ohio 

Marilyn Pelto 

Kent, Ohio 

John Peluso 

Kent, Ohio 

Norman Penn 

Columbus, Ohio 

Ardell Perini 
Clifton, N. J. 

Juanita Perkins 
Geneva, Ohio 


Russel Perkins 

Warren, Ohio 

Andrew Perry 

Kent, Ohio 

Dennis Perry 

Kittanning, Pa. 

Lois Perugine 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Jo Ann Pelerangelo 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Becky Peters 

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Lorin Peters 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Dale Peterson 

New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Eric Peterson 
Alliance, Ohio 

William Peterson 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Eileen Petric 
Jefferson, Ohio 

Louise Petrilla 

Warren, Ohio 
Jeanne Petrosky 

Midland, Pa. 

Daniel Petruchik 
Lorain, Ohio 

Jeffery Petrunger 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Sharon Petry 

Kent, Ohio 
Richard Phelps 
Geneva, Ohio 
Betty Phillips 

Coshocton, Ohio 

Jeff Phillips 

Parma, Ohio 

Nicholas Phillips 

N. Royalton, Ohio 

Timothy Phillips 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Margaret Phinney 

Kent, Ohio 

Robert Pickett 
Perth Amboy, N. J. 
Dan Pilkington 
Steubenville, Ohio 

Michael Pilney 

Yorkville, Ohio 

Dolores Pinchot 

Euclid, Ohio 

Robert Pinkis 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Ann Pinkley 
Ashland, Ohio 
Frederick Pinter 

Akron, Ohio 

Bruce Pipman 
New Kensington, Pa. 


Linda Pitchford 

Huntington, W. Va. 

Eileen Pittenger 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Cynthia Pitts 

Elyria, Ohio 

Larry Pitts 
Massillion, Ohio 

Patricia Pivonl<a 
Garfield Heights, Ohio 

John Planchard 
Alliance, Ohio 

Sandar Planisek 

Kent, Ohio 

Paulette Pluta 

Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Franl< Pohar 

Euclid, Ohio 

Nancy Polacek 

Brookpark, Ohio 

C. Polasl<l 

Kent, Ohio 

Martin Politsky 

Newton Falls, Ohio 

Stephanie Pollock 

Fowler. Ohio 

William Ponder 
Kent, Ohio 

Susan Poor 

Akron, Ohio 

Robert Post 

Kent, Ohio 

Harry Poulos 

Springfield, Ohio 

Lawrence Powers 
Cleveland, Ohio 

James Pozar 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Joan Pratt 

Massillon, Ohio 

Paige Preslan 

N. Olmsted, Ohio 

Martha Pressler 

Muncie, Ind. 

Earl Price 

Kent, Ohio 

James Price 

Gallon, Ohio 

Pamela Price 
Kent, Ohio 

Jack Probasco 

Worthington, Ohio 

Nancy Prokupek 
Avon Lake, Ohio 

Sheila Prose 

Dayton, Ohio 

Joyce Protiva 
Cleveland, Ohio 

John Protomaster 
Warren, Ohio 


Marsha Protus 
S. Euclid, Ohio 

Kathy Prulhiere 
Tallmadge, Ohio 

Cynthia Ptak 
Eastlake, Ohio 

Kristin Puhle 

Huntington. N. > 

Robert Pulvino 

Lockport. N. Y. 

Jack Putnann 
Oceanside. N. Y. 

Linda Pyle 

Barberton, Ohio 

Robert Robe 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Richard Racela 
Lakewood, Ohio 
Judith Racin 

Clinton, Ohio 

Richard Rafferty 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Gail Raftery 
Canton, Ohio 

E. Michael Rainaldi 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Brenda Rainey 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Michelle Rainer 

Toms River, N. J. 

Allen Rake 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Richard Rango 
Parma, Ohio 

Carole Rankin 

Canonsburg, Pa. 

Kathleen Ransde 

Mogadore. Ohio 

Constance Rafailedes 

Canton. Ohio 

Sue Ray 

Homeworth. Ohio 

Patrick Raffa 

Kent. Ohio 

Martha Raymond 

Kent. Ohio 

Wayne Reardon 
Lorain. Ohio 

Janet Ransom 
Walton. N. Y. 

William Ransom 
Castalia, Ohio 
Charlotte Rapp 
Jamestown. N. Y. 


Carmen Redaelli 

Kent, Ohio 

Georgianna Redaelli 

Kent, Ohio 

James Reed 

W. Chester, Pa. 

Paula Reed 

Mansfield. Ohio 

Susan Reed 

Hudson, Ohio 

Paula Reer 

Milan, Ohio 

Robert Rees 
Dover, Ohio 

James Reichert 
Lorain, Ohio 

Diane Reid 

Marion, Ohio 

James Reilly 

Euclid, Ohio 

Jon Reinherdt 

Elyna, Ohio 

Diane Reiss 

AI<ron, Ohio 

Janra Reitz 
Jeannette, Pa. 
David Rejkowski 
Tallmadge, Ohio 
Winnis Repella 

Amsterdam, Ohio 

Shari Resseger 

Willard, Ohio 

Will Revilock 
Cleveland, Ohio 
William Reymond 
Akron, Ohio 

Elaine Reynolds 
Ravenna, Ohio 
Mason Rhoads 
Canton, Ohio 

Terry Rhoda 

Warren, Ohio 

Cynthianne Rhode 

N. Versailles, Pa. 

Patricia Rhynard 

Rossburg, Ohio 

Leda Ricci 

Greensburg, Pa. 

Carl Riccilli 
Kent, Ohio 

William Richards 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Ronnie Richman 
Woodbrldge, N. J. 

Cathy Richmond 

Kent, Ohio 

Jo Ann Rider 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Laura Risko 
Cleveland, Ohio 



Nancy Ritter 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Patricia Roabruck 

Coshocton, Ohio 

Patricia Roberts 

AI<ron, Ohio 

Jackie Robinson 
Murray City, Ohio 

Mary Jane Robinson 
Geneva on the Lake, Ohio 
Gilbert Rock 
Lakew/ood, Ohio 

Edward Roecker 
Genoa, Ohio 

Charles Rogers 

Van Wert, Ohio 

Edward Rogers 
Steubenvllle, Ohio 

Lee Rogers 

Columbus, Ohio 

Madeline Rogissart 
Livonia, Mich. 

Diane Rohn 

Kent, Ohio 

Patricia Rohrer 

Warren, Ohio 

John Romano 
Ravenna, Ohio 

James Romeo 

N. Canton, Ohio 

Richard Romer 

Lorain, Ohio 

Marilyn Roscoe 
Niles, Ohio 

Renee Rosenau 

Hewlett Bay Park, N. Y. 

Steven Rosenau 

Rydal, Pa. 

Maryanne Roddy 
Bedford, Ohio 

Lynda Rosenkranz 

Union, N. J. 

Cheryl Roe 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

David Roska 

Canton, Ohio 

Ronald Ross 

Alliance, Ohio 

Donna Rosselle 

Brecksville, Ohio 

Jerome Roth 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Richard Roth 
Canton, Ohio 

Harriet Rothblatt 
Newton, Mass. 

Dale Rothenberger 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 
Will Rothenbusch 
Cleveland, Ohio 


Larry Rothermel 
Atwater, Ohio 

Judy Ruffing 

Oakwood. Ohio 

Leigh Rounds 
Erie, Pa. 

Howard Ruffner 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Edward Ruffner 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Richard Rowan 

Kent, Ohio 

James Rowles 
Canton, Ohio 


Robert Rue 
Middlesex. N. J. 

Herman Rueger 
Wickliffe, Ohio 

Dennis Ruggles 
Kent, Ohio 

Richard Ruggies 
Canton, Ohio 

Pamela Rung 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Janis Rubenson 
New Castle, Pa. 

Robert Rupel 

Kettering, Ohio 

Tim Rudell 

Canton, Ohio 

James Rusnal< 

Rocky River, Ohio 

James Russell 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Law/ence Ruderman 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Sandy Russman 

Bethel Park, Pa. 

David Rudison 
McKees Rocks, Pa. 

James Rust 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Robert Rust 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Randil Rudloff 

E. Palestine, Ohio 

Allen Rutherford 
Warren, Ohio 

Janice Rudzinsl<i 
Bridgeport, Ohio 

Anthony Rutkowski 

Mingo Junction, Ohio 

Mary Ryan 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Nora Ryan 

Columbus, Ohio 
Janet Ryckman 
E. Liverpool, Ohio 
Marilyn Ryglewicz 
Maple Heights, Ohio 


Ted Sadar 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Robert Sauba 

Solvay, N. Y. 

Gail Sadeski 
Kent. Ohio 

George Savarino 
Dunlevy, Pa. 

Jorga Sage 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Lorraine Salem 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Toni Savastano 

S. Euclid, Ohio 

Brenda Salisbury 

Rittman, Ohio 

Victor Savenko 
Cleveland. Ohio 

Mark Sailing 

Kent, Ohio 

Jeff Sallot 

Parma, Ohio 

Lynne Sallot 
Parma, Ohio 

Suellen Samples 

Gallipolis. Ohio 

Philip Sampson 

Kent, Ohio 

Sue Sander 

Kent. Ohio 

George Sandru 
Canton, Ohio 

Ruth Savoy 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Carol Scantland 

Marion, Ohio 

Annette Scarpetti 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Anthony Scarpitti 
Kent, Ohio 

Richard Sapara 

Parma Heights. Ohio 

John Scarpucci 

Cleveland. Ohio 

Gary Saponari 

Avon Lake. Ohio 

Haden Schaab 

Monaca. Pa. 

Donald Saracusa 
Maple Heights, Ohio 

Thomas Sargi 
Cleveland. Ohio 

David Schaefer 
Sandusky. Ohio 

Namik Sarp 

Kent. Ohio 

Deborah Schaefer 

Chesterland. Ohio 

James Satrom 

Kent. Ohio 

^»^ ^A ^^1 


Linda Schakenback 

stony Brook. N. Y. 

Kathy Schaser 

Stow. Ohio 

Linda Schill 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Abby Schindler 

Scarsdale. N. Y. 

Jerry Sclnlegel 
Parma, Ohio 

Bonnie Schlote 

Canton. Ohio 

Allan Schnnidt 
Salem. Ohio 

Diane Schmidt 

N. Canton. Ohio 

Susan Schmidt 
Cincinnati. Ohio 

Caria Schneider 
E. Liverpool. Ohio 

Karen Schneider 

Ashland, Ohio 

Margie Schneider 
Alliance. Ohio 

Wayne Schneider 
Cleveland. Ohio 

Geoffrey Schofield 
Kent, Ohio 

Patricia Schomer 

Kent. Ohio 

Alan Schonauer 
Ravenna. Ohio 

Connie Schondel 

Seville, Ohio 

Diane Schoof 

S. Euclid. Ohio 

Carol Schooley 

Massillon. Ohio 

Bruce Schorsten 
Canton, Ohio 

Paul Schott 
Canton, Ohio 

Harvey Schrager 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Claudia Schrock 

Wadsworth, Ohio 

Robert Schroeder 
Lakewood. Ohio 

Bruce Schroth 
Parma. Ohio 

Cris Schuette 
Bay Village. Ohio 

Arlene Schultz 

Cleveland, Ohio 
Linda Schuth 

Wooster. Ohio 

Carolyn Schwartz 

N. Bloomfield, Ohio 

Lanny Schwartz 
Fairfield. Conn. 


Robert Schwartz 

Thompson, Ohio 
Sue Schwartz 

Brody Lane, N. J. 

Patricia Scott 

Geneva On The Lake, Ohio 

Jahangir Sedaghatfar 

Kent, Ohio 

Mary Seib 
Tallmadge, Ohio 

JoAnn Seidel 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Judy Seifert 

Barberton, Ohio 

Kathleen Seifert 

Massillon, Ohio 

Richard Sel<ella 
Warren. Ohio 

Peter Sensky 

KIngsvllle, Ohio 

Luanne Serpico 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Samuel Serrian 

Clune, Pa. 

Barbara Serwatka 

Maple Heights, Ohio 

Kathryn Seymour 
Bellevue, Ohio 

Ronald Sgro 
Carnegie, Pa. 

Linda Shaeffer 

Akron, Ohio 

Karl Shallenberger 
Hubbard, Ohio 
Becky Shank 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Rollin Shank 
Ashland, Ohio 

Sandy Shank 
Wooster, Ohio 

Carole Sharp 

Columbus, Ohio 

Sam Sharp 
Chesterland, Ohio 
Tamara Sharrock 
Bucyrus, Ohio 
Martin Shaw 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Carole Shelby 

Cambridge, Ohio 

Harvey Shepherd 

Kent, Ohio 
Edward Sherwin 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

William Shelter 
HIghpoint, N. C. 

Eileen Shields 
stow, Ohio 

Joyce Shingleton 
Norwalk, Ohio 


Bonnie Shipman 

Akron, Ohio 

Richard Sliisia 

Euclid, Ohio 

Margaret Slioaf 

Warren, Ohio 

Sandra Short 

Mount Kisco, N. Y. 

Judith Showalter 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ronald Shuck 

Findlay, Ohio 

Catherine Shuff 

Tiffin, Ohio 

Robert Shupp 
S. Euclid, Ohio 

Diana Sidorowicz 

Lorain, Ohio 

Vickl Siegel 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

William Sienicki 

Bedford Heights, Ohio 

Timothy Sigler 

Canton, Ohio 

Ann Silber 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 
George Sillia 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Joel Silverman 

Toledo, Ohio 

Joseph Simone 

Kent, Ohio 

Mary Jo Simone 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Patricia Sinclair 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Barbara Sipko 
Parma Heights, Ohio 

Warren Siringer 
Sarasota, Fla. 

Adrienne Sirkin 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Kevin Sisson 
Cleveland. Ohio 

Josh Sivitz 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

William Skeeles 

Canton, Ohio 
Patty Skinner 
Cadiz, Ohio 

Carole Sklenar 

Elyria, Ohio 

Barbara Skowron 
Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Robert Skufca 
Westlake, Ohio 

Cynthia Slagle 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Mama Slaughter 

Northfield, Ohio 


Bill Slocum 
Geneva, Ohio 

E. Anne Smailes 
Coshocton, Ohio 

Suzanne Smalley 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Gary Smerglia 

Akron, Ohio 

Karen Smerglia 
Akron, Ohio 

Ada Smith 
Canton, Ohio 

Brenda Smith 
Ravenna. Ohio 

Bert Smith 
Barberton, Ohio 

David Smith 

Scotia, N. Y. 

Dennis Smith 
Elyria, Ohio 
Gary Smith 
Summerfield, Ohio 

George Smith 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Joan Smith 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Judith Smith 
Coshocton, Ohio 

Kenneth Smith 
Maple Heights, Ohio 

Mark Smith 
Erie, Pa. 

Sandra Smith 

Akron, Ohio 
Sharon Smith 
Bethesda, Ohio 

Stacey Smith 
Kent, Ohio 

Stephanie Smith 
E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Susie Smith 

Painesville, Ohio 

John Smrekar 

Bridgeport, Ohio 

Thomas Snow 
E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Dennis Snyder 

Dover, Ohio 

Jerome Snyder 

Terre Haute, Ind. 
Kenneth Solch 

Pararrus. N. J. 

Vicki Sollien 

Camp Springs, Md. 

Cynthia Solodar 

Convent, N. J. 

Ralph Solonitz 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Florence Somers 

Ravenna, Ohio 


Andrew Somogyi 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Susan Somplack 
Warren, Ohio 

Karen Sorace 

Maple Heights, Ohio 

Dave Sotora 
Amherst, Ohio 

Gary Spangler 

Massillon, Ohio 

Janet Spaulding 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

Linda Speen 

Elmira Heights, t 

Anna Spence 
Mantua, Ohio 

Steven Spencer 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kathy Sperber 

Fairborn, Ohio 

Dean Speidel 

Chesterland, Ohio 

Barry Spiegel 

Nanuet, N. Y. 

Frank Spiegelberg 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Richiard Spinks 
Kent, Ohio 

George Spinner 

Willowick, Ohio 

Janet Spoonster 

Wadsworlh, Ohio 

Kennetli Spowal 
Zelienople, Pa. 

Nancy Spradling 
Canton, Ohio 

Carl Sprenger 

Binghamton, N. Y. 

Pam Springborn 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Susan Springer 
Alliance, Ohio 

Myrtle Squance 
Warsaw, Poland 

Romalee Stadnik 

Medina, Ohio 

Frederick Staffilino 

Mingo Junction, Ohio 

Kathy Stafford 
Tipp City, Ohio 
Larry Stallings 
Youngstovi^n, Ohio 

Linda Stannberger 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

James Stampp 

Painted Post, N. Y. 

Louis Stangasser 
Warren, Ohio 

Mary Staniek 
Youngstown, Ohio 


Mark Stanik 

Verona, Pa. 
David Stanley 

Youngstown, N. Y. 

Donald Stansberry 
Tallmadge, Ohio 

Susannah Starkweather 

Hamburg, N. Y. 

Rosemary Starr 
Wooster, Ohio 

Joel Stavana 

Richmond Heights, Ohio 

Philip St. Clair 

Warren, Ohio 

William St. Clair 

Kent, Ohio 

Thomas Stecher 
Woodbridge, Va. 

Sheila Steffen 
Canton, Ohio 

Karen Steffy 

Lansing, Mich. 
Thomas Stegmaier 
Kent, Ohio 

Bruce Steinel 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Wendy Steinfeld 

Kent, Ohio 

Ken Stephen 

Canton, Ohio 

Thomas Stephan 

Canton, Ohio 

Linda Stephenson 

Masslllon, Ohio 

Ronald Sterlekar 

Mentor, Ohio 



Tora Sterregaard 

Norwich, Conn. 

Robert Strauss 
N. Olmsted, Ohio 

Dennis Stevens 
Conneaut. Ohio 

Jennifer Streza 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Douglas Strickmaker 
Dover, Ohio 

James Steves 

David Strobel 

Akron, Ohio 

Natrona Heights, Pa 

Jean Steward 

Lauren Stuehr 

Akron, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Alex Stuetzer 

Geneva, Ohio 

Robert Stewart 

Toronto, Ohio 

Inta Sturman 

Quakertow/n, Pa. 

Robert Stewart 

8. Euclid, Ohio 

Nicholas Sucic 

Barberton, Ohio 

Cynthia Sudberry 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Stephen Stimel 

Tarentum, Pa. 

James Sudbury 
Cleveland, Ohio 

James Stobbs 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Karen Suderow 
Rootstown. Ohio 

Karen Sugar 

Grand Island, N. Y 

Jerome Stoklas 

Beachwood, Ohio 

Constance Suhrie 
Bedford Heights, Ohio 

Beverly Stollatis 
Erie, Pa. 

Richard Sulser 

Worthington, Ohio 

Jean Supance 
Willowlck, Ohio 

Paula Stone 

Gene Surace 

Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio 

Lorain, Ohio 

David Stotler 

Peter Surace 

Uniontown, Ohio 

Bedford Heights, Ohio 

Charles Susko 

Glenfield, Pa. 


Dennis Sussman 
Glen Oaks, N. Y. 

Bernard Swoboda 
Metuchen, N. J. 

John Sutch 
Painesville, Ohio 

Leon Szabaga 

Kent, Ohio 

Barbara Sutherland 
Scotch Plains, N. J. 

Craig Sutorius 
Elyria, Ohio 

Andrew Szabo 

Canton, Ohio 

Daniel Suvak 

Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Lou Szari 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Dan Sveda 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Mary Swander 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Eric Swanson 
Neshanic, N. J. 

Nancy Swanson 

Columbus, Ohio 

David Sweeney 

Canton, Ohio 
Doreen Swensen 

W. Farmington, Ohio 

Judy Swicker 

Milan, Ohio 

Everett Swift 

Harbor Creek, Pa. 

Sharon Swigart 
Lucas, Ohio 

Susan Swihart 

Canton, Ohio 

Glenda Swink 

Monaca, Pa. 

Sherry Swinney 

New Middletow/n. Ohio 

Jane Switzer 

Springfield, Ohio 

Joann Szymanski 

Kent, Ohio 

Angela Szymkowicz 

North Canton, Ohio 

Barbara Taano 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Ramzi Tackia 
Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Sharon Tamaren 

University Heights, Ohio 

S. Tamokoski 
Kent, Ohio 

Robert Tappe 
Verona, Pa. 
David Taylor 

Allison Park, Pa. 


Gary Taylor 
Toronto, Ontario 
Jay Taylor 

Kent, Ohio 

Melickizedeck Temu 

Moski. Tanzania 

Richard Temuru 
Lasus, Nigeria 

Patricia Tesauro 

McKeesport, Pa. 

Diane Tetlow 
Salem, Ohio 

Kathy Tevault 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Richard Taylor 

Kent, Ohio 

Ronald Thayer 

Parma, Ohio 

John Tedesco 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Gayle Thomas 

Salem, Ohio 

Kenneth Thomas 
Euclid, Ohio 

Elaine Tellep 

Fairview Parl<, Ohio 

Larry Thomas 

Danville, Ohio 

Alan Telzrow 
Independence, Ohio 

Richard Thomas 
Newton Falls. Ohio 

Rita Thomas 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Wayne Thomas 
stow, Ohio 

Deborah Thompson 
Cambridge, Ohio 

Ernest Thompson 
Newark, N. J. 

Barbara Terchek 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Linda Thompson 

Springfield, Pa. 

Elaine Terrell 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Lynne Thompson 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Terry Thompson 
E. Palestine, Ohio 

Elizabeth Terrell 

Twinsburg, Ohio 

William Thorne 
Kirtland. Ohio 

Daniel Terry 
Oakville. Ontario 

Marilynn Thorp 

Niles, Ohio 

William Thrush 

S. Euclid, Ohio 



p - 


%4 ' 


Anthony Tierno 
Verona, Pa. 

Michael Tighe 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Kay Tillett 
Akron, Ohio 

John Tingley 
Meadville, Pa. 

James Tinney 
Carnegie. Pa. 

Carl Tishler 

Westfield, N. J. 

Stanley Tokarz 

Lorain, Ohio 

George Tokich 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Marcelle Tonna 
Warren, Ohio 

David Tompkins 
Kent, Ohio 

Thomas Tomusko 
Lorain. Ohio 

Paul Tople 

Barberton, Ohio 

Joanne Toth 
Lorain, Ohio 

Linda Toth 

Palnesvllle, Ohio 

Patricia Toth 

Mantua, Ohio 

Bruce Town 

Kennedy, N. Y. 
Russell Toye 

Hinsdale, III. 

Mary Travers 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Karia Treckel 
Kent, Ohio 

Barbara Trella 
Newton Falls, Ohio 

Daniel Tretinik 

WIckliffe, Ohio 

Jane Triner 
Masslllon, Ohio 

Chasper Trotter 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Hannah Troutman 

Barberton, Ohio 

Linda Troutman 
Shreve, Ohio 

Jon Troxel 

Solon, Ohio 

John Troxell 
Richmond Heights, Ohio 

Martha Truby 

Kent, Ohio 

Jay Tucker 

N. Canton, Ohio 

Jean Tucker 

Ashland, Ohio 


Denise Tulley 

Kirtland, Ohio 
John Turchon 

Euclid. Ohio 

Terrence Turk 
Brool<lyn, Ohio 

Steve Turnbull 
Kingsport, Tenn. 

Kathleen Turowski 
Canton, Ohio 

Jackie Tuttle 

Chardon, Ohio 

Alan Twiggs 

Hudson, Ohio 

Gloria Twitty 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Cynthia Tychan 
Maple Heights, Ohio 

Tanya Tyrus 
Canton, Ohio 

Linda Uhler 

Strongsville, Ohio 

Patricia Ulam 

Warren, Ohio 

Susan Ullrich 
Columbus, Ohio 

John Ulmer 

Clinton, Ohio 

William Umeck 

Niles, Ohio 

Linda Unger 
Canton, Ohio 

Kathleen Unks 

Warren, Ohio 

Robert Updaw 
Ontario, N. Y. 

Phyllis Upperman 
Coshocton, Ohio 

Joseph Urban 

Endwell, N. Y. 

Carol Urdal 

Conneaut, Ohio 

Charles Urdzik 
Kent, Ohio 

Robert Vaiek 

Avon Lake, Ohio 

Joe Valenti 

Brackenridge, Pa. 

Janice Valentino 

Salem, Ohio 

David Van Blaricom 

Salem, Ohio 

Patricia Vance 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Robert Vance 
Bethesda, Md. 

Karen Vatty 
Gates Mills, Ohio 

Gerry Vaughn 
Akron, Ohio 


Ned Vederman 

University Heights, Ohio 

Pat Veltri 

Piney Forl<, Ohio 

Tony Ventresca 
Wickliffe, Ohio 

Barbara Verlaney 
stow, Ohio 

Patricia Vidis 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Richard Vine 
Bristolville, Ohio 

Jack Violand 

E. Palestine, Ohio 
Sharon \/isol<y 

Euclid, Ohio 

Clara Vitantonio 
Wickliffe, Ohio 

Veronica Vitanza 

Richmond Heights, Ohio 

Stephen VIcan 

Brookpark, Ohio 

C. Voder 

Kent, Ohio 

Gary Vogt 

Iv^assillon, Ohio 

Helen Vondrus 

Seven Hills, Ohio 

Dennis Wade 

Willoughby, Ohio 

Russell Wahlers 
Lakeside, Ohio 

Grace Waldie 

Bethel Park, Pa. 

William Waldman 

Kent, Ohio 

Dave Walker 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Harold Walker 

York, Pa. 

Judith Wallace 

Mansfield, Ohio 

Kathleen Wallace 

Kent, Ohio 

George Walsh 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Patricia Walter 

stow, Ohio 

Andrew Warcaba 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Alice Ward 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Jerry Ward 
Columbiana, Ohio 

Sharon Ward 
Binghamton, N. Y. 

Susan Ward 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Patty Warne 

N. Canton, Ohio 


Deborah Warner 

Cruton, Ohio 

Richard Warren 

Kent, Ohio 

Vicki Warstler 
Massillon, Ohio 

Janet Washio 

Kent, Ohio 

Richard Wasielewski 

New Phiiadelphia, Ohio 

Heather Watson 

Newark, Ohio 

Barbara Watts 

N. Oimsted, Ohio 

Richard Wear 
Farmington, Ohio 

Carolyn Weber 
Warren, Ohio 

Eileen Weber 
Cieveland Heights, Ohio 

Janis Weber 

Cieveland, Ohio 

John Weber 
Orrville, Ohio 

Richard Weber 
Kent, Ohio 

Charlotte Weese 

Talimadge, Ohio 

Rita Wegley 
Meadville, Pa. 

Robert Weigel 

Lyndhurst. Ohio 

Sheila Weigl 

Elyria, Ohio 

Paul Weinberger 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fred Weisberg 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Candice Weiss 

Wooster. Ohio 

James Weiss 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Patti Welch 

Toledo. Ohio 

Daniel Wells 

Louisville. Ohio 

Marcia Wells 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Roland Wells 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Sandra Welsh 

Port Washington, Ohio 

Judi Werblin 
Jeannette, Pa. 

Jon Werner 

Rossford, Ohio 

Robert Wernly 
Canton, Ohio 

Cheryl West 

Cedargrove, N.J. 


Gerald West 

Brunswick, Ohio 

Ronna West 
University Heights, Ohio 

David Weymiller 

Massillon, Ohio 

Joyce Whalen 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Lynette Whalen 

Kent, Ohio 

John Wheller 

Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Laura Wiandt 

Canton, Ohio 

Roger Wilcox 

Mayville, N.Y. 

Shirley Wilcox 
Streetsboro, Ohio 

Thomas Westcott 

Toledo, Ohio 

Carolyn Wiles 

Wooster, Ohio 

Kathleen Westling 

Olmsted Falls, Ohio 

John Wilgus 

Canton, Ohio 

Rosalie Wilgus 

Canton, Ohio 

Brenda Wilkin 

Danville, Ohio 

Linda Wilkinson 

Zanesville, Ohio 

Thomas Wilkinson 

Warren, Ohio 

Donna Anne Willennar 
Canton, Ohio 

Beverly Williams 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Williams 
Norwalk, Ohio 

Elizabeth Whetson 

Warren, Ohio 

Loretta Williams 

Toledo, Ohio 

Cynthia White 

N. Canton, Ohio 

Michelle Williams 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Paula Williams 

Conneaut, Ohio 

Kathleen White 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Shirlee Williams 

Warren, Ohio 

Carol Whitman 

Westfield, N.Y. 

Diane Willis 

Chesterland, Ohio 

Marty Willis 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 


Alfred Wilson 

Takoma Park, Md, 

Barbara Wilson 

Martins Ferry, Ohio 

Janice Wilson 
Roselle, N.J. 

Kit Wilson 

Columbus. Ohio 

Patrick Wilson 

Painesville, Ohio 

Alice Wingate 

Monroeville, Ohio 

Larry Winkler 

Canton, Ohio 

Deborah Winn 

Kent, Ohio 

Linda Winter 

8. Euclid, Ohio 

Margaret Wirkner 

Elyria, Ohio 

Susan Wirth 
Canton, Ohio 

Janet Witten 
Sardis, Ohio 

William Wolfe 

Kent. Ohio 

Elizabeth Wolford 
Mansfield, Ohio 

Eva Wolfram 
Warren, Ohio 

William Wonders 

Warren, Ohio 

Sandra Wonsetler 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Colleen Wood 

Boardman, Ohio 

Joseph Wood 
Cadiz, Ohio 

Robert Wood 

Akron, Ohio 

Linda Woodford 

Warren, Ohio 

Patricia Woravka 
Parma, Ohio 

Julie Workman 

Steubenville, Ohio 
Sue Worthington 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Linda Wright 

Ashtabula, Ohio 
Nancy Wright 

Mogadore, Ohio 

Susan Wyman 
Medina, Ohio 

Marcia Wymel 
N. Canton, Ohio 

Susan Wysocki 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Linda Yaggi 
Beloit. Ohio 


Anthony Yankovic 
Solon, Ohio 

Arleen Yankovic 
Solon, Ohio 

Loretta Yannucci 
Warren, Ohio 

George Yanthis 

Rome, N. Y. 

Davoud Yedidsion 
Kent. Ohio 

Arlene Yellin 
Elmont, N. Y. 

Bob Yendrek 
Brookfield, Ohio 

Gordon Yonz 

E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Gregory Yorgey 
Mogadore, Ohio 

Amanda Young 
Portsmouth, Ohio 

Catherine Young 

Harrington Park, nTj. 

Gary Young 
Canton, Ohio 

Jane Young 

Portsmouth, Ohio 

Karen Young 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Nancy Young 
Hartville, Ohio 

Wanda Young 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Patricia Yourst 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Kathy Yurichak 
Bedford, Ohio 

Barbara Yurysta 

Kent, Ohio 

Roy Zagon 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Regina Zahir 
Tallmadge, Ohio 

Gary Zahniser 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Suzanne Zakowski 
Rock Creek, Ohio 

Gale Zaiar 

Lorain, Ohio 

Dennis Zamberlan 
Parma, Ohio 

John Zappitello 

Conneaut, Ohio 

Becky Zarack 

Mentor, Ohio 

Sanford Zaremberg 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

John Zarobell 

Bedford, Ohio 

Lorraine Zastaury 

Maple Heights, Ohio 


Jane Zeller 

Tiffin. Ohio 

Thomas Zeno 

AI<ron, Ohio 

Frances Zetts 
Campbell, Ohio 

Joseph Ziarko 

Steubenville, Ohio 

Jeriann Ziegler 

N. Olmstead, Ohio 

Bonita Zielaskiewicz 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Carol Ziemba 

Cleveland, Ohio 
Elizabeth Zima 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Donald Zimmerman 
S. Euclid, Ohio 

Jamie Zimmerman 

S, Euclid, Ohio 

Sally Zimmerman 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Jeffrey Zink 
Canton, Ohio 

Rosemary Zipperer 

Niles, Ohio 

Lawrence Zoller 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Terri Zucco 
Pittsburgh, Pa 

Nicholas Zuj 
Niagara Falls, Ontario 

Sharman Zuri 

Irwin, Pa. 

Mary Kay Zurko 
Masury, Ohio 

Susan Zych 
Bellevue, Ohio 

Naomi Zeigler 
Orville, Ohio 

William Zelazny 
Erie, Pa. 


i i ) i 

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Hi" ^^ ^ ' H ' ^ ^ = 





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-?* ^^pw^^_ 




A minor melting pot, combining the qualities of 
young women from all over the country, mixed 
carefully for three quarters of an academic year, 
that's PRENTICE. Flavored slightly with Fugs 
records . . . Tom Jones posters . . . multi-colored 
love beads . . . and Mod Squad on Tuesday nights 
in the lounge. Color? The most natural in the 
world: blonde to brown, red to black. And some 
not so natural. A building, no, a binder for all its 



I. .» t4-, 





Individuality ... to VERDER women means time 
set aside to do their own thing. Spirit ... to Verder 
women means a first place for their Campus Day 
float and second place for Song Fest. Togetherness 
... to Verder women is the Annual Miss Witch Con- 
test, the Verder Chorus and the Christmas Corridor 
Contest. Goals: future individuality, spirit, together- 
ness and the Bowman Cup. 



The king of dormitories, DUNBAR, reigns over 
a feminine kingdom. Dunbar men exchange win- 
dow glances with Prentice, serenade Verder and 
snitch ice from Terrace. Dunbar fought to remain 
number one on campus this year. The dorm took 
first place for its Christmas light display and a top 
award for its Homecoming "argyle sock." Broad- 
casters, accountants and bandsmen join for foot- 
ball at the infamous "Nixson Hall Memorial Field." 




Noisy pipes tliat creak, bang and tiiss . . . 

losing tine tunnel to the union . . . 

peanut butter and Carson's . . . 

the weekly laundry flood and boiler leak . . . 

the winding staircase . . . 

the one and only octagonally-shaped room . . 

a goldfish pond and squirrels and chipmunks 

playing on the ivy . . . 

the "Old Hotel" that every girl who lives there 

falls in love with . . . 



New closets, the American Cancer Society, 
Angelo Litrico and panty raids — just a few of tine 
finings that set STOPHER apart from all other resid- 
ence halls. Not so much of a S.L.U.M. as it once 
was, Stopher houses some of the most enthusiastic 
men on campus. Fighting the meter-maid parking 
ticket system and building a Homecoming float with 
Verder that featured Grog and a fry pan were two of 
this year's projects. Insane and hilarious, funny and 
friendly, the notorious "bad guy," but the nicest of 
all — Stopher. 



f - ■//'/ 


The "other half" of Lake, OLSON, is "one of the 
best situated dorms for the womeri of KSU." 
Window-decorating is a major occupation for 
Olson women, for if they are not painting them to 
win a pizza, or trying to see past the frost of winter, 
they are storing panties, pop cans. Tang bottles, 
snappy slogans or parking gates there. 



Initiating weekend visitation, JOHNSON 
continues its policy of "unique" traditions. 
These men can be seen sprinting through 
the fourth floor of Lake during panty raids, 
frollicking during their famous beer blasts or 
saluting their flag-less flagpole. 

Their honors include first place in the 
men's independent division in Pork Barrel 
and second place in men's residence hall 
scholastic averages during winter and spring 
quarters. They sponsored a day on campus 
for children from the Summit County Chil- 
dren's Home. 



Motion . . . activity . . . people ... a 
place to meet practically everyone: 

Listen to the jumble of a million 
voices in the lounge and — the grum- 
ble of visitors. Lake women raised 
money, hamsters and sometimes, a 
little hell. They have fought Kent Inter- 
hall Council, painted windows to win 
subs and finally accepted the fact that 
they are "Johnson's women." 

Overlooking Main Street, TERRACE dis- 
plays multicolored windows to passersby. 
Sunning, studying on fire escapes and 
collage-making pass free time for Terrace 
women. According to Terrace-dwellers, 
their dorm is one of the largest female halls 
on campus whose main purpose is "to 
make itself one of the greatest places to 
live." The dorm holds Interhall second 
place in Pork Barrel and has beer blasts 
and hootenannies. 






The "active" lounge; stolen furniture; 

broken everything . . . 

the Ford Falcon car that was painted brown and 

orange and pushed with a police escort to 

a resting place 

in the mud . . . 

walking over bodies in the halls; around and 

through passionate conversations . . . 

football on the lawn; intramurals of all kinds in the 

hall with the "presidential corridors." 


No water; kites flying; sultry, summer days on the 

spied-upon sundeck . . . 

all-out war with Manchester; frantic mud fights; 

being serenaded ... 

men jumping out of the lounge fireplace during 

a dorm meeting . . . 

getting new furniture after total destruction of 

the old . . . 

three feet of water on the floor; an entire dorm 

busily blowing up balloons for Homecoming . . . 

spirit. . . 

freshmen . . . 




Painting windows and intramurals are just 
two of the activities of ALLYN women. Togetlner, 
these dynamic women hung balloons for their 
Homecoming display, placed first, all-campus, 
in Songfest and second in Pork Barrel. The 
overwhelming spirit generated by these accom- 
plishments radiates from Allyn. 


Who says single women can't have 
more fun? The women of KORB, leaders 
in spirit, do. Residing in "Claudia's Con- 
vent" they carry away trophies, portraits 
of Mona from Fletcher and the Miss Ugly 
title of KSU. 

Korb is a center of activity, sponsoring 
intramural sports, a carnival for under- 
privileged children, and winning the All- 
university and residence hall trophies for 
Campus Day. All this wrapped up in a 
"New Korb Times" newspaper is Korb 
. . . spirit . . . work . . . and winning. 



As the oldest dorm on campus, MOULTON'S 
slogan is "If it's collegiate, they do it in Moulton." 
These notorious men, living in this former female 
residence, have favorite spots, such as the fireplace 
and the back porches where they study, sit and 
attract the attention of passersby. Some of the rooms 
have tubs, much to the dismay of all, while the peeled 
ceilings and visible pipes become catch-alls for 
posters, clothes, and almost everything. Doors to 
rooms seem to be artistic expressions, for the com- 
petition among all for the catchiest phrase and the 
most appropriate picture is keen. If it's collegiate, 
it really is done in Moulton. 



Van Cam pen 

VAN CAMPEN is one of the first small-group com- 
plexes, built in 1967. It houses only 64 students, 
which allows each student to participate on the var- 
ious dorm committees and fosters mutual co-opera- 
tion. Van Campen sponsors an annual Halloween 
party, hayrides, the Spring Recognition Banquet, 
picnics'and Ye Old Apple Polishers. 




Numbering 120, the residents of HEER struggle 
along in their now not-so-far-out hall. They hold 
barbecues, movies, beer-blasts, hayrides and off- 
campus parties with the rest of the Small Group I. 
Two of their unique attractions are the portraits 
of each of their residence counselors and Ronald 


Combine easy living witln studies and the result 
is HARBOURT, one of two male dorms in Small 
Group 1. 

Activities include beer-blasts with Van Campen 
and finals week study breaks. 




Being the only dorm that has an annual field 
day, whose trophy is aptly called, "The Mussel- 
man Cup," is a distinction that only MUSSELMAN 
can enjoy. Advocates of happy hour. Mussel-men 
have pizza parties, dorm tutors, and usher for the 
Artist-Lecture series. They boast the highest 
freshman grade point on campus. Built in 1968, 
Musselman's distance from the rest of campus 
is the only thing that separates it and makes the 
dorm a world in itself. 

A member of Small Group II, HUMPHREY 
was dedicated in 1968, and has done much 
in its short time as a dorm. Women of Hum- 
phrey helped Musselman men construct a 
float for Homecoming — a 10-foot beer can 
inscribed "Bomb B.G." They were overall 
champs in the "Musselman Cup" competi- 
tion, vying for the titles of "complex cutie" 
and "musical water champion." 




Trying to do away with their title, "The Leper 
Colony," involvement has been the aim of ALT- 
MANN. The dorm sponsors an Easter party for 
welfare children. Altmann won the KIC all-campus 
scholarship award. An over-all enthusiasm char- 
acterizes the hall. 



STEWART is one of the new residence halls 
in Small Group II, dedicated this past year. The 
small number of women in Stewart allows each 
of them to know more of their dorm-mates. 
They sponsored a beer-blast for all the Small 
Group dorms. Future plans include another beer- 
blast, a "Homecoming Happening 27," and a 
Sadie Hawkins dance. 



Student government business highlight- 
ed the past year for APPLE. It culminated 
with the adoption of their first constitution. 
Activities for this Small Group dorm in- 
cluded beer blasts and intramural sports. 
The hall was dedicated in the fall amid 
signs and posters made by residents. 

Dorm life with a new flavor: the meeting of 
different cultures. MUNZENMAYER attempts 
to introduce its residents to another country 
and yet retain the feel of home. 

From the time of the spirited dedication of 
the dorm this fall, men have attempted to relate 
to other men and find a world friend rather than 
a political opponent. 



A freshman on campus, expecting to outstay the 

normal four years. 

A friend to its own and theirs. 

A defense from the natural. 

A society for the needs of many. 

A home, when not at the home away from home. 


McSWEENEY, the international women's dorm, 
is one of the newest residence complexes. The 
women of McSweeney have filled the hall with 
decorations from their home countries, but have 
assimilated Kent State "culture," too, sponsoring 
beer-blasts, Halloween parties and an annual 
Christmas party. 

* .^ / 


Twin Towers 

Overlooking Eastway Center, TWIN TOWERS 
is unique on the Kent State campus, being the 
only dorms to have combined their student gov- 
ernment organizations. Beer parties, study in the 
snack bar and quiet conversations in the lounge 
characterize Twin Towers, once an experiment in 
coed living, now an institution at KSU. 








LEEBRICK . . .Coed . . . fifteen men and women 
on each floor . . . Separated ... by an im- 
pregnable wall and a locked metal door . . . 
Separate lounges . . . with separate elevators 
that never work ... An air-conditioning sys- 
tem that cools only in the spring . . . 
Cracked walls . . . 
A modern experiment in coed living? 


Rooms of . . . bare feet . . . rugs . . 
posters . . . stereos and 
records . . . signs of all kinds. 
People who play that Sunday 
morning race of "run-around-and- 
A building with ... a space-ship 
elevator that is big enough to 
spend the night in. 




The loftiest men's dorm is WRIGHT, a "tower 
of strength." Instigators of mud fights and cham- 
pion toilet paper throwers, Wright men prove their 
athletic prowess in many ways, including being 
tops in intramural dorm football and softball. 

Wright holds an annual Halloween celebration 
and was the first dorm to own any of those "mys- 
terious" pinball machines. Beer-blasts, movies 
and weekly gab sessions in the Browsing Room 
make Wright a place for "just plain living." 



^^^■»«V ««< ■ ■^.''sasSii? 

Tri -Towers 




The KARATE CLUB was founded 
at KSU in 1968. The club's first year 
was an active one. During that year 
the club participated in eight tourna- 
ments and took eight first places, ten 
second places and nine third places. 
Six of these trophies were won by 
women. — Success equals dedica- 
tion plus Jeung H. Kim. 

KARATE CLUB: Row 1; D. Montgomery, president; P. Wiley, treasurer; J. Kim, instructor; G, Kim, sec'y; L. Novotny. Row 2: B, Marcum, J. DeBlasio, C. Brashear, G. Sadeski, B. 
Marasco, K, Law, T. Bower, M. Sl<raba, B. Hallin, Row 3; D. Stiapiro, vice-president; H. Gaugler, V. LaQuidari, E. Smith, J. Kresge, V. Carter, D. Pozar, R. Barker, J. i3illet, public 
relations. Row 4: S. Diaman, S. Goodson, R. Mohr, co-captain; M. Nagelbush, W. Gerstenslager, T. Senolewski, M. Halloran, J. Cullam, J. Winans. 






Question Mark and the Mysterians, the Bearded 
Clam, Angelo Litrico Jr., Elephants. are in, the Nude 
Runner, T. P. Waterhouse and his Electric Screen- 
door Salesmen, the Smokestacks, the Spirit Log, the 
Truitt Award, Gris, The James Gang, Ripple, Pa Pa 
Cas, the botanist Mr. G., Why Grow Bald, bubble 
gum show, rodents, pusher, the Love-in, Judith, 
Jerry Rhodes, B. B. King, Phi Sigs, Dennis Kosia, 
Erica, The Trolls, Eric Bohoechek, The Ohio Ex- 
press, Jimi Hendrix, Jake Sweeny, Spider Allen, 
Merlin Tipp, Mike Ewing, Mrs. Litrico, and Social 


AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION: Row 1: D. Buchholz, G. Bukszar, D. Eastman. R. Mobley. Row 2: R. Essig, F. Vespasian, G. Smith, P. Thomas. Row 3: T. Rexin, E. Merges, J. Hunger, R. Vene, J. Caron. Row 4; 
D. Sovchik, M. Kotz, J. Coblentz, J. Setar, J. Herrmann, R, Powell. 





ARTS ASSOCIATION is the only na- 
tional organization which concerns 
itself solely with the promotion of 
industrial arts. Its objectives are to 
prepare its members for teaching in 
the field of lA and to professionalize 
the technical activities of lA educa- 
tion majors. Each spring an Industrial 
Arts Show is presented in Van Deusen 


AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: Row 1: T. Barber, advisor, asst. profssor: G. Poor, asst. advisor, instructor; R. Adduci, 
chairman, advising committee. Row 2: R. Barrier, sec'y; C. Garver, vice-president; E. Kentner, president; J. Contant, treasurer. 

COLLEGIATE MARKETING OFFICERS: Row 1: S. Decker, treasurer; P. Galley, president. Row 2: 
L. Kame, sec'y; M. Day, vice-president. 


Taking a realistic approach toward 
the business world, the COLLEGIATE 
sors the Marketing Simulation 
Games. This year, CMA hosted the 
Quaker Oats Super-Market Simula- 
tion Game. The organization's pur- 
pose is "to bridge the gap between 
the textbook atmosphere of the class- 
room and a realistic marketing en- 
vironment and to present an informal 
atmosphere where students can con- 
verse with their professors, profes- 
sional marketing men and other 
students to further the interests of 
marketing." CMA members planned 
to sell their marketing talents to local 
businessmen this year. 

COLLEGIATE MARKETING: Row 1: V. Costantino, R. Firestone, B. Jarvis, J. D. Fiasco, E. Fisher. Row 2: W. Stone, H. Schaab, P. Petit, L. Leder, J. Portolos, E. Rogers. Row 3: J. Dennis, R. Fackler C 
K. Moore, L. Bernet. 

eois, H. Lanzer, 


GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA: Row 1: J. DeCapite, P. Gianakos, D Locicero, K. Schmitz, J. Tucker. Row 2: P. Peer, A. Wliford, F. Scebbi, S. Steele, Diana Knapp. Donna Knapp, B. Wisniewski. 
Row 3; C. Gauer, B. Stepanik, B. Missler, S. Hanner, S. Kondik, M. Protus, J. Becka. 

Garnnna Sigma Sigma 

GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA, women's service so- 
rority, came of age as Beta Omega chapter of the 
national organization in June 1969. Gamma 
Sigma Sigma's purpose is "to assemble college 
and university women in the spirit of service to 
humanity." Working toward this goal, members 
do clerical work for the Hattie Larlham Foundation 
in Mantua, man polls at student government elec- 
tions, visit the Hudson Boys School and help with 
Bloodmobile registration. The chapter sponsored 
the Ohio Valley Regional meeting of the sorority 
at Kent State on May 1 through 3. 


^•^w «fS;i 

GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA: Row 1: T. Tyrus, S. Salyer, D. Essel, M. B. McDermott, K. Gottlieb, 
Schneider, L. Javitch, A. Maksymowcz, L. Hawkins, S. Page, L. Patrick, N. Koch. 

M. Gosteley. Row 2: L. Warofka, L. Sutliff. J. Skraba, J. Nicholson, L. Droullard, P. Kvart, R. Jagucki. Row 3: S. 

SIGMA: Row 1: P. Rakusin, corresponding sec'y; K. Koukol, president; S. Borsch, historian. Row 2: F. 

ding sec'y; K. Steffy, first vice-president; P. Pickens, second vice-president. Row 3: B. Altshuler, advisor; M. 

Donnelly. Not pictured: Dr. L. Hall, advisor; L. Yagi, parliamentarian; H. Harad, alumni sec'y; K. Balazs; B. Boyer, K. 
Schmatz, K. Gigliotti, B. Kraley, executive coordinator; J. Ziegler, M. Roth, P. Prokopchuk. 

Rataiczak, record 


ALPHA PHI OMEGA: Row 1: P. Lee, R. Jackson, T. Turk, J. Ward, N. Venna, R. Detien, advisor. Row 2: M. Heck, D. Harris, advisor; L. Leder, T. Lodge, J. McDermott, C. Carver. 

Alpha Phi Omega 


ALPHA PHI OMEGA: Row 1: M. Cohen, T Rexin, M. Verina. Row 2; J. Hunger, R. F. Kunst, J. Gillet, J. Polack. Row 3: F. Oswald, J. Kamerer, J. See, J. Portolos. D. Moore. 

Add to the ranks of unsung 
heroes the men of ALPHA PHI 
OMEGA, the largest national 
men's service fraternity. "To as- 
semble college men in an organi- 
zation to provide opportunities 
for leadership, friendship and ser- 
vice" are the organization's guid- 
ing principles. The A Phi O's help 
with all local Bloodmobile visits, 
help with weekly meetings of the 
Boy Scout Troop at Happy Day 
School for the Mentally Retarded 
in Brady Lake, hold a Halloween 
parade for Kent youngsters, pro- 
vide ushers for graduation, help 
with the Marine Corps Toys for 
Tots Campaign and the Portage 
County Welfare Department, help 
the Alumni Association at Cam- 
pus Day events and sponsor the 
Freshman Mixer. In addition they 
built a chapel at the Summit 
County Boy Scout Camp and run 
a silkscreen printing service for 
all campus organizations. 

treasurer, D. Frank, second 

W. Dennis, recording sec'y; S. Turnbull, president. Row 2: R. Smurthwaite, 
'Ice-president; R. Rabe, corresponding sec'y. Row 3: W. McQuiston, alumni 


2^r^^n Mn,°r,WurtH'^?"R',P.- ^a""d ^^ ,*<°"^al i hIo , S^ Kantef, M. Kilapowski Row 2: A. Brown, J. Baker, E. Hogan, N. Vederman, R. Mills, Row 3: D. Mancino, P. Cowden, T. Stephen, S. Lublsch R Van 
Bergen. Not pictured: F. Butler, A. Pringle, R. Ross, B. Schorsten, D. Tretncik, R. Law, K. Gartrel, J. Rodkey. , , . oict^ncn, o. i-uuiov-ii, n. van 

Order of 

The first initiation for the ORDER 
OF OMEGA, an honorary for outstand- 
ing fraternity men, was held fall 
quarter. Men are nominated by each 
fraternity and are selected on the 
basis of scholarship, the office they 
hold and service to IPC, the campus 
and the community. 

ORDER OF OMEGA OFFICERS: Row 1: T. Balestreire, 
president: S. Jerrick, vice-president: J. Mussey, treasur- 
er. Row 2: G. Soeliner, Advisor: V. Rocine, executive 


Kappa Phi 

The world of the participating 
woman, an eccumenical Christian 
who is active in service to others, is 
the world of KAPPA PHI, women's 
national religious service sorority. 
Members sponsor a Halloween party 
for welfare children and adopt grand- 
mothers and grandfathers in the com- 
munity. Each year they join with their 
brother fraternity, Sigma Theta Epsi- 
lon, for an annual spring formal. 
Membership in Kappa Phi is open to 
all women. 

KAPPA PHI OFFICERS: Row 1: V. Butler, corresponding sec'y; C. Benham, president; L. Shoemaker, recording sec'y S Smith 
pledge mistress. Row 2; S. Gingrich, first vice-president; R. Skrietts, chaplain; L. Kendel, candle beam; P. Marshall, treasurer.' 

KAPPA PHI: Row 1: S. McClain, L. Brunst, D. Cann, J. Shannon, S. Smith, C. Stich, M. Ulmer 
Danhoffer.'M. Loveland, A. Biemel, V. Schmauch, J. Witten, C. Joseph, C. King. 

P. McCrobie, Row 2: L, Little, K. Wallace. K. Smith, K. Kraus, C. Pearson, N, Cole, C. Sklenar. Row 3: D. 


f w 



.«SK»»rSS<!»«W * 


executive vice-president; S. Jerrick. administrative vice-president: S. Lubisch, 

sor to fraternities: T. Balestreire, treasurer; R. Mesnick, athletic chairman: N. Vederman, housing chairman; Row 2: V. Rocine, sec'y; J. Mussey, 
rush chairman: R. Ross, president. 


Governing body of the fraternity system 
at Kent State is the INTER-FRATERNITY 
COUNCIL. This year IFC joined with Pan- 
hellenic Council, its counterpart among 
sororities, to build the $500,000 King-Ken- 
nedy Memorial Community Center for the 
people of McElrath Park in Ravenna. They 
are the first Greeks in the country to attempt 
such a project. IFC also helped plan Greek 
Week and the May Day Relays. Working with 
Panhellenic Council, IFC strives to maintain 
high standards for the fraternities to follow. 

INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL: Row 1: M. Kilanowski, eminent commander. Sigma Nu; N, Vederman, president, Alpha Epsilon Pi; S. Kanter, president. Kappa Sigma; D. Mancino, president, Delta Tau Delta; J. Stamets, Phi 
Sigma Kappa, Row 2: R- Ross, delegate, Sigma Phi Epsilon, K, McKinnell, president, Theta Chi; D, Peterson, president Delta Sigma Pi; J. Mussey, representative Tau Kappa Epsilon; A. Brown, president Alpha Tau Omega; 
W. Sommerville. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 



PANHEL: Row 1: T. Pederson, S. Mees, K. Barry, R. Fleeman, M. Kleiman, A. Forrer. Row 2; S. Samples, T. Hatch, K. Milne, S. Belts, M. Magner, M, Berg Row 3 M Sir C Lovett K McBride C Charvat 
P. Welch, J. Lehmann. ' ' ' 


The outstanding Senior Greek Women's 
Award is given each year by PANHELLENIC 
COUNCIL, governing body for Kent State's 
sororities. Service projects for Panhel in- 
clude sponsoring an Arizona Indian child 
and a yearly clothing drive. This year Panhel 
joined with IPC, its counterpart among fra- 
ternities, on the McElrath Park project and 
Greek Week. The organization also sponsors 
Rush Week in the fall. 

PANHEL OFFICERS: Row 1: L. Sobczak, corresponding sec'y: K, Baldwin, president; C. Lee treasurer Row 2 J Miller 
second vice-president; L. Unger, first vice-president. 




••' ¥ 

>^. i 


Kent Student 

Sponsor of an annual Future Teachers of 
America Day for high school students is the 
TION. This local chapter of the largest student 
group in the United States (it boasts more 
than 100,000 members nationally) also spon- 
sors delegates to the state convention in 
Columbus and to a fall Leadership Confer- 
ence at Camp Muskingum. The organization 
aims to "promote professionalism in students 
who are planning to become teachers." It is 
the student affiliate of the National Education 
Association and the Ohio Education Associa- 


SIGMA ALPHA ETA ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Row 1: G. Shaner, J. Tucker, C. Galathns, B. Donsky, P, Tesauro, K, MIodzik, Row 2; C, Kemper 
J. Forney. K. Zwolinski. Row 3: K. Daugherty, S. Swanson, M. Loveland, K, Paul, L. Noyes, V. Schmauch, T. West, A. Gross. 

J. Pollarine, S. Scheuer, B. Wilson, C. Evans, S. Homola, 

Alpha Eta 

Stimulating interest in the field of 
speech and hearing therapy is one of 
the main purposes of SIGMA ALPHA 
ETA, the national speech pathology 
and audiology honorary. This fall 
members of the honorary sponsored 
a workshop to acquaint juniors with 
the Speech and Hearing Clinic. As- 
sociate members of the honorary are 
required to complete two service pro- 
jects within the Clinic. Members run 
errands for the Speech and Hearing 
Clinic and help with the Lost Chord 
Club. A spring banquet, Christmas 
caroling, and a Halloween party are 
recreational activities the honorary 
held during the year. 

SIGMA ALPHA ETA KEY MEMBERS: Row 1: J. Armbruster, L. Abens, 
membership chairman; B. Charlesworth. president; M. Toma. S. Marks' 
secy. Row 2: P. Brown. 0. Wiles. B Galassini. treasurer; P. Kvart. L. 
Unger. Row 3: N. Glennan. vice-president; W. Nash. P. Ravotti. J. Ferris. 


STUDENT SENATE: Row 1: K. Barry, president of senate; K. Kraus, M. Cohen, president pro tempore; N. George, M. Magner, sec'y. Row 2: M. Miller, M. McDonough, J. Taylor, J. Warnement, B. D. King, Row 3: C. Kobrak, 
Ward IV; B. Slocum, Ward II; C. Morgan, at large; L. Heilman, Ward III; J. Mc Dermott, Ward I; K. Ellis, Ward V. 

Change and growing pains marked 
the year for the legislative branch of 
student government, STUDENT SEN- 
ATE. Fall quarter saw the birth of po- 
litical parties. Student Senate spon- 
sored Think Week during spring 


High Court 

After five years as the highest ju- 
dicial body at Kent State, the HIGH 
COURT ran into a minor crisis: trou- 
ble finding a new chief justice. The 
actions of the court were stifled only 
a short time by this problem. The 
court then continued as the interpret- 
ing body for the Student Body Con- 
stitution, student-created ordinances, 
and controversies in the Student 
Senate, Executive Branch, and other 
student organizations. 

HIGH COURT: Row 1: K. Stafford, associate justice; G 
Ivlctvlillen, associate justice; J. Lyncfn, associate justice; 

Betts, associate justice; Row 2: 
L. Heilman associate justice. 


BLUE KEY: Row 1: J. Grosjean; B. Pickett. F. Frisina, M. Bodkins, president: R. Zitrin. Row 2: F. Deem, communications sec'y: D. Conroe, L. Bogo, S. Turnbull, J, Lynch, treasurer. Row 3: F. Mills, T. 
Stephan. R. Ross. 


CARDINAL KEY: Row 1: J. Fairchild, T. Hatch, S Kew, historian and publicity; K, Treckel. president: M. Balotta, vice-president; K. Koukol, recording secretary. J. Gibson, D. Anderson, advisor. Row 2: 
J. Cox. D. Harper. S. Betts, P. Himes, J. Hofmann. L, Linger. J, Miller, M. Kleiman. Row 3: C. Beier. K. McBride, K. Baldwin, K. Stafford. 


Blue Key 


Cardinal Key 

women's honoraries, co-sponsor Penny Carnival, 
held each winter quarter. Proceeds from the car- 
nival go to scholarship funds. The honoraries rec- 
ognize outstanding student leaders. Members of 
the organization are initiated through tapping cere- 




^ J 





it V7 ilB 


ri:' . ' 






HI ' m 




^w-' '"''^ ' .:,.^ ^ 

• ■ 

' . ^i-^ 

Members of SIGMA DELTA CHI, 
professional journalistic society, 
voted at their national convention in 
San Diego during November to allow 
women journalists to join their ranks. 
On campus, Sigma Delta Chi stages 
an annual mock news event for high 
school journalists and helps during 
reservation and distribution of the 
CHESTNUT BURR. Members are 
compiling a journalism alumni direc- 
tory and establishing a speakers' 

SIGMA DELTA CHI: Row 1: T. Welsh, W. Lazarus, S. Daniels, sec'y. G. Naccarato. Row 2: 
J. Hugo, T. Nighswander, president. 

Theta Sigma Phi 

To work for a free and responsible 
press, to unite women in all fields 
of communication, to recognize 
achievements of women journalists, 
and to maintain high professional 
standards are the goals of THETA 
SIGMA PHI, women's professional 
journalism honorary. Each year mem- 
bers sponsor the Matrix Table where 
student and professional journalists 
meet to discuss problems of journal- 
ism. The Helen Bloch Trophy is pre- 
sented yearly to the woman journalism 
major with the highest grade point 

P. Stone, sec'y. 

Row 1: C. Moyer, president; B, Kraley, historian; Row 2: D. Sapir, pledge trainer; 




SAM: Row 1: A. Haag, H. Schaab, G. Hiltebrant, P. Matzelle, G. Tokich, R. Boyle, D. Guinta. Row 2: S. Merz, T. Harmon. G. Walsh, J. Hallett, J. 
Stampp, K. Moore, C. Rogers. Row 3: M. Renfro. W. Mead. T. Friel, E. Orr, A. Therrien, M. Joyce, A. Maz. 


A first place award at the "Intercollegiate In- 
surance Seminar" sponsored by Ohio Farmers' 
Insurance and Nationwide Insurance companies 
was won by the SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCE- 
MENT OF MANAGEMENT. Members of the group 
sponsor a college-business symposium and tours 
of area companies. The group provides "a bridge 
between theoretical university training and the 
practical world of business and management." 
The group's purpose is "to promote study and 
understanding of the scientific principles of mod- 
ern management." 

SAM OFFICERS: Row 1: E. Dunlavy, treasurer; Dr. M. Ferrari, faculty advisor; H. Nieroda, sec'y. Row 2: J.Troxel. 
vice-president; B. Crocker, president; F. Pinter, administrative officer. 


Kent State's biological sciences 
honorary, BETA BETA BETA, aims to 
"create interest beyond that of class- 
room study in the biological sciences 
and to promote cooperation and con- 
tact between biology students and the 
professionals in their field." Members 
sponsor a spring trip and an auxiliary 
study group. The honorary inducts 
members each year at a banquet. All 
Beta Beta Beta lectures are free and 
open to the public. 

BETA BETA BETA: Row 1: D. Pinchot, D. Wood, president; D. Navoyosky, 
Kamps. Row 3: D. Hallal, J. Dawson, M. Kangas, D. Konopka. 

vice-president. Row 2: M. Eiben, P. Sperling, L. 

Phi Alpha 

Sponsoring the PHI ALPHA THETA 
Regional Conference and collecting 
books to help the Columbia Station 
High School Library are two of the 
service projects of Phi Alpha Theta, 
national history honorary. Members 
also sponsor an essay contest for 
high school students. The purpose 
of the honorary, which is the only one 
dedicated to the recognition of supe- 
rior history students is to foster friend- 
ships among students of history and 
to encourage the study of history. 

PHI ALPHA THETA: Row 1: C. Frank, K. Treckel, E. Durk, sec'y. Row 2: G Takato, L Vrande, K Armstrong, vice-president; 
K. Unks, K. Haseley, J, Hubbell, faculty sponsor. Row 3: E, Sherwin, historian; R Janik, president B Johnson alumni advisor 
W. McQuiston, J. Pokky. 


OMICRON DELTA KAPPA: Row 1: C Patterson, faculty sec'y; J. Zink, president: 
Sackett, L. Cowperthwaite, G. Betts. Row 3: R. Beer, D. G. Hayward, R. C. Wlland. 

W. Roskens, faculty advisor. Row 2: F. Frisina, C. 

Delta Kappa 

The Man of the Year Award, a 
Leadership Banquet and the ODK 
Campus Day Breakfast are all spon- 
men's leadership honorary. Since its 
founding on campus four years ago, 
ODK has striven to encourage leader- 
ship in all phases of campus life. ODK 
is a member of the Association of 
College Honor Societies and an as- 
sociate member of the American 
Council on Education. It recognizes 
men who have attained high stan- 
dards in the accomplishment of col- 
legiate activities and encourages 
other men to strive for these achieve- 



To plan, promote and coordi- 
nate a program for nursing stu- 
dents, to foster spirit, to serve as 
a channel of communications and 
to promote a professional attitude 
among student nurses at Kent 
State are the purposes of the 
The organization sponsors speak- 
ers and works on service projects 
during spring quarter. In spring 
quarter, the Student Nurses spon- 
sor a club "social fling" and elect 
new officers. 

STUDENT NURSE ASSOCIATION: Row 1: R. Kacfimar, vice- 
president: D. Alton, recording sec'y; K. Zafarana, social chair- 
man; Row 2: L. Henderson, director. Scfiool of Nursing; B. 
Nowak, treasurer: D. Spaan, corresponding sec'y; N. Baker, 
president. Row 3: B. Feldmann, advisor; D. Emmerling, 
soph, representative; S. Spisak, soph, representative; R. 
Bellan, standards committee chairman. 


VARSITY K: Row 1: D. Herbert, K. Miller, M. Foote, L Goldberg. Row 2; L. Garber, A. Michalic, D. Smith. D. Zamberlan. Row 3: N Bobb president- 
T. Walter, sergeant at arms; K. Halbert, vice-president; D. Brenning, sec'y. 

VARSITY K seeks to establish and maintain 
close relationships among the Kent varsity ath- 
letes. Their activities include ushering, assisting 
at the Dad's Day program and sponsoring the 
annual Captain's Reunion. Working frequently 
with each other, Varsity K men have developed 
an esprit de corps uncommon to most campus 

Varsity K 


CHESTNUT LEAGUE: Row 1: R. Andrews, publicity chairman; C. Long productions 
chairman; M. Harper, treasurer; Row 2: A. Dixson, executive sec'y; K Hinman flash- 
erette captain; M. Fox, chairman. Row 3: K. Fulop, traditions chairman; M. Schneider 
promotions; J. Michael, productions co-chairman. Not pictured: P. Himes cheerlead- 
ing captain. 


Flasherettes . . . cheerleaders . . . 
tradition . . . rallies . . . noise ... in- 
volvement . . . Grog . . . spirit. All this 
and more is CHESTNUT LEAGUE, 
founded to instill the spirit of KSU in 
every student. Members of Chestnut 
League construct signs and paint 
posters promoting spirit for KSU's 
athletic teams, organize rallies, pro- 
mote campus traditions and channel 
enthusiasm of incoming freshmen. 

ze^k^l^U^ann^^"^ PRODUCTIONS: Row 1; M. McBride, B. Krawitz, L. Dudek, P. Gilbert, B. Powell, T. Westcott, C. Long. Row 2: K. Zajac- 





/' -/ 






CHESTNUT LEAGUE FLASHERETTES: Row 1: K. Guess, K. Bigelow, K, Shoff, C Kirsopp, I Freemanis, C, Duffy, C. Stapf, C. Bertram, S. Smith, J. Forney, C. Serger. Row 2: C, Daniel, R. Edwards, C. Heinlsch, K. Glinski, 
L. Bruning, S. Russell, S. Russman, K. Hinman, captain; D. Spindle, J. Courtad, J. Kerr, S. Kurian, V. Greguric, sec'y; C. Hazard, C. Lowe, L. Kandrac. 


CHESTNUT LEAGUE CHEERLEADERS: Row 1: J Wilson Row 2: P. Himes. D. McDermott, K. Ferens, D, Hearn, R. Collins. Row 3: P. Hodgson, D. Guiher, K, Cottingham. 


2: A. Dixon, chairman; B. Zartman, J. Knoch, K. Starkey. 

CHESTNUT LEAGUE TRADITIONS COMMITTEE: Row 1: L. Szaraz, K. Fulop, chairman; T. Hinshaw, N. 
Nowak, M. J. Mundy. Row 2: S. Tappan, A. Migdal, C. Beckenholdt. S. Harris, S. Edwards, J. Sipp, 
R. Koehn, P. Bierut, D. Barlow. Row 3: M. Forte, C. Pepkin, M, Ryan, G. Gran, C. Kotula, L. Dreifort. 

CHESTNUT LEAGUE PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE: Row 1: M. Schneider, chairman; E. Katz, P, Harnish, K. Murphy. 
Row 2: R. Garvey, B. Ouinones, J. Matthews, M. Sherlock, D. Lutkus, J. Ward. Row 3: K. Bickerstaff, N. Piatt, 
J. Gorman, D. Martin, L. Michaux, T. Tyrus, P. Eiben, M. Stout, D. King. Row 4: K. Smykil, C. Ayers, artist; C. 
Addams, W. Brenner, A. Kacerski, R. Steele, P. Welch, J. Knoch P Whitmire. Row 5: W. Mogh, J. Urban. 

J. Kapitan, J. Saelzier. Row 2: D. Cummins, C. Kubacki, R. 
Andrews, chairman; B. Hendrickson, W. Brenner. 


ALPHA PSI OMEGA Row 1: H. Johnson, T. Peebles, president; K. Burns, BKiesielewsk,. Row 2: R- Law, S Appel, D. Frank^ V. Browne. J. Browne, S. Harrison, J. Gleason, M. Mills, P. Paras, A. Hud- 
son, M. Szubski, B. Morse, K. Magid, L^ Hetz, P. Skinner, J. Marsico, B. Parsons, W. Duale, R. Altman. Row 4. K. Pontius. 

Walking the boards of the legitimate theatre at 
Kent State are members of ALPHA PSI OMEGA, 
national dramatics honorary. The Beta Psi chapter 
at KSU gives recognition for "development and 
high achievement in the educational dramatics pro- 
gram." Each quarter members sponsor plays in the 
Cellar Theatre and hold receptions for visiting 
theatre personalities. Annual awards are given by 
the honorary for achievement in dramatics. 

Alpha Psi Omega 


AIR FORCE ROTC GROUP/STAFF: Row 1: N. Phillips, accounting and finance officer; M. Gaiffe, group commander; F. Spiegelberg, 
group executive officer. Row 2: W. Siringer, security and law officer; D. Maeder, personnel officer; D. Speidel, group inspector. Row 3: 
J. J. Wheller, cadet captain, group operations officer; D. Tepper, cadet captain, group administrative officer; A. Woody, cadet captain, 
group material officer. 

Air Force 

Between actual Air Force officers 
and GMC cadets in tl^e ROTC pro- 
gram rests the GROUP/STAFF, 
winose job it is to carry out the teacln- 
ing instructions of tine detachment 
officers while preparing themselves 
to become officers. Their administra- 
tive duties initiate them to the practi- 
cal side of leadership roles in the Air 
Force. The Group/Staff also learns to 
co-ordinate its activities with other 
organizations during ROTC Day, 
ARM-AF competition, the Military Ball 
and the Honors Day program. 

American institute of Arcliitects 

national service or- 
ganization which 
busies itself learn- 
ing and working with 
new ideas and con- 
cepts in architec- 
ture. It provides 
students with an 
opportunity to meet 
professionals who 
can assist them in 
their studies and in 
becoming associat- 
ed with the field. 

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS: Row 1: M. Holleman, L. Sitzer, D. Yedidsion, K. Kovach, L. Bike, G. Hull, treasurer. Row 2: K. Harth, 
K/liller, S. Cohen, G. Hayward, J. Leemhuis, A. Cincala, C. Rustay, president; D. C. Bricker, sec'y; R. Hills. Not pictured: K, Daly, vice-president; 

. Fredrick, tvl. McQuiston, W. Doty, C. 
F. tvlorbito. advisor. 






supported by stu- 
dent fees, aims at 
providing a "sense 
of belonging" for 
each KSU student. 
SAB sponsors every 
kind of activity from 
the Weekend Flick 
to Creative Arts Fes- 
tival, aiming to pro- 
vide entertainment 
for all tastes. This 
year, SAB sponsor- 
ed sports car rallies, 
Rowboat Regatta, 
the folk festivals, 
Spring Fling and the 
SAB Film Classic 
and many more 

STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD: Row 1: R. Truscello. PR Chairman; T. Lewandowski, Sec'y; K. Polen, Hospitality; S. Pahner, Special 
Activities; J. Baehr, Special Activities. Row 2: M. Willis, Publicity Chafrman; L. Capecci. PR Chairman; P. Holland, Social Chairman; 
F. Mills, President; J. Noble, Advisor; F. Spiegelberg, Administrative Vice President; G. Skelding, Treasurer. 

STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD: Row 1: B. Raynes, L. Thompson, V. Eley, S. Capecci, L. Peterson, B. Smith, S. Pond, V. Mathis, B. Hurley. Row 2: D. Coleman, M. Puch, K. Doyle, C. Kubacki, B. Mower, C. Peters, K. Davis, 
P. Shaner, D. Young, F. Ferrante, A. Mignona. Row 3: B. Fittipaldo, L. Glaser, K. Polen, P. Maniscallo, C. May, R. Eagerton, A. Castanien, M. Nied, M. Kotowski, C. Addams, P. Pugh. Row 4: K. Smykil, J. Andoiek, J. Macey, 
G. Kretchun, K. Sveda, G. Gran, K. Kofsky, R. Rudloff, B. Cruise, T. Plezia. 


MAJOR EVENTS OFFICERS: Row 1: J. Cox, sec'y; J. Miller. Row 2- L Brand- 
fass, treasurer; R. Ross, B. Shetler, president. 

Major Events 

Homecoming, Greek Week, Winter 
Weekend, Campus Day and many 
otiier campus-wide activities are 
brougint to Kent State by the MAJOR 
the committee members, their aim is 
to "bring more consistently fine en- 
tertainment to Kent State than any 
other collegiate institution in the Mid- 

Country Joe and the Fish 



Ushering for Artist-Lecture Series and pre- 
senting the President's Medal for Scholarship 
to a graduating senior are two activities of 
LAURELS, the senior women's honorary. 
Laurels members, who are tapped during 
spring quarter are selected on the basis of 
scholarship, leadership and service to the 
campus community. This year Laurels mem- 
bers worked toward affiliating their organiza- 
tion with Mortar Board, national women's 

LAURELS: Row 1: 
ing sec'y- Row 2: 

G. Deering, treasurer; 
J. Hotmann, C. Beier, 

D. Eiben, president; 
J. Gibson, M. Willis, 

Welch, vice-president; P. Vance, historian; B. Gintert, record- 
Moyer Row 3: K. Turowski, M. Magner, T. Hatcti, K. Treckel. 


Sailors: a "blow in my ear 
and I'll follow you anywhere" 
R-l-P-P-L-E sweatshirted 
type people. What is a $75 
Red Penguin? Remember . . . 
Uncle George and Aunt Mar- 
tha at Macy's window . . . pon- 
der's expecting another 
what? . . . appropriating the 
Canadian National Flag at the 
Port Huron Regatta . . . sleep- 
ing in, around and under the 
car at OSU ... and 9:30 
Sunday services, ice cream, 
bagels, beer and wine? 

SAILING CLUB: Row 1: D. Hubbard, N. Nagy, K. Gordon, R. Dixon, P. MacKenzie. Row 2: J, Ulmer, T. Howell, L. Winter, D. DeMarco, B. Ponder, 
C. Kaufholz. Row 3: D. Ahekruse, J. McCollough, N. Kouba, B. Brenden, S. Boyer, R. Watkins, K. Watkins, D, Nawrocki, L. Bente, G. Graff, K. Zmudzinski. 





women's honorary, places special 
emphasis on scholastic achievement. 
One requirement for membership is a 
3.5 accumulative average at the end 
of the freshman year. The honorary 
aims "to promote a higher standard 
of learning and intelligent living." 
Each fall Alpha Lambda Delta gives a 
tea for freshmen women attending 
Kent State on scholarships. During 
winter quarter there is a tea for 
women who are on the Dean's List. 
Alpha Lambda Delta also sponsors 
a tutoring program. 

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS: Row 1: C. Peters, sec'y; R- Mullet, president; M. Parks, editor, Row 2; Dr. F. Biles, advisor; D. Pidwell, historian; R. 
Starr, junior advisor. 

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: Row 1: P. Lane, C. Thompson, S. Werth, J. Crosetto, D. Mitchell, T. Sliney. Row 2: D. Klaameyer, M. Gostely, 3. Sigler, D. Griffin, W. Adrian, M. Suette, S. Kamienski, D. Barresi, N. Williams, K. Glover, 
R. Turkall. Row 3: V. Andrews, J. Leinweber, V. Vetter, N. Veit, B. Windle, R. Hall, R. Andrews, K. Forfia, K. Acs, N. Toth, D. Difford, L. Patrick. Row 4: L. Stephens, C. Dogger, B. Boguski, J. Brockway, B. Luce, G. Tadei, 8. 
Zimmerman, L. Knepper, M. Heck, H. MIotek, D. Weisheit, S. Weigand. 


ff ^ 

.%-ri ^^^k. 

'Hf^^lHl ^^ .'J-5'*5^ 







^^z^S % 


New Student 

You say they made you wear that silly-looking 
blue and gold dink for a week? And they made 
you walk all over campus on a tour? But you 
got to go to a really swell talent show and an 
Activities Fair? Well, frosh, blame it on NEW 
STUDENT PROGRAM. The New Student Pro- 
gram was created to acquaint freshmen and 
transfer students with Kent State, its physical 
environment and structure. During a three-day 
Pre-College Conference students get a smat- 
tering of university life — academic as well as 
social. They work out their own schedules, meet 
representatives from campus organizations, 
and, at the Freshman Rally they even get to 
meet The Man. 


motes foreign travel and experiences in inter- 
national living. Founded as Student Project on 
Tanzania, the organization now has world-tour 
programs. This summer members will sponsor 
a tour of Europe. SPOT also cooperates with 
Re-Con, an employment agency based on com- 
puter information. 

STUDENT PROJECT OF TODAY: Row 1: K. McAllister, president; D. Chapman, M. Skelly, P. Hornack. Row 2: G. Dreussi, D. Karrer. C. Hirshberg, sec'y; C. Anderson. Row 
3: D. Traub, treasurer; C. Miller, B. Koehler. Not pictured: B. Bixenstine, K. Trecl<el, S. Biedler, advisor; K. Baldwin. 

NEW STUDENT PROGRAM: Row 1: K. Tevauit, J. Hawkins, P. Himes, co-chairman of new student program, J. Romano, 
co-chairman of new student program, D. Karrer. Row 2: J. Ziegler, P. Welch, L. Franklin, M Kleiman, S Kew, T. Sigler, 
D. Kline, D. Zona, L. Dudek, M. Shaw. 


PI OMEGA PI: Row 1; L. Johnson, 
vice-president: R. Koren, S. Decker. 

treasurer; T. Davidson, president: M. Gottlieb. Row 2: J. Shamp, 

Pi Omega Pi 

PI OMEGA PI, the business educa- 
tion honorary, was ranked first in the 
country among 120 competing chap- 
ters of the honorary. As a service 
project, members sent texts to the 
Phillipine University. In their work 
toward promoting scholarship in bus- 
iness education and fostering ethical 
standards in business teaching, mem- 
bers sell copies of the reference man- 
ual, "The Crutch," to business ad- 
ministration classes. Each spring 
they sponsor a banquet for members 
of the honorary and their guests. 

Tau Beta Sigma 

Winner of the Campus Day Song- 
fest Independent Division was TAU 
BETA SIGMA, women's music hon- 
orary. Together with their brother or- 
ganization Kappa Kappa Psi, the 
honorary works to promote interest 
and spirit in the university bands. This 
year Tau Beta Sigma stenciled music 
stands, helped organize a winter band 
banquet and sold candy. They spon- 
sored a Spirit Week spring quarter to 
acquaint people with the bands. 

TAU BETA SIGMA: Row 1: M. Pound, B. Miller, M. Kierstead, N. Hall, S. Ghipukits, D. Arick, president: B. Norrick, vice-president. Row 2: L. Regula, parliamentarian; N. Neidlinger, S. Shafer, A. Kacerski, 
corresponding sec'y; S. Roush, C. Clegg, sec'y; P. Sitzler, treasurer; J. Mueller. 


AHEA Student 

Cost suppers and style shows are 
some of the activities sponsored 
monthly by the AHEA STUDENT 
sional organization for home econom- 
ics majors. The goal of the organiza- 
tion is "to promote the ideals of home 
economics and instill members of the 
organization with a sense of profes- 
sionalism." Awards are given yearly 
to the outstanding senior and fresh- 
man home economics majors. 

AHEA STUDENT MEMBERSHIP SOCIETY OFFICERS: Row 1: C. Martin, president; L. Meluch. 
L. Mendiola, senior advisor; Row 2: D. Haberkost, recording sec'y; L. Sobczak, treasurer. 


AHEA STUDENT MEMBERSHIP SOCIETY: Row 1: B. Nurd, M. Wymer, K. Lad, C. Nakonezny. Row 2: B. Knittel, C. Ziemba, T. Karmia, C. Mastile. L. Paparone, M. Klucher, D, Nemeth, S. Sachs. Row 3: 
M. Gardini, C. Coon, L. Lucas, J. Becka, M. Kotula, N. Kuhn, M, McPherson, D. Stacy. 


1 " 

= 1 II ' 

■ « -■ M 

: K :: » ■ S 



Women's intramural activities at 
Kent State are sponsored by the 
TION. To accomplish their goals of 
furthering recreational interest and 
activities for women according to the 
highest standards of sports, mem- 
bers of WRA sponsor many sport 
clubs. WRA opens the gyms and 
swimming pools to coeds in the 

rvTno'y,"a'd^i^o'r"Y^^S^'"p}:°Sen°r'''"'^ '°" ' °- ''"'^' ^^'^""^ -e-pres.dent; J. Rosenberg, sec'y. Row 2: 


nerman, G. Lima, C. Baglio, L. Hankins, C. Fedak. Row 2: K. Laurich, B. Bahnsen, D. Sweeney, S. Ledyard, S. Chase, L. Dean, R. Lown, R. Frango. 

' ?i 







■ ' ' j^* 

; m'\v 


« ^8 ;|^ 

'X- mi 

♦ ftrm.u 





Mom's Weekend, Little Sis Weekend, 
Pork Barrel and the Senior Women's 
Banquet are all sponsored by ASSOCI- 
tivities are all part of AWS' goal to plan 
programs for the women of Kent State 
in the areas of education, recreation and 
social activity. Membership in AWS is 
extended to all women registered with 
the university. Fall quarter AWS joined 
with other campus organizations to spon- 
sor the Sexual Identity Colloquium. 


AWS: Row 1: M. Johnson, L. Coppins, vice-president; S. Harris, treasurer; L. Noyes, president; N. Sassaman, L. Brand, corresponding sec'y. Row 2: L. Ray J Armbruster S Friedman J Roaovin 
tino, T. Sliney. Row 3: J. Benson, J. Doughtery, B. Kauffman, M. J. Babbey, J. Tressler, S. Irwin, J. Wallace. Not pictured: Mrs. N. Harrington, advisor. ' ' > ■ y . 


BETA ALPHA PSI: Row 1: R. Hmske, R. Shuck, J. Cettomai, R. Maiko, M. Bugosh. Row 2: L. DeVos, R. Updaw, A. Tierno, J. K. Hall, L. Morris. 

Beta Alpha Psi 

BETA ALPHA PSI OFFICERS: Row 1: W. Hahl, treasurer; T. Balestreire, president; J. Perkins, 
sec'y. Row 2: R. Lewis, vice-president: K. Hawkins, faculty vice-president. 

BETA ALPHA PSI, national ac- 
counting honorary fraternity, honors 
outstanding accounting majors and 
encourages them to foster high moral 
and ethical standards. It also provides 
opportunities for the honorary's mem- 
bers to associate with established 
accountants. Beta Alpha Psi spon- 
sors an initiation banquet each fall 
and spring. 


PI MU EPSILON: Row 1: C. Kotula, D. Schmidt, S. Magyar, vice-president; A. Cullen, secy K Wong Row 2 S Mottice. A. Watson, G. Deering, B. Ross, R. Blackstone. Row 3: D. Ferry, D. Eiben, M. Kemper, B. Williams, 
V. Matlock. Row 4: R. Shank, J. Lynch, E. Swift, president: K. Cummins, advisor; R. Weber, G. Pastorelle. 

"To foster the study of mathema- 
tics" is the purpose of PI IVIU EPSI- 
LON, national mathematics honorary. 
Members present the Mathematics 
Award each year to the graduating 
senior mathematics major with the 
highest average in math. They also 
sponsor a student-faculty tea for 
mathematics majors and minors. 

Pi Mu Epsilon 






i 1^- 


«;».>a|^ " *-' 

•<^ .^ '^ ^ 



TER and its new format de- 
rived from a marriage of 
the designs of two other 
tabloids: "Newsday" and 
"Chicago Today" were the 
subject of a feature story 
in "Editor and Publisher," 
a national professional 

The paper took firm edi- 
torial stands against the 
war in Vietnam and urged 
students to participate in 
the Vietnam Moratorium 
peace-action in Washing- 
ton, D.C., in November. 
The Stater also kept a 
sharp eye on the activities 
of Student Government as 
well as affording column 
space to all student and 
faculty opinions. 

News coverage was ex- 
panded to include national 
and international news rel- 
evant to the campus. 
Manned landings on the 
moon and changes in the 
draft law received cover- 

The Stater was also host 
to the Ohio Collegiate 
Newspaper Convention in 

H. Greenberg, M, Politsky, J. Schmitz, P. 
Stone. Row 2: B. Hale, M, Millman, J. Nichols, 
W. Lazarus. Row 3; K. Sutton, T. Difloure, S. 
Feldstein, B. Serne. S. Daniels, E. McKenna, 
C. Moyer, J. Anderson, D. Shryock, J. Greiner. 
S. Zajac. Row 4: M. MacLean, L. Bechtoid, R. 
Zitrin, T. Welsh, B. Armstrong. Row 5: T. Ob- 
lander. B. McGuire, G. Williams, P. Tople, H. 
Ruffner, B. Litsinger. Row 6; M. J. Kukla. 


DELTA PSI KAPPA: Row 1: J. DeCapite, historian; S. Overfield, chaplain; D. Cendroski 
dent; D. Thompson, sergeant of arms. 

■ice-president; L Reeder, pledge trainer; S. Gray, presi- 

Delta Psi 

Members of DELTA PSI KAPPA, women's hon- 
orary service organization, sponsor a professional 
day and a service project every quarter. They also 
usher the Shark's Club swim show. Founded to 
"recognize worthwhile achievement of women in 
physical education, to develop • interest therein 
and to promote greater fellowship among women 
in this field of activity." Delta Psi Kappa is affili- 
ated with the American Association for Health, 
Physical Education and Recreation and is a mem- 
ber of the professional Panhellenic Association, 

Phi Epsilon 

PHI EPSILON KAPPA is the only men's physical 
education honorary in the nation. Their purpose 
is to promote, develop and serve the profession 
of health and physical education. As service activ- 
ities they help disadvantaged families during 
Thanksgiving and Christmas. They also sponsor 
an annual car wash and picnic during spring 
quarter. The honorary also sponsors the annual 
"Gymnastics in Motion" show. 

PHI EPSILON KAPPA: Row 1: R. Rango, president; B. Yendrek sec'y; B. Franklin, treasurer; J. Kim, G. Long, vice-president. Row 2: 
student-faculty advisory council. Row 3: W. Baird, W. Herbert, R. Bachna, advisor; D. Lowe, G. Hogan. 

R. Barker, K. Miller, L. Bresnick, C. May, F. Binder, representative, 


RFqiDFNCE HALL HONORARY' Row 1; S. Kew, president; W. Zelazny, vice-president, J. DeLong. Row 2; S. Belts, J. 
RL'i^kH Don J Galena K Gigliotti, sec'y. Row 3: N. Putnam, D. Metcalf, R. Shank, Y. Tate. 

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS: Row 1: J. Silverrr^an, D. Roska, J. Laurenzano, T. K. Arora. Row 2: J. Dugan, T. Russ, W. S. Peterson, acting co-chairrr,an; B. E. Taylor, 
acting chairman; J. Gruszecki. 


Linking students and professionals 
in the field of aerospace is the goal 
TICS. Members hosted the Novem- 
ber sectional meeting of the chapter 
at which a presentation was given in 
the Smith Hall Planetarium by its di- 
rector, Dr. Kenneth Warren. 

Residence Hall 

Sponsor of the Student Govern- 
ment Workshop and the Spring 
Recognition Banquet is the RESI- 
members for the honorary are tradi- 
tionally tapped at an annual spring 
banquet. The purpose of the organi- 
zation is "to give recognition for out- 
standing service in resident hall 
living." Only a limited number of per- 
sons are selected for the honorary 
each year — usually three-fourths of 
one per cent of the people living in 
residence halls. 3I3 

EPSILON DELTA RHO: Row 1: W. Nassal, K. Daly, sec'y; J. Eckblad, president; S. Cohen, treasurer; G. Hayward, vice-president; J. Sedaghatfar. Row 2: R. Kawaiek, G. Johnson, T. Graveno, R. Winters, 
J. Steller, W. Graham. 

Epsilon Delta Rho Alpha Eta Rho 

The national architecture honorary at Kent 
State, EPSILON DELTA RHO, sponsors speak- 
ers from various university departments and 
presents displays of outstanding architectural 
projects. The honorary is dedicated to promot- 
ing and acknowledging achievement in the field 
of architecture. 

Each member of ALPHA ETA RHO boasts of 
having a private pilot's license, or better. Claim- 
ing the distinction of being the only honorary 
at KSU devoted entirely to the cause of aviation 
as it relates to the public, the organization's 
members help to inform undergraduate majors 
of developments in the field of aerospace tech- 

ALPHA ETA RHO: Row 1: L. Szabaga, C. Henry, sec'y: B. Wernly, president: J. Stamets, A. Yacas. treasurer; J. Leath, social chairman. Row 2: T. K. Arora, D. Akel, T. A. Russ, B. Taylor, S. Molner, K. Ester, 
J. Laurenzano. 


>elta Omicron 

Tutoring music on campus is one of 
the service activities of DELTA OMI- 
CRON, the national women's music 
honorary and service fraternity. Members 
aim to "foster musicianship and profes- 
sionalism and to serve the school and 
the community." This year the honorary 
won the Service Award given by the 
national fraternity. Delta Omicron spon- 
sors a Founder's Day recital each fall 
quarter and an Ensemble Program during 
spring quarter. 

Sigma Theta 

SIGMA THETA EPSILON, fraternity for 
Christian men, was reactivated on cam- 
pus in 1964. The organization sponsors 
service activities including a Halloween 
party for area orphans and swimming 
and craft instructions for them. They 
sponsor a spring Founder's Day banquet, 
a Winter Formal and a fall swim party. 
Sigma Theta Epsilon has taken the In- 
dependent Division first place four years 
in a row at Pork Barrel. Their sister soror- 
ity is Kappa Phi. 

SIGMA THETA EPSILON: Row 1: R. Watkins, J. Taylor, W. West, R. Patterson. Row 2: D. Czehut, G. Molnar, E. Andregg, P. Bliss, T. Ray. Row 3: C. Condley, G. Hogan, 8. Mick, B. Reichler, D. Williams. 

DELTA OMICRON; Row 1: M. Kierstead, scholarship chairman; M. Truby, president; S. Shafer, sec'y. Row 2; N. Neidlinger, C. 
Habercorn. Row 3: C. Cordray, C. Filgate, V. Byrd, A. Ayers, advisor. Not pictured; A. Redding, first vice-president; B. Ander- 
son, second vice-president; J. Messina, treasurer. 



PHI GAMMA NU: Row 1: L. Grisak, vice-president; L. Johnson, president: L. Spilios, sec'y. Row 2: J. Kamerer, D. McCarver, S. Decker, treasurer; C. Elling, editor. 

The PHI GAMMA NU key goes each year 
to the graduating senior woman business 
major with the highest accumulative aver- 
age. Phi Gamma Nu national sorority has as 
its aims the "fostering of the study of busi- 
ness in colleges and universities, upholding 
the interests of professional competency 
through the encouragement of scholarship 
in the field of business. The honorary is 
affiliated with the Professional Panhellenic 
Association and sends members to its na- 
tional convention in Chicago each year. Its 
members sponsor banquets, speakers and 
are hostesses for other business organiza- 

Phi Gamma IMu 

SCABBARD AND BLADE: Row 1: R. Campbell, J. 
J. Jackson, R. Krumel. J. Biqelow. L. Garber. 




"The best men that Army 
ROTC has to offer," is the rep- 
utation that the men of Scab- 
bard and Blade must uphold. 
As a national military honorary 
of advanced cadets, KSU's 
"M" Company, 8th Regiment 
is concerned with raising the 
standards of military education 
by spreading intelligent infor- 
mation concerning the military 
requirements of our country. 
Throughout the year, the ca- 
dets are involved in various 
activities, co-sponsoring the 
Military Ball, sponsoring a 
Winter formal, participating in 
half-time ceremonies and 
marching in local parades. 

Matthews, company commander; M. Skelly, sponsor; 
J. Frame, finance officer; T. Kilpatrick, executive 
officer; R. Jarvis, first sergeant. 

J. Warnement, G. Pastorelle, G. Kavinsky, J. Kabat. Row 2: E. Rettenmier, D. Haas, T. Rudell, S. Nigolian, M. Weiss, D. Ciolek. Row 3: J. Hugo, B. Ball, 


Forty women served Army ROTC 
as official hostesses for military func- 
tions this year. Dressed in the tradi- 
tional green and gold, the COED 
CADETTES serve the campus by 
ushering at football games, assisting 
at campus voting booths, aiding the 
Red Cross with the blood drive and 
attending functions with ROTC ca- 
dets. Off campus, the Coed Cadettes 
prepare food baskets for needy fam- 
ilies at Thanksgiving, visit the Portage 
County Home for the Elderly and set 
up the Junior and Senior High School 
Science Fair. They have also adopted 
an Army company in Vietnam. 

COED CADETTE OFFICERS: Row 1: K. Treckel, activities chairman; L. Franklin, 
supply officer; M. Mouyard, PIO officer; C. Lee, social chairman; G. Deering, 
commander. Row 2: P. Potraz, cadette trainer; K. McBride, comptroller; M. Mani, 
corresponding sec'y. Seated: Cap't. Klinger, advisor. 

COED CADETTES: Row 1 : P. Lilley, M. Nathanson, L. Yannucci, M. Skelly. Row 2: T. Hatch, C. Katryck, J. Girone, C. Hazard, 8. Lacy, G. Beck, J. Betts. Row 3: D. Karrer, D. Lange, M. Klass, C. Bowen, M. 
L. Rybar, G. Schuller. Row 4: K. Treckel, G. Deering. Row 5: M. Mouvard. L. Franklin, C. Lee. Row 6: K. McBride, P. Potraz, M. Manl. Not pictured: P. Kappers 





/Vngel Flight 

What does it take to be a member 
of KSU's Angel Flight? An Air Force 
ROTC cadet might say, "a lotta good 
looks," but the women themselves 
know that dedication and plenty of 
hard work accompany the tailored 
uniforms. The women accomplish 
their primary goals of service to the 
university and community by usher- 
ing at sports events, assisting the 
Bloodmobile, serving as campus 
guides, sponsoring parties for under- 
privileged children, visiting homes 
for the elderly and veterans' hospitals 
and working at the Hattie Larlham 
Foundation in Mantua. 

ANGEL FLIGHT OFFICERS: Row 1: G. Mallet, ASO; K. Turowski, commander; J. Hawkins, executive commander; C. Fitzpatrick, 
ISO. Row 2: K. McDonough, pledge trainer; L. Novotny, operations, L. Grisak, comptroller; W. Hannold, advisor. 

ANGEL FLIGHT: Row 1: K. Wenz, J. Lidon, P. Rung, J. Miller, K. DeMarco, J. Kerr. Row 2: N. Galdun, L. Williams, S. Chipps, K. Hinman, D. Hensel, M. Gardini, C. Cleveland, D. Swensen, K. AIek Row 3- 
P. Lister, S. Samples, C. Lutz, K. Rolen, P. Shaner, L. Bope, D. Muller, J. Gibson, C. Ray, D. Hitch. 


' f M I 




i ■'■ 

Veteran's Association 


VETERAN'S ASSOCIATION: Row 1: J. Sklarek, S. Mikash, D. Durand, T. Russell, D, Ellas, G. Tokich. Row 2: M. Joyce, J. Brothers, D. Taylor, R. Busse, W. Mead. Row 3: J. Kachmar, K. Brumbaugh, T. Dwyer, J. PIfer. 

The word "doers" has been used this year 
to describe the KSU VETERAN'S ASSOCI- 
ATION. Now in its third year, the organiza- 
tion has evolved from a mere social group to 
a more dynamic organization involved in 
campus and community affairs. Original 
goals of the group were to aid the veterans 
on campus, sponsor intramural teams, and 
hold dances, parties and spaghetti dinners. 
Additional goals now include an interest in 
social projects such as busing disabled 
veterans from the Cleveland Veterans Ad- 
ministration Hospital to Kent for a Saturday 
football game. Following the game, resi- 
dents of Fletcher Hall and the girls of Delta 
Gamma joined the men for dinner and a 
social hour. 




KENT INTERNATIONALS: Row 1: S. Sagnia, Gambia, treasurer; W. Uytenbogaart, Canada, vice-president; M. Anthony, advisor; A. Kindilchie, Iraq, president; D. Olenick. Row 2: A. Mehta, India; A. H. Shebl, Saudi Arabia; J. S. 
Fawaz, president of OAS; D. C. Wu, China; G. F. Wu, China. Row 3: J. Sedaghatfar, Iran; K. Kojiro, Japan; J. M. Maroa, president of KASA; R. C. Garg, India; D. Yedidsion, Iran. 

Kent Internationals 

The Embassy Ball, and the annual 
International Festival are sponsored 
each year by the KENT INTERNA- 
TIONALS. The organization, which is 
open to all students, faculty and mem- 
bers of the community, works to famil- 
iarize foreign students with American 
customs while acquainting American 
students with customs of foreign 
countries. The Internationals meet 
every other Friday for dancing, sing- 
ing, movies and discussions. This 
year the Internationals entertained 
the Ghana Dance Company and 
sponsored talks by professors. 


ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: Row 1: C. Grombacher, J. Kronenthal, T. Vaughn, M. Lapp, N. Himler, T. Fousek. Row 2: J. Bayachek, 0. Overlow, P. Smith, D. Harl, T. Garnis N. Vasilenko 
Row 3: J. Swicker. A. Knetz, F. Foradas. C. Fedak, D. Pennell, K. Flanagan, L. Gier. 

, for 
Childhood Education 

Working at the Hattie Larlham Foundation in 
Mantua, a liome for birth -defected children, is 
one of the service activities performed by the 
TION. An international organization, its goals 
are "to work for the education and well-being 
of children; to promote desirable conditions, 
programs and practices in the schools; to raise 
the standard of preparation and to encourage 
the continued professional growth of teachers 
and leaders in the field; to bring into active co- 
operation all groups concerned with children in 
the school, home and community; to inform the 
public of the needs of children and how the 
school program must be adjusted to fit those 
needs and to render service as part of the cam- 
pus community and promote good fellowship." 

Baluch, state representative; D. Giover, publicity; S. Sigler, co-membership chairman. 
Row 2: S. Chase, president; J. Chapin, vice-president; M. Koss, co-membership chair- 
man; D. Arick, social chairman. Row 3: P. Bierut, L. Haas, K. Frank. 

ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: Row 1: J. Lahovich, K. Rickett, S. Grubbs, T. Courtright, E. Nowak, M. Meriiia, K. Wolf. Row 2: H. Cukovich, M. Hillenbrand, J. Auskings, M. Edwards, M. Stout, 
B. Shirilla, S. Merrick. Row 3: K. Metcalf, J. Goldner, J. Miller, D. Berg, E. Baillie, A. Castanien, A. Kanally, T. Hinshaw. 


COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN: Row 1: S. Fagin, membership chairman; C. LaBruno, H. Berkowitz, peace chairman; M. L. Kingzett, programs committee chairman; L. Gordesky, treasurer. Row 2: 
M. Butler, B. Mumaw, vice-president; B, Keefe, sec'y; S. Belts, J. Miller, president; D. Ahlersmeyer, faculty advisor. Row 3: P. Berbelis, J. Schuler, R. Ford, K. Koukol, projects chairman; J. Ferguson, 
L. Stamberger. 

The local chapter of THE COUNCIL FOR 
EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN, an international 
organization, is involved in all phases of 
work with exceptional children. Their month- 
ly meetings include speeches by guest 
lecturers ranging from experts on the ment- 
ally retarded to teachers of high ability 
youngsters. Their service projects include 
working with children at Happy Day School 
in Brady Lake and Apple Creek. Many of the 
members attended the state convention in 
Columbus in November. Membership is open 
to any interested student. 

Council for 
Exceptional Children 


MU IOTA SIGMA: Row 1: F. Zetts, program chairman; B. Mumaw, sec'y- Row 2: D. Hajek, treas- 
urer; M. Breen, president. Not pictured: D. Reising, vice-president; M. Cushey, advisor. 

Mu lota Sigma 

"To encourage oral education of 
the deaf and to promote a spirit of co- 
operation and friendslnip among tine 
members of tine fraternity" are the 
aims of MU IOTA SIGMA, an honor 
fraternity. A candle light induction 
ceremony and an annual Christmas 
party for deaf children who attend 
classes at Kent State are two of the 
organization's activities. 


HILLEL is the only religious organ- 
ization on campus specifically for 
Jewish students. It serves their cul- 
tural, religious and counseling needs. 
This year, Hillel sponsored distin- 
guished speakers who treated with 
problems of today's college student. 
The organization's activities for the 
year included sponsoring dances, 
bagel sales and corned beef dinners. 

HILLEL: Row 1: R. Bloomfield, publicity chairman; J. Kutler, social chairman; S. Fagin; P. Rakusin, sec'y; M. Simon, cultural committee chairman. Row 2: R. Rosenstock, D. Scolnick, treasurer; L. Sevel, 
president; L. Ross; S. Maiek; S. Itzkowitz. Row 3: F. Gelerinter, advisor; B. Brown; S. Blattner; S. Filler, third vice-president; S. Markovitz. 


NEWMAN CENTER PARISH: Row 1: D. Yale, D. Klubert, T. Sliney, B. Pandora. P. May, M Gerhardstein, coordinator; M. DeNaples, treasurer; P. Keane, G. Peabody, Row 2: M, Watson, S. Welbaum. R, Naoeotte A Walker 
D. Allen, M. McDonougti, R. Jackson, J. Nolan, H. Plummer, A. Doeberling. 

Newman Center 

PARISH, under the guid- 
ance of the Reverend John 
Pallante, has become a 
live, vital participant in 
campus life. Student par- 
ticipation is the keynote at 
the Center. It takes the form 
of folk masses, social 
events, and during spring 
quarter of '68, the Center 
offered a mutual meeting 
ground for diverse points 
of view. 


KENT INTERHALL COUNCIL: Row 1: S. Nippell, M, Jakowlew, N. Putnam, C. Kunkle, F. Anderson. Row 2; C. Dlwgosh, C. Mizer, C. Daunoris, C. Hemming, B. Metzler. 
Row 3; S. Donnelly, B. Schwarz. E. Combs, N. Crosetto, S. Ott, R. Griffon, Row 4: A. Fatica, L. Ruderman, C. Paglia, L. Schargorodski, B. Wilkin. 

KENT INTERHALL COUNCIL: Row 1: J. Doughton, B. Lane, M. Tesluk. Row 2: P. Potratz, C. Pell, D. Smith. Row 3: P. Stevens, W. Hoyt, P. Fan- 
ning, D. Nickey. 



Student governing bodies, ever 
on the prowl for more efficient 
ways of organizing students, have 
combined Men's Interhall Council 
and Women's Interhall Council in- 
to a coed legislative body: KENT 
relating their respective duties, 
the organizations represent the 
residence halls as a unit compar- 
able to any other representative 
body on campus. They sponsor 
Residence Hall Week and other 
all-dorm activities. 

KENT INTERHALL COUNCIL OFFICERS: Row 1: S. Mullen, corresponding sec'y; Y. Tate, president: K. 
Schaller, co-chairman internal affairs. Row 2: C. Hirshberg, treasurer: R. Luce, cultural and scholarship 
chairman; J. Galena, NACURH chairman; S. Gabel, sec'y. Row 3; V. Petrovic, co-chairman internal affairs: 
D. Risinger, public relations chairman; B. Radigan, administrative vice-president: D. Metcalf, executive vice- 



Yep, this is them. These are the 
people who are written about in The 
Stater and depicted in the cartoons. 
They're controversial, but that's only 
because they are in such high posi- 
tions. The guy with the glasses is the 
head man. His name is "Frank." He's 
President of the Student Body. To- 
gether, this group, the EXECUTIVE 
BRANCH of Student Government, 
work to effectively represent the de- 
sires and opinions of all students. Not 
only that, but even though there's 
been so many jokes about them, and 
so many problems come up, they 
haven't done a bad job. 

Arnold Air 

EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT: Row 1: G. Brocket!, sec'y of public relations; K. Barry, vice-president of 
student body; F. Frisina, president of student body; L. Noyes. Row 2: R. Rust, sec'y of academic affairs; S. Harris, sec'y of 
A i- _ „_ ^ !■ Ko+ /->/-> +1-1 student personnel placement; R. Walsh, sec'y of organizations; D. Zona, sec'y of off campus student affairs, M. Fox. 

ACTing as a iiason ueiween tne 
civilian community and the Air Force, 
ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY is made up of 
cadets who wish to cultivate within 
themselves a sense of responsibility 
and greater depth in preparing to be 
Air Force officers. The organization 
is primarily comprised of junior and 
senior cadets. Members are active in 
service projects for Hattie Larlham 
Foundation for handicapped children 
and also co-sponsor the annual Mili- 
tary Ball, held this year in Akron. 

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: Row 1: W. Stewart, ISO; W. Siringer, comptroller; R. Burleigh, commander; M. Engel, operations; W. Hannold, advisor. Row 2: F. Yusko, M. Gaiffe, K. Neifer, N. Phillips, B. Parker, 
Row 3: M. Hoehl, J. Weber, A. Woody. D. Maeder, J, Dugan. Row 4: I. Urbassik, squadron administrative officer; D. Tepper, squadron executive officer; E. Thacker, J. Wheller, J. Hatcher, R. Koller. 



WKSU RADIO: Row 1: V. Darling. Row 2: R. McDonald, Dr, J. C. Weiser, B, Rees, D, Saxton, Dr. G. Stebbins. Row 2: R. Bernard, S. Albert, T. Liberatore, B Garman, A Stokes, B Wallis, J Ambrose, J L, Horning, 
C. Kurtzhals, P. Brennan, B, Eames, L. Lazor, G. Benedetti, B. Circosta, J. Fitzgerald, J. Taylor, D. Allen. Row 3: M. Heil, W. Lynch, M. Ewing, K. Miller, L. Javitch. Row 4: B. Carpenter, B. Peterson, N. McGiniey. 
Row 5: J. Tucker, B. Marrone, J. Kreisler, J. Pearl. E. Brady. 

First an idea. Then a proposal. A decision 
next. Many hours producing. The end result: 
a program such as "Command Performance," 
"Sounds 70" or "Theatreland Showcase." 
Every member of the WKSU RADIO staff plays 
an important part in every program that goes out 
on the air, and it's not just a one-time affair. It's 
done every day. Patience, pride and persever- 
ance all play a part in providing for the "public 
interest, convenience and necessity." 





i #-;"*■ 




»>' J- 


i#»^^>*• V" 


^-.^j-iis, ' •♦ 

»>*^ l^rw 

«>• ;.A" 







Kappa Sigma 

The Animal Closet ... the gutschskies 
. . . the "Paris" colony . . . "How'd ya" . . . 
schaamo ... the 1-2-1/2 punch . . . The 
Shadows ... 150 pounds of flour makes 
one hell-of-a cake. 

1. R. Huck, 2. J. Bodnar, 3. R. Cardinal, 4. J, French, 5. D. Keeney, 6. R. Post, 7. R. 
Parker, 8. S. Varner, 9. G. Kearney, 10. E. Roecker, 11. D. Bolitho, 12. D. Kaleai, 13. 
B Konvalinka, 14. J. Wood, 15. R. Havener, 16. R. Byrnes, 17. J. Harrington, 18. R. Cook- 
sey 19 D Wade, 20. S. Stewart, 21. D. Pawlak, 22. A. Mundy, 23. A. DeCheiiis, 24. L, 
Tartaglia, 25. S. Kanter, 26. P. McLeran, 27. J. Hogan, 28. D. Shisula, 29. L. Leasure, 30. 
R. Joyce, 31. J. Taylor, 32. T. Brown, 33. T. Bernard, 34. A. Alberts, 35. D. Dambach, 36. 
M. Anderson, 37. R. Davis, 38. F. Bannett, 39. B. Giles, 40. C. Chandler, 41. R. Burleson, 
42 J Horvatis, 43. D. Barrett, 44. L. Sandstead, 45. D. Chormanski, 46. P. Gallizzi, 
47. T. Joyce, 48. T. Costello, 49. T. Whiting, 50. S. Keith, 51. G. Tegner. 


Alpha Tau Omega 

The old ladies door . . . Who called my hog a 
date? . . . spring water fight . . . Beer-baseball game 
. . . apple pie . . . hill jacks . . . Pygmy Power . . . 
Captains Club House ... $1 fine for parking on the 
lawn . . . mini-tug team . . . football flicks . . . Roo- 
Rah-Rega . . . Black feet. 

1. H. Dunlavy. 2. D. Warren, 3. C. Weigel, 4. J. Banville. 5. S. Sinchek, 6. B. DeMarco, 7. A. Hnas. 
8. M. Finnen, 9. B. Weigel, 10. B. Vaiek, 11. B. Thrush, 12. B. Roberts, 13. R. Burch, 14. P. Mon- 
gell, 15. R. Zitrin, 16. B. Shanahan, 17. G. Smith, 18. P. Chisholm, 19. M. Brush, 20. L. Thomas, 
21. B. Brewster, 22. J. Barr, 23, B. Cox, 24. D. Brenning, 25. J. Cooke, 26. K. Krouse 27. F. Gibbs, 
28. P. Braden, 29. C. Simonson, 30. S. Tomb. 31. B. Thomas, 32. D. Strickmaker, 33. S. Flynn, 34 
G. Glass, 35. R. Roberts, 36. L. Heinonen, 37. C. Brickman, 38. C. Banks, 39. J. Baker, 40. S. Gia- 
mapapa, 41. G. Blackstone, 42. T. Schick, 43. T. Rodgers, M. K. Zoretich, 45. R. Nativio, 46. A. 
Maroli, 47. P. Raffa, 48. J. Doull, 49. J. Leonard, 50. R. Yontz, 51. C. Fritz, 52. A. Brown. 









v^"> ^ * /£l r 










t?^ - -♦• 


, *^»(««»; ^ 

'^■iMfciiir ^ 

3t ~- 

, ■^■"^- 



1. N. Ryan, 2. J. Hrach, 3. T. Anderson, 4, M. Skelly, 5. J. Cul- 
bertson, 6, M, Barrelle. 7, L, Noyes. 8, L Forcella. 9. V, Mathis 
10. Chrzan. 11. L. Macaulay, 12. S. Kemberling, 13. L. Cham- 
berlain, 14. B. Kline, 15. L. Klotz, 16. S. Swanson, 17. T. 
Sinkovich, 18. J. Tressler. 19. P. Pivonka. 20, L. Mass, 21. C. 
Cain, 22. N. Milum, 23. C. Jackson, 24, K. Milne. 25. S. Brown, 
26. N. Ringie. 27. M. Lutkus, 28. N. Levis, 29. D. Hensel, 30. 
L. Caton, 31. M. Wolk, 32. P. Jones, 33. F. Ferrante, 34. J Bond 
35. B. Boguski, 36. P. Preslan, 37. M, McCorkle, 38. L. Yannucci, 
39. 0. Connors. 


Alpha Chi 

Visions in the dining room . . . two heads 
are better than one . . . vaudeville revisited 
. . . Aquarius and the zodiac . . . Halloween 
trick or treat. 

40. L. Simmons, 41. M. Jones. 42. C. Lovett, 43. D. Alvarez, 
44. T. Wear, .45. S. Rufle, 46. B. Wolslager, 47. J. Ahrens, 48. N. 
Long, 49. K. Ford, 50. L. Stuehr, 51. G. Wetherbee, 52. P. Pi- 
vonka, 53. M. Kaven, 54. J. Luhaney, 55. C. Biesenkamp, 56. R. 
Pudelski, 57. J. Kadlowek, 58. J. Murawski, 59. J. Walczak, 60. 
S. Sell. 


Alpha Gamina 

Goodie bags-Mary Mags . . . President and Liia 
White . . . moonglo . . . barnhills . . . white rose formal 
. . . mnamna-aipha nu nu nu . . . 14 pearls ... red 
and buff rose. . . laugh and I'll laugh with you . . . 
207 Union . . . glenmorris . . . signatures . . . quatana- 
thompson . . . The Fly . . . Marietta. 

1. M. klass. 2. J. Hill, 3. J. Angros, 4, S. Johnsen, 5. C. Hazard, 6. S. Terhune, 7. P Mayo, 8. 

B. Crysler. 9. N. Rothblatt, 10. L. Novotney, 11. M. Moran, 12. D. Leis, 13. J. Previte, 14. K. 
Dungan, 15. L. Tartaglia, 16. M. Magner, 17. R. Jordon, 18. M. Macketarrean, 19. L. Offerman, 
20. D. Landy, 21. J. Harrison, 22. J. Lidon, 23. C. Shumway. 24. P. Biliich, 25. B. McGraf, 
26. C. Pell, 27. B. Luce, 28. R. Frango, 29. R. Bachman, 30. S. Perrine, 31. E. McKenna, 32. 

C. Herminghouser, 33. M. Bitters, 34. M. Bir. 


Tau Kappa 

Teke Trotters . . . Green room . . . Fairport Mardi 
Gras . . . Sumo . . . RRS . . . Grommit . . . road ralley 
... phi tau hon . . . from gas station to laundromat 
. . . Sarge . . . Bat Cave ... tine pledges' bus . . . 
What's a house manager? . . . paint the founders 
. . . Snort . . . AGA Blues ... red pop . . . ground 
hog . . . what an RA . . . polish legionairre. 

I. B. Church, 2. D. Morehouse. 3. R. Carderilli, 4. R, Thier, 5. J. Miller, 
6. S. Zborowski, 7. M. Braff, 8. B. Miracle, 9. R. Saskin, 10. J. Lehmann, 

II. P. Cowden, 12. J. Mobley, 13. D. Voll, 14. J. Russell, 15. G. Cow- 
den, 16. D. Lundberg, 17. L. Shuff, 18. B. Goldman, 19. M. Gathers, 20. 
K. Brown, 21. D. Lintala, 22. D. Johnson, 23. D. Galambos, 24. R. Appel, 
25. P. Rathametous, 26. P. Frank, 27. W. Triff, 28. D. Johnson, 29. L. Ja- 
vetts, 30. D. Braff. 


■ " ' '"'"^^^BwBBHBHIiiMiiwiiiiMiBiiwiiii^ 







hS ^H 






».'\ -. 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Monopoly marathons ... the kudi-ku shawoweebur- 
gers . . . Christmas at the house with Ribbit and Mimi's 
strap . . . Sex on South Water, edited by Paison, Ruby 
and Telaleelee ... the punch with a punch . . . The Beta 
Chi Gang ... the Corporation Board's hit tune, "Prom- 
ises, Promises" . . . such a deal! ! ! . . . you blew the Xi 
... the World's Greatest Volleyball Team. 

1 B. Lambert. 2. D. Orlowe, 3. J. McCoy, 4. C. Pastis, 5. R. Tirlea, 6. L. Wilcox. 7, P, Dube. 8. M. 

Nathanson, 9. K. Fine, 10. L. Fifer, 11. B. Churcli, 12. C. Gresh, corresponding sec'y.; 13. K. Krand, 

14. D Sclnwende, 15. B. Girone. 16. L. Howard, 17. M. McGivney, 18. R. Garvey, 19 K 

L. Alexander, 21. 8 Miracle, 22. S. Visoky, vice-president; 23. J. Hilliard 24 D Figel 

26. M. Hoffman, 27. J. Stevenson. 28. P. Lilley, 29. M Balotta, president: " 

May, 32. B. Williams, 33. S. Herrington, 34. M. Bertucci, pledge trainer- "li 

37. C. Tuffy, 38. C. Hirstiberg, 39. C. Wooten. 40. C. Ord, 

mormino, 43. J. Russell, 44. L. McGuire, 45. G. Harris 46 

49. B. Sluka, 50. L. Coats, 51. L. Coppins 

Pappas, 20. 
,, . 25. J. Floro, 
Gundelach, 31. M 
Swager, 36. K. Gerir, 
recording secy; 41. M. Zak, 42. M. Im- 
L. Szaraz, 47. B. Anderson, 48. C. Beier, 


Sigma Chi 

Barracudas and sharks have been sighted in the 
area . . . TABOMA . . . scrumpy hits the floor again 
. . . COKEMAN AND THE PRESIDENT . . . laugh like 
a dog, meister . . . looking for the lady . . . NHL and 
AHL champs vie at Super Table tonight. 

1 R Stoffer, corresponding sec'y; 2. M. Prajsner, recording sec'y; 3. B. Van Ber- 
gen president 4. J. Coleman, treasurer; 5, R. Mills, vice-president; 6. S. Russman, 
7 B Johnston 8. T. Ryan, 9. D. Braiman, 10. M. Gesa, 11. K. Eckhardt, 12. S. Boyd, 
13 M Wurz 14 J Gross, 15. F Schwende, 16. C, Jones, 17. K. Wurz, 18. L. Pimm, 
19 E Pike 20 P Block, 21. T. Meister, 22. C. Anderson, 23. V. Cogan, 24. J. Thomp- 
son 25 J Burkhardt, 26. A. Artzner. 27. J. Weber, 28. M. Jenkins, 29. K. Edwards, 30. 
J Bettes 31. D. Holmes, 32. D. Finklestein, 33. S. Fazekas, 34. F. Dantimo, 35. S. 
Borwell 36 R. Sheary. 37. S. Skeggs. 38. K. Eilis. 39. R. Raehr, 40. J. Baal, 41. D. 
Orner 42 Mrs L. Beckwith. 43. B. Sullivan, 44. J. Russell, 45. R. Frango, 46. L. Green, 
47 F Prisma 48. T. Rowe, 49 J. Seidel, 50. R. Pfleiderer, 51. S. Rufle. 





• ■■■ -^ 

% 9 

Epsilon Phi 

1. D. Lenzner, 2. J Werblin, 3. C^ Abes, 4. 
M- Levine, 5- K. Feterle, housemother; 6, 
L. Bakst, 7. E- Levitt, 8. S, Gelfand, 9. B. 
Fleeman, 10, E, Ecker, 11, D, Berman, 12, 
Sachs, 13. E, Miller, 14, D. Ross, 15. J, 

Schultz, 16, 
18. K. 

M. Cohen, 17. G. Weinberg, 



19. J. Rubenson, 20. E. Kalen. 21. G. Ger- 
ber, 22. R. Kabin, second vice-president; 
23. S. Fagin, sec'y; 24. S. Levine. 25. C. 
Greene, 26. M. Bricl^el, 27. S. Epstein, 28. 
M. Stern, 29. M. Levinson, 30. N. Fischer, 
31. M. Lewis, 32. M. Robin, president; 33. 
M. Segal, first vice-president; 34. R. Cole, 
35. M. Paris, 36. L. Hirshman. 

Gerbies, grubbies . . . Harvey 
and David ... a delightful, sliower 
... "1 don't have the time" . . . 
"Oh, I'm so excited" . . . "salad 
dressings IN the bowls, please" 
. . . "I'm upset as everything" . . . 
Is that really yours? ... the com- 
posite's missing again . . . "turn 
me on, dead man" . . . snowbound. 


Alpha Phi Alpha 

And so is gold . . . sendin' a message of 
soul ... a black man's dream. 

1. L. Tolliver, dean of pledges; 2. J. 
Jones, 3. T. Bedell, sec'y; 4. B. Hey- 
ward, b. L. Rogers, 6 G. Yanthis, trea- 
surer; 7. H. Bland, 8, E. Shelton, presi- 
dent; 9. C. Bows, vice-president; 10. 
M. Leeth, 11. L. Moore, 12. L. Hayes, 
13. J. Hall. 




\lpha Kappa Alpha 

Dr. Ritchie and "Blacl< Beauty" . . . outstanding 
endeavor since February, 1968. 

1 P McDavid vice-president; 2. S. Burton, 3. S. Robinson, 4. D. Shelton, Sec'y, 5. L. Jordan, 6. 
B. Williams, 7. B, Prince, 8, M, Bohannan, treasurer; 9. E. McMichael, 10. D. Payne, president; 
11. E. Ritchie, advisor, 12. P. Lloyd. 


Sigma Phi Epsiion 

Campus Day exodus complete . . . every pledge is 
a maggot in his own right ... the rack probability is up 
100 per cent . . . "there is no formal like a good after- 
party" . . . run-naked . . . complete belly ... to the Hood 
... "I guess you had to be there" . . . "Where are we 
going to draw the line?" . . . date-a-sister . . . "That is 
definitely not it." 


\^ ''^^-^ 

Delta Zeta 

Date Day at BGSU ... the lowly pledges speaking 
. . . Chagrin Falls is lovely this time of year . . . We're 
armed for victory . . . Mrs. White's Christmas Party 
. . . birthday tea . . . those third graders . . . Founder's 
Day ... the Spring Formal. 

1. C Wallace, 2, T. Kyttler, 3. R, Huner, 4, K, Koesterer, 5, J Gorman 
6 P. Marx, 7 L Michaux, 8. N. Piatt, 9, J. Kushner, 10, P. Welch 11 c' 
Able, 12. M. Michael, 13. C. Grady, 14. L. Budai, 15. D. Reid 16 M Ham- 
ilton, 17. P. Godshalk, 18. T. Yourst, 19. C. King, 20. J. Allard 21 J 
Frontino, 12. L. Sobczak, 23. K. Walker, 24. K. Schneider, 25. N. Swan- 
son, 26. B. Skowron. 27. N. Himler, 28. C. Witkas, 29 P Bissler 30 D 
Oleyar, 31. B. Thompson, 32. A, Eisman, 33. L. Balbresky 34 d' Martin 
35. W. Tepper, 36. P. Theii, 37. H. Tishler. 38. L. Norcia, 39 T Peder- 
son, 40. C. Stapf, 41. J. Zimmerman. 



■ 'jl JtiSl^ ■*4l^ 

:\ 1 




^ iilM 

,-«t "^ 

' • ^vW^ral 




^^**V.^ _-J^ yill^^^^K 

V V ^ ,^ 


^^B^I^K^^'^^*'* " Iw^^^^^l 

.' .^ — ^ 







♦ • 

Here XSts 


'^-.tUfcr.^. " , / 

#3» j|^ 

r %;* 





' -^-OL,- " .^fcr.^-*.. . 


^ ■"* > .iiiiEIIli .MmamMK-^ 

^. ^■""T"*^'*- 

Sigma Alpha 

Hats off to Jesus . . . you should have heard what 
they said about you !! . . .there's a giraffe in our bath- 
room . . . who gets numatic Ratso this weekend? . . . 
scanaprance, scanaprance . . . nobody gets a break. 

■ o, '^,'"9'5"S,; 2^ D; Scott, 3. L^ Simons, 4. M, Berg, 5. B, Atkinson, 6, B, Sommerville, 7. 
J^ Slonslo, 8. K. Paulus, 9. B, Kelso, 10. A. Winton, 11. J. Folk, 12, A. Dietrich, 13 G Ford 
14. C. Canfora, 15 T. Valicenli, 16 S. Myers, 17. M, Decker, IS. J. Sherbinsky. 19, M. Thomas! 
20. S. Ferguson, 21. J. Cassidy, 22. D. Lehman, 23. J. Schultis, 24. B. Bartolone, 25. B. Kirk 
?? N mZ^iI' f-,- n 'V^'","'' ?5- o F^eldman, 29. B. Shupp, 30. B. Brown, 31. K. DeMarco 
32. N. Mamula,. 33. D. Taylor, 34. B. VonStem, 35. R. Page, 36. J. Shepherd, 37. T. Dukes 
T,„,„,„ on -r Hubler, 40. J. Gebhardt, 41. B. Mamwaring, 42 S Cutler, 43. J Hubka 
Snyder, 46. K. Brown, 47. T. Besco, 48. C. Huslop, 49. P. Anthony', 

38. R. Daniels, 39 
44. B. Oberlin. 45 

Ir' f- rfhl^h'f' V-i □■ g°?'3'sky, 5"2. D. Palmie'ri. 53. M, NelTs'tkdter, 54. B." Kass, 55. m'. Charlton 
R9 q' ?=vn? 1^' I q"- ,?"&.^''v"f'""'^/^ ^^- ^- ^"''"'"' 59- C. Metz, 60. F. Ford, 61. L. Balbreski, 
??■ §■ ?^y}°''3?-.^- Scott, 64, T. Lutz, 65. J. Hodnett, 66. F. Hodnett, 67. G. Weidner 68 K Bentz 
Garber, /2. L. Alexander. 

69. S. Miller, 70. H. Davies, 71. 





,** / 

V-} {' 


Chi Omega 

The 72 hour Phi-Delt float ... the temperamental 
intercom ... a big tea for a great lady . . . formal fixes 
. . . SAE's and the Big Snow . . . royal flush the quad 
. . . The Fierce Four ... a hip housemother ... "I once 
tried a diet of rest and quiet" . . . land of parrot-ise 
We're in a crisis . . . Space Odyssey . . . long, 
iong, short, short . . . skinny school ... red cake . . . 
owls, owls, owls. 

1 C Keslinq 2 B Benson, 3. N. Conell. 4. R. Edgerton, 5. L. Feldcamp, 6. J. Bowling, 7. A. Mignona, 8. J Gibson. 9. 

T Hatch 10' B Hurley 11. P. Lister, 12. C. Kotun, 13. J. Mraz, 14. K. Caprey, 15. A. Castanlan. 16. S Samples, 17. 

B Seigai 18. S. Swinney, 19. K. McNab, 20. B. Smith, 21. K. Ferens, 22 S. Gates, 23. D. Sweicki 24. J. Courtad 25. 

S Pahner 26. C. Daniel, 27. K. Silva, 28. M. Smith. 29. B. Langer, 30. A. Miller, 31. M. Willis 32^ B^ Keister, 33. J. 

Moore 34 J Games, 35. J. Miller, 36. "Mom" Bugalhal, 37. B. Goldman. 38 L, Tompkms, 39. K, Ebenhack. 40. L. 

Landwart 41. C. Marshall. 42. E. Myer. 43. B. Rarnes. 44. S. Hernck. 45. J. Maceioli. 46^ N. Andrews. 47^ N^ '^V^^°"J' 

bardo, 48. B. Fitipaldo, 49. 0. May, 50. L. Glasser, 51. K. Polen, 52. C. Mattie, 53. M. Rung, 54. G. Richards, 55. A. 
Mignona. 56. M. Rybar. 


Theta Chi 

New Orleans ... the rat house . . . Traveller's Cheques 
. plastic man . . . "Sabko" . . . Northfield . . . #36. 

F,tz°s,mmons I K Waluop'io'' R Ch'al'""/, 'k ' M^K°n'°', '' ^ ■ ^ontovsky, 6. S. Lake, 7. A. Schaal, 8. B. 




Bronze, pink and blue . . . Heartless Hannah . . 
the Rude, the Crude and the Prude ... the Blue Zoo 
. . . pizza from the pledges ... we want our Bowman 
Cup! . . . Mo . . . Sig Ep spaghetti ... Pi Alpha . . . 
Josh, Tom, Jim and Jeff . . . The Odd Couple 
Powerless Perko . . ."The devil made me do it!" . . . 
Fearless Five . . . head joint . . . Teddy Bear, Nooky 
and Puff . . . Gretchen's garage door . . . Miss Bum- 
pas' Drugs and Miss Italiano No. 1 . 



TDarsita Shop 



A -11 

%^^^: I 



'sisiiiiiif— nu 

Delta Gamma 

I. J. Joslyn, 2. L. Santschi, 3. K 
Schull, 4. S. Howard, 5. B. Bierman, 
6. P. Kappers, 7. R. Hall, 8. L. 
Weaver, 9. L. Goff, 10. M. Young, 

II. S. Ankenbruck, 12. M. Thomas, 
13. J. Fairchild, 14. S. Lacy, 15u B. 
Calhoun, 16. M. Travers, 17. J. 
Perrine, 18. R. Estabrook, 19. P. 
Kurilla, 20. M. Tomer, 21. K. Met- 
calf, 22. G. Schuller, 23. B. Vidd, 
24. D. Karrer, 25. D. Hitch, 26. M. 
Chesnutt, 27. L. Shaw, 28. K. 
Babeaux. 29. C. Hemsley, 30. L. 
Kelsy, 31. D. Saxton, 32. C. Young- 
man, 33. G. Gerhart, 34. D. Cotton, 
35. D. Gransey, 36. B. Fallis, 37. M. 
Mouyard, 38. J. Cox, 39. L. Williams, 
40. M. Babbey, 41. B. Faulkner, 42. 
N. Abercrombie, 43. K. Doyle, 44. 
J. Jordan, 45. J. Ferguson, 46. J. 
Lehmann, 47. L. Williams. 




Delta Upsilon 

Foundations . . . friendship . . . one in everything, 
everyone in something . . . "You gotta want it!" 

1. R. Burns, 2. W. Hajec, 3. S. Baytos, 4. J. Horvath, 5. F. Surace, 6. M. Stoweking, 7. C. 
Tighe. 8. M. Graeser, 9. S. Phillips, 10. G. Kovach, 12. G. Smith, 13. D. Taylor, 14. G. 
Vacaro, 15. R. Fleming, 16. M. Keller, 17. J. Barbie, 18. V. Rocine, 19. R. Trego, 21. T. 
O'Connor, 22. R. White, 23. A. Newman, 24. J. Dubois, 25. D. Siekaniec, 26. R. Perko, 27. L. 
Kenya, 28. M. Warner, 29. T. Bowersox, 30. G. Becht, 31. R. Taylor, 32. R. Fechter. 33. J, 
Lipcsik, 34. S. McDonald, 35. R. O'Pelt, 36. T. Tadeo, 37. G. Johnson, 38. M. Fischer, 
39. C. Dylag, 40. M. Migdal, 41. A. Feibel, 42. W. Atwood, 43. T. Welsh, 44. B. Grady, 
45. L. Longo, 46. D. Lloyd, 47. L. Schwartz, 48. T. Thompson, 49. D. Grant. 50. J. Sivitz, 
51 . T. Umpleby. 




Phi Sigma Kappa 

Neither idle meadows, nor indolent shores, but 
hills and a star. 

1. V. Pietropaoldi, 2, D. Soltis. 3. L. Swiger, 4. C. Everett, 5. B. Schwartz, 6. B. Muha, 7. P. 
Guggenheim, 8. B. Baumgardt, 9. J. Dunn, 10. T. Bruno, 1 1 . W. Denton, 12. J. Beyer, 13. J. 
Jaudon, 14. S. Lubisch, 15. P. Avetta, 16. P. Whaley, 17. T. Malloy, 18. G. Petak, 19. J. Stamets, 
20. T. Richardson, 21. R. Kuchling, 22. R. Jewel, 23. T. Steohan, 24. F. Schoolmaster. 25. R. 
Turner, 26, J. Hildebrand. 27. J. Tebbe, 28. G. Turner, 29. R. Shibley, 30. W. Waldman, 31. D. 
Knowlton, 32. J. Levitt, 33. R. Deeter. 



Delta Tau Delta 

Beef-trust . . .OTR . . . humong . . . hockalulu . . . 
"Does a chicken have lips?" . . . a-2000 purinate li- 
quid . . . brow . . . sundeck . . . pike . . "Oh, Sam, look 
at the stars" . . . space walk . . . Ace . . . bro-ho . . . 
Narco ... the Fed . . . Hug . . . Mad-dog . . . stab in the 
back . . . bayou country . . . hook . . . "Real Nice" . . . 
all for free house . . . "Do you eat with that mouth?" 

1. p. Meyers, 2. N. Yates, 3. O. Lakeman, 4. A. Bloom, 5. T. Baker, 6. D. Mancino, 7. Sirey, 
8. G. Haden, 9. A. Corbet, 10. G. Stockum, 11. D. Wozniak, 12. D. Sussman, 13. G. Buker, 
14. B. Howell, 15. B. Kemp, 16. E. Hogan, 17. B. Hoyt, 18. B. Square, 19. M. Sims, 20. G. Votz, 
21. F. Theile, 22. B. Frazier, 23. D Ross, 24. T. Bunch. 25. J. Burke, 26. M. Dudley, 27. H. Walker, 
28. S. Colston, 29. G. Carrol, 30. B. Stidel. 



Gamma Phi Beta 





The kick . . . Sister Hover's parties 
paign, the toast and the rush song . . 
and spring break. 

. . spring formal directions ... the Cam- 
mom ... the gammy bug . . . Florida 

I. L. Woodbridge, 2. J. Palmer, 3. L. Gier, 4. S. Latham, 5. J. Bondus, 6, N. George, 7. C. Lambert, 8. C. Ctiarvat, 9. S. Morin, 10. E. Kuprowski, 

II. D. Warner, 12. J. Cabala, 13. D. Deering, 14. K. Casy, 15. M. Mrus, 16. B. Brytswa, 17. 8. Kaitiinski, 18. D. Davis, 19. S. Kirsti, 20. J. Kay, 
21 M Waite 22. J. Linton, 23. C. Lee, 24. L. Kelly, 25. K. Braun 26. D. Klicker, 27. C. Bowman, 29. C. Trickle, 30. L. Collins, 31. J. Ritz, 32. K. 
Johnson, 33. E. Lecitri, 34. P. Bauer, 35. D. Warming, 36. M. Fitzgerald, 37. B. Ferlong, 38. P. Reichart, 39. S. Eckart, 40. M. Stillwell, 42. J. 
Maruszan, 43. C. Sieffert, 45. S. Carman, 46. P. Tiffany, 47. B. Bersnew, 48. C. Kubacki, 49. B. Andrews, 50. P. Stahl, 51. K. Cooney, 52. M. Kerr. 


^. .X V 



IP"*' '^mM 

^ J 









- ' i 



1 jJKK^^^^ 



Delta Sigma Pi 

Beer in faucet ... the penny arcade ... the built-in 
pool (table) . . . Mothes' 12 ounce weights . . . who's 
cooking in the house now? ... the spring formal is 
annual except when it is . . . professional, yes and 
social, no (or is it the other way around?) 


1. p. Petit, 2. B. Edmondson, 3. M. Latowski, 4. J. Cantalmessa, 
5. K. Keffer, 6. M. Buck, 7. J. Cross, 8. K. Bluhm, 9. M. Giel, 
10. B. White, 11. P. Reymond, 12. J. Hays, 13. D. Green, 
14. W. Majewski, 15. R. Bague. 16. T. Pelton, 17. F. Bejbl, 18. 
N. Sicic, 19. D. Peterson, 20. D. Larson, 21. M. Burnette, 22. 
T. Bradley. 


Phi Gamma Delta 

Winter '68 . . . quiet meetings . . . purple garter . . . 
Fiji Island . . . Allan house, what a joke . . . lawn party 
. . . tickets, anyone? . . . Samuel Beatty Wilson . . . 
tears come to the hub . . . Famous roll . . . Bob Horner, 
the best of the best . . . Galleries III. 


". . . Ours was a true possession. The 
sun always shone on Him." 

1. L. Larson. 2. B. Mastriana, 3. C. Long, 4. J. Lossing, 5. B. Giannamore, 6. T. Athey, 7. T, McBride. 8. M. 
Zucker, 9. B. Good, 10. M. Manning, 11. T. Huber, 12. D. Saracusa, 13. M. Lindecamp, 14. J. Relic, 15. J. 
Sol<ol, 16. N. Sarp, 17. J. Darnell, 18. T. Huber, 19. T. Athey, 20. G. Panutsos, 21. D. Schmitt, 22. B. Zink. 
23. R. Zwingler, 24. M. Gintert, 25. J. Whiting, 26. J. Case, 27. J. Goodman, 28. G. Rosencrans, 29. D. 
Sansotta, 30. T. Valors. 


Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Alpha Epsilon Pi is "99 percent pure." Here is the 
other one per cent. 

I. D. Kass, 2. C. Mitsak. 3. J. Persky 4. M, Silverstein, 5. C. Abes, 6. T. Augustene. 7. J. Meizlik, 8. B. Allnick, 9. M. 

Packman, 10, R. Goldstein, 11. N. Vederman, 12, A. Koshel, 13, J. Horst, 14. C. Niewierski, 15. D, Motyka, 16. A. Levine, 

17, J, Murphy, 18. E. Sherwin, 19, J, Forman, 20, B. Bahsen, 21, M. Schwarz, 22. F. Brodsky. 23, K, Green, 24, L, Blatt, 25. 

J. Dorsey, 26, L, Mankuff. 27, R. Zagon, 28. B. PIpman, 29. D. Morris, 30, R. Mesnick, 31. H. Bluestein. 



Si»^ •! 

^ T « » n , i». .. ^ .^.^ ,HV. 

S* ' '^ ■ «^ '««^ 

Phi Delta Theta 

Group dynamics . . . here lies brother car . . . par- 
rot-dise . . . bond numbers . . . The Mange . . . she- 
delts . . . Here We Stand. 

1. B. McCarrell, 2. M. Watts, 3. J. Becker, 4, M. Brigner, 5. R. Utzler, 6. G. Adams, 7. J. Cantlon, 8. T. Badalament, 
9. J. Rodkey, 10. L. Turk, 11, W. Baker, 12. G, Paul, 13. R. Ttiayer. 14. B. Marks, 15. S. Ericson, 16. P. Geiser, 
17. S. Haines, 18. H. Silversten, 19. T. Astienfelter. 20. S. Ness, 21. D. Starling, 22. E. Monaco, 23. D. CarduccI, 
24. G. Mastrangelo, 25. J. Clayton, 26. K. Gartrell, 27. D. Manes, 29. J. Hugo. 30. N. Detter, 31. B. Ball, 32. D. 
Rape, 33. L. McMannis, 34. J, Reed, 35. M. McVey, 36. E. Gallo, 37. S. Macioci, 38. W. Shisler. 



■».« "• ~ , I- '■ 

Alpha Phi 

THE GANG MOVES AHEAD . . . roughing it at 
Santa Maria . . . one never knows until a half hour 
before . . . honey ... the year of the Cadillac . . . 
Chi-0 Phiquarions . . . "Time sure does fly when 
you're having a good time." 

1, J, Wilson. 2. N. Barbie. 3. Hicks. 4. B. Gintert. 5. K. Frazee, 6. K. Alexander, 7. G. Beck, 8. L. Franklin. 9. K. DeMarco, 10. 

J. Miller. 11. S. Carroll. 12. M. McHenry, 13. S. Werth, 14. M. Berg, 15. P. Grasso, 16, J. Carr, 17. L. Andonian, 18. K. 

Weidemeier. 19. D. Mermer. 20. P. Music. 21. S. Wright. 22. N. Sassaman. 23. K. Davis. 24. S. Rapaport. 25. P. Bertram, 

26. M. Park. 27. C, Fitzpatrick. 28. S. Betts, 29. C. Merrill, 30. J. DeLong. 31. C. Woods, 32. J. Jansante. 33. J. Allen, 34. J. 

Hawkins, 35. M. Charleton. 36. D. DelPozzo, 37. B. Strimbu, 38, C. Camp, 39. L Roberts. 40. D Young 41 J Johnston 
42. S. Vervoort, 43 B. Holland, 44. C. Cleveland. 45. S. Wright, 46. B. Tuttle. 47. W. Craver, 48. C. Schuyler, 49. P. Edgecombe 

50. J, Valassares. 51. L. Hertvik, 52. P. Williams, 53. C. Menge. 54. D. Dentici. 55. M Quimby, 56. K. Meyer 57. P 

Shaner, 58. A. Adkins, 59. J. Williams, 60. K. O'Connor, 61. M. Reddick, 62. P. Anderson, 63. J. Jorgeson, 64. J. Allen 65 
F. Hodnett, 66. B. Borgeson, 67. B. Beam, 68. M. Bluhm. 


'■ ■'.-„<*' X /, 


.-V J : ^3 









mm '^' 



;>fc.-^,: >^'*>.. 


*<«^- , :*;"'**\'t ;!?? 


:♦*'' / :' ^ 



K</R V 


mss-w mr, • 'V 

'V-i > -i-« 


^ . 





-Plii Kappa Psi r ^ 



Phi Kappa 

"Rabbit is stuck in the drive 
again ... oh, my bookbag . . . don't 
bet the ranch . . . gramps has a 
date . . . Willie's in the living room 
again . . . anyone for drop the 
soap? . . . Where's the pornogra- 
pher? . . . "chuck you, farley!" 

1. M. Fiedler. 2. D. Orlowe, 3. B. Stratton, 4. M. O'Conner, 5. L. Black, 
6. M. Ruskin, 7. J. Alter, 8. J. Krulik, 9. M. Benes, 10. P. Gilbert. 11. 
C. Jackson. 12. J. Lomdard. 13. H. Sessions, housemother; 14. S. 
Groves, 15. J. Turchon. 16. T. Weakley, 17. M. Polizek. 18. W. Fielder, 
19, D. White, 20. J. May, 21. T. Spergin. 22. S. Tizzano, 23. M. Osaka, 
24. R. Michal, 25. D. Hays, 26. B. Daw. 


Zeta Beta Tau 

What is defeat? . . . We crown thee Delta Alpha . . . 
difficult to drive; easy to govern . . . war, the greatest 
plague . . . live today. 

1 G Stein, 2. J. Miller, 3. H. Shaw, 4. K. Jacobs, 5. R. 
Holz 6 G Scerbac, 7. B. Silverman, 8. M. Levit, 9. N. 
Desatnik, 10. F. Weisberg, 11. J. Hoffman, 12. B. Sigman, 
13 D Bennett, 14. M. Welder, 15. R. Anthony. 16. B. 
Semple, 17. D. Strubbe, 18. B. Maas, 19. A. DeLong, 20. 
R Challeffe. 21. T. Cohen, 22, T. Sweet, 23. R. Margolis, 
24 R Raye, 25. A. Wilson, 26. B, Greenberg, 27. K. Levey. 


Delta Sigma Theta 

Mr. Delta Dance . . . SYWE for CAC . . . HELL week 
. . . probates? . . . duck numbers ... by height . . . 
umbrellas, eggs, and a big quack . . . Quacksie. 

1. M. Nicholson. 2. K. Royal. 3. Y. Bernal. 4. A. Bowe, 5. 0. Williams. 6. C- Moss, 7. L. Kilbourn, 
8. D. McElroy, 9. S. Stallworth. 10. G. Perry, 11. J. Cochran. 12. D. Mcdaniels. 13 B, Rucker. 14. 
F Ware. 15. C. Elliott. 16. A. Scott, treasurer; 17. C. Ray. 18. S. Mitchal, president; 19. C. Hampton. 
20. A. Mayo. 21. R. Kilkenny. 22, G. Coleman, 23. L. Franklin. 24. R. Heard. 25. R. Bowen. 26. L. 
Murphy. 27. D. Sampson. 28. R. Clendenning. 29. M. Mitchal. 30. P Walton, 31. G. Thorton. 32. C. 
Ross, sec'y; 33. B. Robinson. 



1. House Mom, 2. House Dad, 3. G. Poulos, 4. M. Kilanowski, eminent commander; 5. G. Lima, 6. R. Sardy, 7. T. Wagner, 8. A. Wilson, athletic chairman; 9. D. Mermer, 10. G. Valessares, 11. 
M. Milkovich, rush; 12. J. Coon, IPC; 13. C. Dennis, social chairman, 14. M. Kubick, 15. J. Kavcar, 16. S. Trustdorf, 17. R. Gieger, little sis director; 18. J. Clemens, 19. B.Baer, 20. S. Berry,' 21. 
B. Beam, 22. J. Condella, 23. D. Wendelken, 24. M. Myers 25. L. Novotny, 26. A. Schoterman, 27. G. Greb, 28. S. Swanson, 29. S. Breshar, 30. K. Guess, 31. D. Shaw, 32. M.' Patterson, 33. R. 
Houston, scholarship; 34. J. Kavcar, chaplain, 35. P. Dreier, 36. D. Sibits, treasurer; 37. J. Dobson 38. R. Shiflet, 39. P. Deptula, 40. J. Connolley, 41. S. Burnham, 42. G. Young, 43. D. Straub, 44, J. 


Anyway, I was treasurer of my Sunday School . . . 521-531 
. are you a man? . . . point chart . . . animal lounge. 


Subject Index 

AHEA Student Member Society 305 

Allyn 249 

Alpha Chi Omega 336, 337 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 344 345 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 372,373 

Alpha Eta Rho 314 

Alpha Gamma Delta 338 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 347 

Alpha Lambda Delta 302 

Alpha Phi 376, 377 

Alpha Phi Alpha 346 

Alpha Phi Omega 276, 277 

Alpha Psi Omega 296 

Alpha Tau Omega 334, 335 

Alpha Xi Delta 340, 341 

Altmann 258 

Amer. Ind. Arts Assn 272 

Amer. Inst, of Aero, and Astro 313 

Amer. Inst, of Architects 297 

Angel Flight 319 

Apple 260 

Arnold Air Society 328 

Army ROTO 297 

Art 18,19,20,21 

Chuck Ayers 42. 43 

Associated Women Students 307 

Assn. for Childhood Ed 322 

Band 38, 39, 40, 41 

Baseball 148, 148, 150, 151 

Basketball 130,131,132,133 

Beta Alpha Psi 308 

Beta Beta Beta 289 

Blue Key 286 

Campus Day 66, 67, 68, 69 

Campus Police 84, 85, 86. 87 

Campus Research 92,93,94,95,96.97 

Campus Shops 8. 9 

Chestnut League 292, 293, 294, 295 

Clark 248 

Coed Cadettes 318 

Collegiate Marketing 273 

Collegiate Sports' Team Pictures .152,153, 
154, 155 

Bill Cosby 64, 65 

Cardinal Key 286 

Chi Omega 354, 355 

Council for Exceptional Children 323 

Creative Arts 22,23 

Cross-country 118, 119 

The Daily Kent Stater 310,311 

Dance 88, 89 

Delta Gamma 358, 359 

Delta Omicron 315 

Delta Psi Kappa 312 

Delta Sigma Theta 381 

Delta Tau Delta 364, 365 

Delta Upsilon 360, 361 

Delta Zeta 350, 351 

Downtown 4, 5, 6, 7 

Drugs 44,45,46,47 

Dunbar 238 

Engleman 239 

Epsilon Delta Rho 314 

Executive Branch 328 

Faculty 90,91 

Folk Festival 24, 25, 26, 27 

Football 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117 

Fletcher 247 

Gamma Phi Beta 366, 367 

Gamma Sigma Pi 368, 369 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 274, 275 

Ganna Dance 28, 29 

Girls 70,71,72,73 

Graduation 106, 107, 108, 109 

Gymnastics 138, 139 

Harbourt 255 

Richie Havens 60 

Heer 254 

High Court 285 

Hillel 324 

Homecoming 56, 57, 58, 59 

Humphrey 257 

Inter-Fraternity Council 280 

Johnson 242 

Kappa Phi 279 

Kappa Sigma 332, 333 

Karate Club 48,49,50,51,270 

Kent Interhall Council 326, 327 

Kent Internationals 321 

Kent Student Ed. Assn 282 

Koonce 265 

Korb 250 

Lake 243 

Laurels 301 

Leebrick 264 

Major Events 300 

Manchester 246 

May Day Relays 98, 99, 100, 100 

McSweeny 261 

Metcalf 261 

Mobobrious Pit 271 

Moulton 251 

Mu lota Sigma 324 

Munzenmayer 260 

Musselman 256 

Newman Center 325 

New Student Program 303 

Olson 241 

Omicron Delta Kappa 290 

Order of Omega 278 

Panhellenic Council 281 

People in Love 52, 53, 54, 55 

Phi Alhpa Theta 289 

Phi Delta Theta 374,375 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 312 

Phi Gamma Delta 370,371 

Phi Gamma Nu 316 

Phi Kappa Psi 378 

Phi Kappa Theta 379 

Pi Mu Epsilon 309 

Pi Omega Pi 304 

Phi Sigma Kappa 362, 263 

Prentice 234,235 

Protest 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 

Radio Station 102,103,104,105 

Registration 80, 81,82, 83 

Residence Hall Honorary 313 

Rowboat Regatta 74, 75 

Rugby 124,125,126,127 

Sailing Club 120,121,301 

Scabbard and Blade 317 

Seniors 158-231 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 352, 353 

Sigma Alpha Eta 283 

Sigma Chi 342, 343 

Sigma Delta Chi 287 

Sigma Nu 382,383 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 348,349 

Sigma Theta Epsilon 315 

Sly and the Family Stone 61 

Soccer 122,123 

Society for Adv. of Management . 288 

Speech Therapist 78, 79 

Stewart 259 

Stopher 240 

Student Activities Board 298, 299 

Student Nurse Assn 290 

Student Project of Today 303 

Student Senate 284 

Swimming 128, 129 

Tau Beta Sigma 304 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 339 

Tennis 140, 141 

Terrace 244,245 

Theatre 30, 31 , 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 

Theta Chi 356, 357 

Theta Sigma 287 

Track 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147 

Transportation 10, 11 

Tri-Towers 267 

Twintowers 262, 263 

VanCampen 252, 253 

Varsity K 291 

Verder 236,237 

Veterans' Association 320 

Winter Weekend 62, 63 

WKSU 329 

Women's Recretation Association .134,135 
136, 137 

Wright 266 

Zeta Beta Tau 380 

Student-Staff Index 


Zych, Susan 231 

Zwolinski, Kathy 283 

Zwingler, Roger 371 

Zutti, B 152 

Zurko, Mary Kay 231 

Zuri, Sharman 231 

Zuj, Nicholas 231 

Zucker, Mark 371 

Zucco, Terri 231 

Zoretich, Ken 334 

Zona, David :303, 328 

Zoller, Lawrence 231 

Zitrin, Rich 286,311,334 

Zipperer, Rosemary 231 

Zink. Jeffrey 231, 290 

Zink. Bill 371 

Zimmerman, S 302 

Zimmerman, Sally 231 

Zimmerman, Jill 306,350 

Zimmerman, J 155 

Zimmerman, Jamie 231 

Zimmerman, Donald 231 

Zima, Elizabeth 231 

Ziemba, Carol 231,305 

Zielaskiewicz, Bonita 231 

Ziegler, Jeriann 231 

Ziegler, J 275, 303 

Ziarko, Joseph 231 

Zetts, Frances 231, 324 

Zeno, Thomas 231 

Zeller, Jane 231 

Zelazny, William 231,313 

Ziegler, Naomi 231 

Zborowski, Stan 339 

Zawak, J 1 54 

Zastaury, Lorraine 230 

Zartman, Barbara 295 

Zarobell, John 230 

Zaremberg, Sanford 230 

Zarack, Beckey 230 

Zappitello, John 230 

Zamberlain, Dennis 152,230,291 

Zaiar, Gale 230 

Zakowski, Suzanne 230 

Zak, Mary Ann 341 

Zajaczek, Kathie 292 

Zajac, Susan 311 

Zahwiser, G 154 

Zahniser, Gary 230 

Zahir, Regina 230 

Zagon, Roy 230,372 

Zafarana, Kathleen 290 


Yusko, Frank 328 

Yurysta, Barbara 230 

Yurichak, Kathy 230 

Yourst, Patricia 230, 350 

Youngman, Cheryl 359 

Young, Wanda 230 

Young, Nancy 230 

Young, Melinda 359 

Young, Karen 230 

Young, Jeff 152 

Young, Jane 230 

Young, Greg 152, 382 

Young, Gary 348 

Young, Gary 230 

Young, Douglas 299 

Young, Debbie 376 

Young, Catherine 230 

Young, Amanda 230 

Yosay, John 348 

Yorgey, Gregory 230 

Yonz, Gordon 230 

Yontz, Charlie 334 

Yendrek, Bob 1 55, 230, 31 2 

Yellin, Arlene 230 

Yedidsion, Davoud 230,297,321 

Yates, Norm 364 

Yanthis, George 230,346 

Yannucci, Loretta 230,318,336 

Yankovic, Arleen 230 

Yankovic, Anthony 230, 356 

Yakim, Darlene 306 

Yaggi, Linda 229, 275 

Yaeger, K 152 

Yacas, Alan 314 


Wysocki, Susan 229 

Wymer, Marcia 229,305 

Wyman, Susan 229 

Wurz, Mark 342 

Wurz, Kent 342 

Wu, G 321 

Wu, David 321 

Wright, Sue 376 

Wright, Nancy 229 

Wright, Linda 229 

Wozniak, Dennis 364 

Worthington, Sue 229 

Worthington, Bob 152 

Workman, Julie 229 

Woravka, Patricia 229 

Wooten, Chris 341 

Woody, Albert 297, 328 

Woods, Chris 376 

Woodring, David 152 

Woodford, Linda 229 

Woodbridge, Lois 366 

Wood, Robert 229 

Wood, Joseph 229, 333 

Wood, Doug 289 

Wood, Colleen 229 

Wonsetler, Sandra 229 

Wong, Kally 309 

Wonders, William 229 

Wolslager, Barb 337 

Wolk, Mario 336 

Wolfson, David 154 

Wolfram, Eva 229 

Wolford, Elizabeth 229 

Wolfe, William 229 

Wolf, Kathleen 322 

Witten, Janet 229, 279 

Witkas, Cindy 350 

Wise, S 152 

Wisniewski, Barbara 274 

Wishnek, M 155 

Wirth, Susan 229 

Wirkner, Margaret 229 

Winton, Alix 353 

Winders, Robert 314 

Winter, Linda 229 

Winn, Deborah 229 

Winkler, Larry 229 

Wingate, Alice 229 

Windle, Betty 302 

Winans, James 270 

Wilson, Patrick 229 

Wilson, Linda 154 

Wilson, Kit 229 

Wilson, Joyce 294 

Wilson, Janice 229 

Wilson, Jane 376 

Wilson, G 152 

Wilson, Barbara 229 

Wilson, Barbara 283 

Wilson, Alfred 229, 380 

Wilson, Al 382 

Willis, Martyn 228, 299 

Willis, M 301 

Willis, Diane 228 

Williams, Shirlee 228 

Williams, Paula 228 

Williams, Pat 376 


liiams, Ola 381 

lliams, Nancy 302 

liiams, Michelle 228 

lliams, Loretta 228 

lliams, Linda 309 

lliams, Laurie 348 

lliams. L 319 

lliams, John 228 

lliams, Jan 376 

lliams, Gary 311 

lliams, David 315 

lliams. Beverly 228, 347 

lliams, Becky 341 

lliams, B 309 

llford, Anita 274 

llennar. Donna Anne 228 

Ikinson. Thomas 228 

Ikinson. Linda 228 

Ikin, Brenda 228, 326 

Igus, Rosalie 228 

Igus, John 228 

ley, Pamela 270 

ley, Dan 154 

les, Carolyn 228,283 

Ider, Stephen 155 

Icox, Shirley 228 

Icox, Roger 228 

Icox, Leslie 341 

land, R. 290 

Wiandt, Laura 228 

Whittaker, Terry 154 

Whitmere, Pamela 295 

Whitman, Carol 228 

Whiting, Tim 333 

Whiting, Jack 371 

White, Woody 348 

White, Robert 360 

White, Lakew/ood 228 

White, Dottie 379 

White, Cynthia 228 

White, Bruce 369 

Whetson, Elizabeth 228 

Wheller, John 228,297,328 

Wheeler, Richmond 154 

Whaley, Phillip 363 

Whalen, Lynette 228 

Whalen, Joyce 228 

Weymiller. David 228 

Wetherbee, Gingie 337 

Westling, Kathleen. 228 

Westcott, Thomas 228. 292 

West, W 315 

West, Terri 283 

West, Ronna 228 

West, Gerald 228 

West, Cheryl 227 

Werth, Sandy 302, 376 

Wernly, Robert 227, 314 

Werner. Jon 227 

Werblin. Judi 227 

Wenz, Kathy 319 

Wendelken. Doris 382 

Welsh. Thomas 287. 310. 360 

Welsh. Sandra . . . . ■ 227 

Wells. Roland 227 

Wells. Marcia 227 

Wells. Daniel 227 

Welder. Mark 380 

Welch. Patti Jo 227, 281 , 295. 350 

Welch, J 301, 303 

Welch, A 154 

Welbaum, Scott 325 

Weiss, Michael 317 

Weiss, James 227 

Weiss, Candice 227 

Weisheit, D 302 

Weiser. John C 329 

Weisberg. Fred 227 

Weisberg, Fred 380 

Weinberger, Paul 227 

Weigl, Sheila 227 

Weigel. Robert 227 

Weigel. Bob 334 

Weigel. Clete 334 

Weigand. Stella 302 

Weidner. George 353 

Weidemeier, Kim 376 

Wegley, Rita 227 

Weese, Charlotte 227 

Weber, R 309 

Weber, Richard 227 

Weber, J 328 

Weber, John 342 

Weber. John 227 

Weber. Janis 227 

Weber. Eileen 227 

Weber. Carolyn 227 

Weaver, Linda 359 

Wear, Tracy 337 

Wear, Richard 227 

Weakley, Tom 379 

Watts, Mike 375 

Watts, Barbara 227 

Watson, Martin 325 

Watson, Heather 227 

Watson, Albert 309 

Watkins, Richard 315 

Wasielewski, Richard .227 

Washio, Janet 227 

Warstler, Wicki 227 

Warren, Richard 227 

Warren, Dick 334 

Warren, Gary 155 

Warofka, Linda 275 

Warner, Robert 155 

Warner, Deborah 227, 366 

Warnement. Jerry 284.317 

Warne, Patty 226 

Warming. Diane 366 

Ware. Flori 381 

Ward. Susan 226 

Ward. Sharon 226 

Ward. Jerry 226. 295 

Ward. Alice 226 

Warcaba. Andrevir 226 

Waltrop. Kane 356 

Walton. Pat 381 

Walter, T 154, 291 

Walter, Patricia 226 

Walsh, Raymond 328 

Walsh, George 226 

Wallis. Bill 329 

Waller. Stephen 152 

Wallace, Kathleen 226, 279 

Wallace, Judith 226, 307 

Wallace, Christine 350 

Walker, Peter 154 

Walker, Karen 350 

Walker, Helmet 364 

Walker, Harold 226 

Walker, Dave 226 

Walker, Alan 325 

Waldman, William 226, 363 

Waldie, Grace 226 

Walczak, Joanette 337 

Waite, Marilyn 366 

Wahler, Russall 226 

Wahl. John 155 

Wagner, Ted 155,382 

Wagner, Mary 360 

Wade. Dennis 226. 333 


VonStein. Bill 353 

Vondrus. Helen 226 

Volz. George 364 

Voll, Dudley 339 

Vogt, Gary 226 

Voder, C 226 

VIcan, Stephen 226, 278 

Vitanza, Veronica 226 

Vitantonio, Clara ; 226 

Vitale, Johnny 154 

Visoky, Sharon 226, 341 

Violand, Jack 226 

Vine, Richard 226 

Vidis, Patricia 226 

Vidd. Barb 359 

Vicchy. F. . 152 

Vetter. Vicki 302 

Vespasian. Frank 272 

Vervoort. Sue 353, 376 

Verlaney, Barbara 226 

Verina, Nicholas 276 

Verina, Michael 277 

Ventresca, Tony 226 

Vene, Rick 272 

Venables, Garry 152 

Veltri, Pat 226 

Veit, Nancy 302 

Vederman, Ron 155 

Vederman, Ned 226.278,280,372 

Vaughn. Theresa 322 

Vaughn. Gerry 225 

Vatty. Karen 225 

Vasilenko. Nancy 322 

Varner. Scott 333 

Vannoy. W. 306 

VanDusen. L 152 

Vance. Robert 225 

Vance. Patricia 225. 301 

Van Blaricom. David 225 

Van Bergen, Bob 278, 342 

Valore, Tony 371 

Valicenti, Thomas 353 

Valessares, Georgette 382 

Valentino, Janice 225 

Valenti, Joe 225 

Valek. Robert 225. 334 

Valassares, Jet 376 

Valaro, Gary 360 

Vahldieck. Jane 153 


Uytenbogaart. Winston 321 

Utzler. Ron 375 

Urmann, Liz 292 

Urdzik, Charles 225 

Urdal, Carol 225 

Urbassik, Drew/ 328 

Urban, Joseph 225, 295 

Urande, L 289 

Upperman, Phyllis 225 

Updaw, Robert 225, 308 

Unks, Kathleen 225, 289 

Unger. Linda 225. 281, 283, 286 

Umpleby, Tom 360 

Umeck, William 225 

Ulmer, Marcia 279 

Ulmer, John 225 

Ullrich, Susan 225 

Ulam, Patricia 225 

Uhler, Linda 225 


Tyrus, Tanya 225, 275, 295 

Tyrir, Jackie 348 

Tychan, Cynthia 225 

Twitty, Gloria 225 

Twiggs, Alan 225 

Tuttle, Jackie 225 

Tuttle, Barb 376 

Turowski, Kathy 225, 319, 301 

Turner, Robert 363 

Turner, Gregory 363 

Turnbull. Steve 225, 277, 286 

Turkoc, Michael 154 

Turkall, Rita 302 

Turk, Terrence 225, 276 

Turk, Larry 375 

Turchon, John 225, 379 

Tulley, Denise 225 

Tuffy, Cathy 341 

Tucker, Jeff 329 

Tucker, Paula 403 

Tucker, Jean 224 

Tucker, Jay 224 

Tucker. J 274 

Tryon. Linda 153 

Trustdorf, Steve 152,382 

Truscello, Robert 299 

Truitt, Frank 154 

Truby, Martha 224,315 

Troxel, Jon 224 

Troutman, Linda 224 

Troutman, Hannah 224 

Trotter, Chasper 224 

Triner. Jane 224 

Triff. Wes 339 

Tretinik, Daniel 224 

Tressler, J 307 

Tressler, Jan 336 

Trella, Barbara 224 

Trego, Sam 360 

Treckel, Karia 224,286,289,301,318 

Travers, Mary 224, 359 

Traub, David 303 

Toxell, John 224 

Toye, Russell 224 

Jovin, Bruce 224 

Toth, Patricia 224 

Toth, Nancy 302 

Toth. Linda 224 

Toth. Joanne 224 

Tople. Paul 224, 311 

Tomusko, Thomas 224 

Tompkins, David 224 

Tomer. Mary Jo 359 

Tomb. Skip 334 

Toma. Marcelle 224. 283 

Tolliver. LaFayette 346 

Tokich. George 224. 320 

Tokarz. Stanley 224 

Tizzano, Steve 379 

Tishler, Harriet 350 

Tishler, Carl 224 

Tirlea, Resa 341 

Tinney, James .224 

Tingley, John 152, 224 

Tillett, Kay 224 

Tighe, CImt 360 

Tighe, Michael 224 

Tiffany, Pat 366 

Tierno, Anthony . 224. 308 

Tickle. Charlette 366 

Thrush. William 223.334 

Thorp. Marilyn 223 

Thornton. Gail 381 

Thorne. William 223 

Thompson. Terry 223. 360 

Thompson, Lynne 223 

Thompson, Linda 223 

Thompson, -L 223 

Thompson, L 299 

Thompson, Jan 342 

Thompson, Jack 356 

Thompson, Ernest 223 

Thompson, Deborah 223, 312 

Thompson, C 302 

Thompson, Barb 350 

Thomas, Wayne 223 

Thomas, Rita 223 

Thomas, Richard 223 

Thomas, Phil 272 

Thomas, Marilyn 353 

Thomas, Marilyn 359 

Thomas, M 154 

Thomas, Larry 334 

Thomas, Larry 223 

Thomas, Kenneth 223 

Thomas, Gayle 223 

Thomas, Bob 334 

Thier, Ralph 339 

Theile, Fred 364 

Theil, Penny 350 

Thayer, Ronald 223, 375 

Thackler, Edward 328 

Tevault. Kathy 223. 303 

Titlow. Diane 223 

Tesluk, Myra 326 

Tesauro. Patricia 223. 283 

Terry, Daniel 223 

Terrell, Elizabeth 223 

Terrell, Elaine 223 

Terhune, Sara 338 

Terchek, Barbara 223 

Tepper, Wendy 350 

Tepper. Dennis 297, 328 

Temuru, Richard 223 

Temu, Melickizedeck 223 

Telzrow, Alan 223 

Tellep, Elaine 223 

Tegner, George 333 

Tedesco, John 223 

Tebbe, John 363 

Taylor, Richard 360 

Taylor, Richard 223 

Taylor, P 152 

Taylor, Jim 329 

Taylor, Jeff 333 

Taylor, Jay 223 

Taylor, J 315 

Taylor, J. 284 

Taylor, Gary 223 

Taylor, Donald 320 

Taylor, David 360 

Taylor, David 353 

Taylor, David R 222 

Taylor, Bruce 313 

Taylor. B 314 

Tate. Yvonne 313 

Tate, S 327 

Tartaglia, Lynn 333 

Tappe, Robert 222 

Tappan, Sue 292 

Tamakoski, S 222 

Tamaren, Sharon 222 

Takato, Georgene 289 

Tadeo, Trel 360 

Tadej, Geraldine 302 

Tackia, Tamzi 222 

Taano, Barbara 222 


Szymkowicz, Angela 222 

Szymanski, Joann 222 

Szubski, Marina 296 


Szari, Lou 222 

Szaraz, Lynn 292, 341 

Szabo, Andrew 222 

Szabaga. Leon 314 

Szabaga, Leon 222 

Swoboda, Bernad 222 

Switzer, Jane 222 

Swinney, Sherry 222 

Swink, Glenda 222 

Swihart. Susan 222 

Swiger, Lee 363 

Swigart, Sharon 222 

Swift. Everett 222, 309 

Swicker, Judy , 322 

Swicker, Judy 222 

Swenson, Chris 152 

Swensen. Doreen 319 

Swensen, Doreen 222 

Sweet, Tom 380 

Sweeney, David 222 

Sweeney. D 306 

Swanson, Sue 336 

Swanson. Sharon 382 

Swanson. S 283 

Swanson, Nancy 222, 350 

Swanson, Eric 222 

Swander, Mary 222 

Swager, Linda 341 

Svette, Mary 302 

Sveda, Dan 222 

Sveda, Dan 299 

Svarez, C 155 

Suvak, Daniel 222 

Sutton, Kathy 31 1 

Sutorius, Craig 222 

Sutliff. Lynn 275 

Sutch. John 222 

Sussman. Dennis 222, 364 

Susko. Charles 221 

Susie. Nick 369 

Surace. Peter 221 

Surace. Gene 221 

Surace. Frank 360 

Supance. Jean 221 

Sulser. Richard 221, 353 

Sullivan, Robert 328 

Sullivan, Bob 342 

Suhrie. Constance 221 

Sugar. Karen _ , . .221 

Suderow, Karen 221 

Sudbury, James 221 

Sudberry, Cynthia 221 

Sucic, Nicholas 221 

Stylinski, Karl 348 

Sturman, Inta 221 

Stuetzer, Alex 221 

Stuehr, Lauren 221, 337 

Strubbe, Dick 380 

Strobe!, David 221 

Strimple, Dan 153 

Stribu, Becky 376 

Strickmaker, Douglas 221,334 

Streza, Jennifer 221 

Strauss, Robert 221 

Straub, Dave 382 

Stratton, Bob 379 

Stratman, Mark 348 

Straight, Roy 348 

Straka, David 154 

Stoweking, Michael 360 

Stout, Martha 295, 322 

Stotler, David 221 

Stone, William 273 

Stone, Paula 221, 287, 311 

Stollatis, Beverly 221 

Stoklas, Jerome 221 

Stokes, Art 329 

Stoioff, Dave 348 

Stoffer, Ron 342 

Stockum, George 364 

Stobbs, James 221 

Stimel, Stephen 221 

Stilwell, Mende 366 

Stidel, Bob 364 

Stickel, Earl 153 

Stich, Cathy 279 

Stwwart, William 328 

Stewart, Skip 333 

Stewart, Robert 221 

Steward, Jean 221 

Steves, James 221 

Stevens, Pepper 326 

Stevenson, Janie 341 

Stevens, Dennis 221 

Sterregaard, Tora 221 

Sterlekar, Ronald 220 

Stephenson, Linda 220 

Stephens, L 302 

Stephen, Ken 220 

Stephan, Thomas 220,278,286,328.363 

Stepanik. Barb 274 

Steller. Joseph 314 

Stelh. Pat 366 

Steinfeld. Wendy 220 

Steinel. Bruce 220 

Stein. Greg 380 

Stegmaier. Thomas 220 

Stefl. Pat 356 

Steffy. Karen 220. 275 

Steffens. Robert 155 

Steffen. Sheila 220 

Steffel. James 152 

Steen. James . .152 

Steele. S 274 

Steele, R 295 

Stecher, Thomas 220 

St. Clair. William 220 

St. Clair. Philip 220 

Stebbins, Gene 329 

Stavans, Joel 220 

Starr, Rosemary 230, 302 

Starling, Dan 375 

Starkweather, Susannah 220 

Starkey, Karen 295 

Stapf, Claire 293 

Stape, Claire 350 

Stansberry, Donald 220 

Stanley, David 220 

Stanik, Mark 220 

Staniek, Mary 219 

Stangasser, S 155 

Stangasser, Louis 219 

Stana, Rich 328 

Stampp, James 219 

Stamets, Jor\ 314, 363, 380 

Stamberger, Linda 219, 323 

Stallworth, Sandranette 381 

Stallings, Sarry 219 

Staley, Janet 322 

Stafford, Kathy 219,285,286 

Staffilino, Frederick 219 

Stadnik, Romalee 219 

Stacy, Doris 305 

Square, Bill 364 

Squance, Myrtle 219 

Springer, Susan 219 

Springborn, Pam 219 

Spradling, Nancy 219 

Spisak, Sandra 290 

Sperling, Pat 289 

Spenger, Carl 219 

Spowal, Kenneth 219 

Spoonster, Janet 219 

Spinner, George 219 

Spinks, Richard 219 

Spindle, Deborah 293 

Spilios, Linda 316 

Spiegelberg, Frank 219, 297. 299, 348 

Spiegel, Barry, 219 

Spergin, Tom 379 

Sperber, Kathy 219 

Spencer, Steven 219 

Spence, Anna 219 

Speidel, Dean 219, 297 

Speen, Linda 219 

Speece, Dan 348 

Spaulding, Janet 219 

Spangler, Gary 219 

Spaan, Diana 290 

Sovchik, Doug 272 

Sotora, Dave 219 

Sorace, Karen 219 

Somlack, Susan 219 

Somogyi, Andrew 219 

Sommerville, W 280 

Sommerville, Bill 280, 353 

Somers, Florence 218 

Soltis, Dennis 363 

Solonitz, Ralph 218 

Soloman, Larry |52 

Solodar, Cynthia 218 

Sollien, Vicki 218 

Solch, Kenneth 218 

Sokol, Jerry 371 

Soehner, Garry 278, 280 

Sochor, Thomas 155 

Sobczak, L 281 , 305 

Sobszak, Karen 350 

Snyder, Jerry 353 

Snyder, Jerome 218 

Snyder, Dennis 218 

Snyder, D. 152 

Snow, Thomas 218 

Smykil, Kim 295, 299 

Smurthwaite. Robert 277 

Smrekar. John 2I8 

Smith. Susie 218 

Smith, Stephanie 218 

Smith. Stacey 218 

Smith. Sharon 218 

Smith. Sandra 218 

Smith, S 293 

Smith, S 279 

Smith, P 322 

Smith, Mark 218 

Smith, Marj 348 

Smith, Kenneth 218 

Smith, K 279 

Smith, Judith 218 

Smith, Joan 218 

Smith, Greg 272 

Smith, Greg 334 

Smith, Gilbert 360 

Smith, George 218 

Smith, Gary 218 

Smith, G 153 

Smith, E 270 

Smith, Dennis 218 

Smith, David 218 

Smith, D 152 

Smith, D 291 

Smith, D 326 

Smith, Brenda 218 

Smith, Bert 218 

Smith, B 299 

Smith, Alan 152 

Smith, Ada 218 

Smerglia, Karen 218 

Smerglia, Gary 218 

Smalley, Suzanne 218 

Smailes, E. Anne 218 

Sluka. Barb 341 

Slonska, Jeff 353 

Slocum, Bill 218,284 

Sliney, Theresa 307, 325, 302 

Slaughter. Marna 217 

Slagle. Cynthia 217 

Skufca. Robert 217 

Skrowron. Barbara 217 

Skrietts. Rosemarie 279 

Skraba. Marilyn 270 

Skraba. Joann 275 

Skowron, Barb 350 

Sklenar, Carole 217, 279 

Sklarek, Jerome 320 

Skinner, Patty 217, 296 

Skinner, Joanne 153 

Skillin, Ronald 154, 356 

Skelly, M 303, 317, 318, 336 

Skelding, Gary 299, 348 

Skeeles, William 217 

Sivitz, Josh 217, 360 

Sitzler, Peggy 304 

Sitzer, Loren 297 

Sisson, Kevin 217 

Sirkin, Adrienne 217 

Siringer, Warren 217, 297, 328 

Sirey, Bill 364 

Sipp, Joanne 292 

Sipler, S 322 

Sipko, Barbara 217 

Sinkevich, Tammy 336 

Sinclair, Patricia 217 

Sinchek, Steve 334 

Sinchak, Stephen 152 

Sims, Mike 364 

Simonson, Craig 334 

Simons, Linda 353 

Simone, Mary Jo 217 

Simone, Joseph 217 

Simon, Mike 324 

Simms, Milt 348 

Simmons, Linda 337 

Silversten, Harlan 375 

Silverstein, Mike 372 

Silverman, Joel 217 

Silverman, J 313 

Silverman, Bob 380 

Sillia, George 217 

Silber, Ann 217 

Sigman, Jeff 380 

Sigler, Timothy 217, 303 

Sigler, Susan 302 

Sienicki, William 217 

Siekaniec, Dan 360 

Siegel, Vicki 217 

Sieffert, Chris 366 

Sidorowicz, Diana 217 

Sibits, Dave 382 

Shutts, Jack 343 

Shupp, Robert 217,353 

Shumway, Dhris -. . . , 338 

Shuff , Larry 339 

Shuff, Catherine 217 

Shuck. Ronald 217, 308 

Shryock, Debbie 311 

Showalter, Judith 217 

Short, Sandra 217 

Shoff, K ...293 

Shoemaker, Linda 279 

Shoaf, Margaret 217 

Shisula, Donald 333 

Shisler, Will 375 

Shisia, Richard 217 

Shirilla, Barbara 322 

Shipman, Bonnie 217 

Shingleton. Joyce 216 

Shiflet, Rob 382 

Shields, Eileen 216 

Sheeter, William 216, 300 

Sherwin, Edward 216, 289, 372 

Sherlock, Marlaine 295 

Sherbinsky, Joanne 353 

Shepherd, James 353 

Shepherd, Harvey 216 

Shelton, Eugene 346 

Shelton, Donna 347 

Shelby, Carole 216 

Skeggs. Skip 342 

Shebl. Abdulla 321 

Sheary. Renee 342 

Shaw. Marty 216, 348, 303 

Shaw, Laurel 359 

Shaw, Hillard 380 

Shaw, Doug 382 

Sharrock, Tamara 216 

Sharp, Sam 216 

Sharp, Carole 216 

Shapiro, Daniel 270 

Shannon, J 279 

Shank, Sandy 216 

Shank. Rollin 216,309,313 

Shank, Becky 216 

Shaner, Pamela 299,319,376 

Shaner, Gennie 283 

Shanahan, Bill 334 

Shamp, Jean 304 

Shallenberger, Karl 216 

Shafer, Susan 304, 315 

Sgro, Ronald 216 

Seymour, Kathryn 216 

Sevel, Lynn 324 

Setar, John 272 

Sessions, Hazel 379 

Servatka, Barbara 216 

Serrian, Samuel 216 

Serpice, Luanne 216 

Serne, Bill 311 

Serger, Cheri 293 

Sensky, Peter 216 

Sendlewski, Thomas 270 

Semple, Brent 380 

Sell, Sue 337 

Sekella, Richard 216 

Seifert, Kathleen 216 

Seifert, Judith 216 

Seidel, JoAnn 216, 342 

Seib, Mary 216 

Seffens, David 328 

See, John 277 

Sedaghatfar, Jahangir 216,314,321 

Scott, Steve '. 353 

Scott. Patricia 216 

Scott, Jeff 348 

Scott, Donald 353 

Scott, Annette 381 

Scolnick, Debra 324 

Schwende. Frank 342 

Schwende, Dotty 341 

Schwartz, Robert 216 

Schwartz, Sue 216 

Schwartz, Mike 372 

Schwartz, Lanny 215, 360 

Schwartz, Carolyn 215 

Schwartz, Blair 363, 326 

Schuyler, Cindy 376 

Schuth, Linda 215 

Schultz, Terry 152 

Schultz, Arlene 215 

Schultz, Arlene 215 

Schultis, Judy 353 

Schuller, Georgianne 318, 359 

Schull, Kris 359 

Schuler, James 323 

Schuette, Cris 215 

Schroth, Bruce 215 

Schroeder, Robert 215 

Schrock, Claudin 215 

Schramm, W 154 

Schott, Paul 215 

Schoterman, Al 382 

Schorsten, Bruce 215 

Schorr, Bob 343 

Schoolmaster, Frank 363 

Schooley, Carol 215 

Schoof, Diane 215 


Schondel, Connie 215 

Schonauer, Alan 215 

Schomer, Patricia 215 

Schofield, Geoffrey 215 

Schneider, Wayne 215 

Schneider, Susan 275 

Schneider, Margie 215,292,295 

Schneider, Karen 215, 350 

Schneider, John 152 

Schneider, Caria 215 

Schmitz, Janice 311 

Schmitt, Doug 371 

Schmidt, Susan 215 

Schmidt, Diane 215, 309 

Schmidt. Allan 215 

Schmauch, Valeria 279, 283 

Schmatz, Kathleen 275 

Schlote, Bonnie 215 

Schlegel, Jerry 215 

Schindler, Abby 215 

Schill, Linda 216 

Schick, Tom 334 

Schibley, Rudd 363 

Scheuer, Sandra 283 

Schaser, Kathy 215 

Schargorodski, Leo 326 

Schaller, K 327 

Schakne, Joel 152 

Schakenback, Linda 215 

Schager, Harvey 215 

Schaefer, Deborah 214 

Schaefer, David 214 

Schaal, Al 356 

Schaab, Haden 214, 273 

Scerbac, Greg 380 

Scebbi, Frances 274 

Scarpucci, John 214 

Scarpitti, Anthony 214 

Scarpetti, Annette 214 

Scantland, Carol 214 

Saylor, Steve 353 

Saxton, Debbie 329, 359 

Saxer, Ed 348 

Savoy, Ruth 214 

Savenko, Victor 214 

Savastano, Ton! 214 

Savarino, George 214 

Savarin, Mike 348 

Sauer, Diane 348 

Sauba, Robert 214 

Satrom, James 214, 348 

Sassaman, Nancy 307, 376 

Saskin, Rich 339 

Sarp, Namik 155, 214, 371 

Sargi, Thomas 214 

Sardy, Ray 382 

Saracusa, Donald 214, 371 

Saponari, Gary 214 

Sapir, Doreen 287 

Sapara, Richard 214 

Santshi, Linda 359 

Sansotta, Don 371 

Sandstead, Lance 333 

Sandru, George 214 

Sandra, Joe 348 

Sander, Sue 214 

Sampson, Philip 214 

Sampson, Debbie 381 

Samples, Suellen 214, 281, 319 

Salyer, Sharon 275 

Sallot, Lynne 214 

Ballot, Jeff 214 

Sailing, Mark 214 

Salisbury, Brenda 214 

Saliena, Jackie 348 

Salem. Lorraine 214 

Sagnia, Sidia 321 

Sage, Jorga 214 

Saelzler, Jim 295 

Sadeski, Gail 214, 270 

Sadar. Ted 214 

Sackett, Chuck 290 

Sachs, Sharon 305 

Sabin, David 153 

Rypel, Mark 152 

Ryglewicz, Marilyn 213 

Rychman, Janet 213 

Rybar, Mary Lee 318 

Ryan, Tom 342 

Ryan. Nora 213. 336 

Ryan, Mary 213 

Ryan, Marg ie 292 

Ruthowski, Anthony 213 

Rutherford. Allen 213 

Rustay. Charles 297 

Rust. Robert 213. 328 

Rust, James 154, 213 

Russman, Sandy 213, 243, 342 

Russell, James 213, 339 

Russel, June 293. 341 . 342 

Russ, Tim 313, 314 

Rusnak, James 213 

Ruskin, Mike 379 

Rupel, Robert 213, 340 

Rung, Pam 319 

Rung, Pamela 213 

Ruggles, Richard 213 

Ruggles, Dennis 213 

Rufle, Sandy 337, 342 

Ruffner. Howard 213. 311 

Rutfner, Edward 213 

Ruffing, Judy 213 

Rue, Robert 213 

Rudzinski, Janice 213 

Hudloff, Randil 213, 299 

Rudison, David 213 

Ruderman, Lawrence 213, 326 

Rudell, Tim 213, 317 

Rubino, Tim 152 

Rubino, Terry 152 

Rubenson, Janis 213 

Royal, Kathy 381 

Rowles. James 213 

Rowe, Ted 342 

Rowan, Richard 213 

Roush, Sylvia 304 

Rounds, Leight 213 

Rothernel, Larry 213 

Rotherbusch, Will 212 

Rothenberger. Dale 212 

Rothblatt, Harriet 212 

Rothblath, Nancy 338 

Roth, Richard 212 

Roth, Marlene 275 

Roth, Perome 212 

Rosselle, Donna 212 

Ross, Ronald 212. 280. 286. 300. 348 

Ross. Larry 324 

Ross, Judith 154 

Ross, Dave 364 

Ross, Cathy 381 

Ross, Bonnie 309 

Roskens, Ronald 290 

Roska, David 212, 313 

Rosenstock, Roberta 324 

Rosenkranz, Lynda 212 

Rosencrans, Gordon 152,371 

Rosenbloom, Robert 155 

Rosenberg, Judith 306 

Rosenau, Steven 212 

Rosenau, Renee 212 

Roscoe, Marilyn 212 

Romer, Richard 212 

Romeo, James 212 

Romano, John 212. 303 

Rohrer.. Patricia 212 

Rohn. Diane 212 

Rogovin, Joyce 295, 307 

Rogissant, Madeline 212 

Rogers, Lee . 152, 212, 346 

Rogers, Edward 212, 273 

Rogers, Charles 212 

Rogalski, Mike 353 

Roecker, Edward 212, 333 

Roe, Cheryl 212 

Rodkey. Jim 375 

Rodgers, Tim 334 

Roddy. Maryanne 212 

Rock, Gilbert 212 

Rocine, Victor 278, 280, 360 

Robinson, Sandi 347 

Robinson, MaryJane 212 

Robinson, Jackie 212 

Robinson, Brenda 381 

Roberts, Robert 334 

Roberts, Patricia 212 

Roberts, Linda 376 

Roberts, Bill 334 

Roabruck, Patricia 212 

Ritz, Janra 366 

Ritter, Nancy 212 

Ritchie, Edith 347 

Risko, Laura 211 

Risinger, Dale 327 

Ringie, Norma 336 

Riley, Jeffrey 152 

Rider, JoAnn 211 

Rickett, Kathrine 322 

Richman, Ronnie 211 

Richburg, Orin 152 

Richardson, Thomas 363 

Richardson, Rob 155,356 

Richards, William 211 

Riccilli, Carl 211 

Ricci, Leda 211 

Rhynard, Patricia 211 

Rhode, Cynthianne 211 

Rhoda, Terry 211 

Rhoads, Mason 211 

Reynolds, Paul 152 

Reynolds, Elaine 211 

Reymond, William 211 

Reymond, Pat 369 

Rexin, Thomas 272, 277 

Revilock, Will 211 

Reusbeck, D 154 

Rettenmier, Earl 317 

Resseger, Chari 211 

Repella, Winnis 211 

Relic, John 371 

Rejkowski, David 211 

Reitz, Janra 211 

Reiss, Diane 211 

Reising, Darlyne 324 

Reid, Diane 350 

Reichert, James 211 

Reicher, Bruce 315 

Reichart, Pepper 366 

Regula, Louise 304 

Rees, Bill 329 

Rees, Robert 211 

Reer, Paula 21 1 , 274 

Reeder, Lynda 312 

Reed, Susan 211 

Reed, Paula 211 

Reed, James 211, 375 

Redmond, Rebecca 153 

Reddick, Mary 376 

Redick, Mary 356 

Redaelli, Georgianna 211 

Redaelli, Carmen 211 

Rearick, JoAnn 313 

Reardon, Wayne 210 

Raynes, Barbara 299 

Raymond, Martha 210 

Raye, Russ 380 

Ray, Terry 315 

Ray, Sue 210 

Ray, Lynn 307 

Ray, David 154 

Ray, Carolyn 210, 319, 381 

Ravotti, Patricia 210, 283 

Rathametous 339 

Ratcuczak, F 275 

Raraport, Sharon 376 

Packman, Mark 372 

Rapport, Davetta Sue 210 

Rapp, Charlotte 210 

Ransom, William 210 

Ransom, Janet 210 

Ransdell, Kathleen 210 

Rankin, Carole 210 

Rango, Richard 154. 210. 312 

Rakusin, Phyllis 275,324 

Rake, Allen 210 

Rainier, Michelle 210 

Rainey, Brenda 210 

Rainaldi, Michael 210 

Raftery, Gail 210 

Rafferty, Richard 210 

Raffa, Patrick 210, 334 

Rafailedes, Constance 210 

Radigan, B 327 

Racin, Judith 210 

Racela, Richard 210 

Rabe, Robert 210, 277 


Quinones, Brunilda 295 

Ouinn, R 154 

Quimby, Marilyn 376 


Pyle, Linde 210 

Putnam, Jack 210 

Putnam, Nancy 210, 313, 356 

Purton, Herbert 154 

Pulvino, Robert 210 

Puhle, Kristin 210 

Pugh, Philip 299 

Pudelski, Rosemary 337 

Puddington, David 152 

Puch, Marilyn 299 

Ptak, Cynthia 210 

Prulhiere, Kathy 210 

Protus, Marsha 210, 274 

Protomaster, John 209 

Protive, Joyce 209 

Prose, Sheila 209 

Prokopchuk, Paula 275 

Prokopchuk. Nancy 209 

Probasco, Jack 209 

Prince, Beverly 347 

Price, Pamela 209 

Price James 209 

Price, Earl 209 

Previte, Joan 338 

Pressler, Martha 209 

Preslan, Paige 209, 336 

Pratt, Joan 209 

Prater, S 154 

Prajsner, Mark 342 

Pozar, James 209 

Pozar, Daniel 270 

Powers, Lawrence 209 

Powell, Robert 272 

Pound, Mary 304 

Poulos, Harry 209 

Poulos, George 382 

Potratz, Patricia 318,326 

Post, Robert 209, 333 

Portolos, James 273, 277 

Poor, Susan 209 

Poor, Gene 272 

Pontius, Karen 298 

Ponder, William 209 

Pond, Susan 299 

Pollock, Stephanie 209 

Pollarine, Joanne 283 

Polk, Dian Marie 153 

Polizek, Miguel 379 

Politsky, Martin 209,311 

Polen, Kyle 299, 319 

Polaski, G 209 

Polack, Joseph 277 

Polack, Nancy 209 

Pokky, James 289 

Pohar, Frank 209 

Pluta, Paulette 209 

Plummet, Harry 325 

Plezia, Thomas 299 

Piatt, Nancy 395, 350 

Piatt, Alan 154 

Planisek, Sandar 209 

Planchard, John 209 

Pivonka, Patricia 209, 336, 337 

Pitts, Larry 209 

Pitts, Cynthia 209 

Pittman, Lament 155 

Pittenger, Eileen 209 

Pitchford, Linda 209 

Piscopo, Richard 154 

Pipman, Bruce 208, 372 

Pinter, Frederick 208 

Pino, Santo 152 

Pinkley, Ann 208 

Pinkerton, John 152 

Pinka, Robert ; 208 

Pmchot, Dolores 208, 289 

Pimm, Lee 342 

Pilney, Michael 208 

Pilkington, Dan 208 

Pike, Ed 342 

Pifer, Jeffery 320 

Pietropaoli, Vincent 363 

Pidwell, Diane 302 

Pickett, Robert 208, 286 

Phinney, Margaret 208 

Phillips, Timothy 152,208 

Phillips, Steve 360 

Phillips, Nickolas 208, 297, 328 

Phillips, Jeff 208 

Phillips, Betty 152, 208 

Phelps, Richard 208 

Pfleiderer, Rich 342 

Retry, Sharon 208 

Petrunger, Jeffrey 208 

Petruchik, Daniel 208 

Petrovic, Victor 327 

Petrosky, Jeanne 208 

Petrilla, Louise 208 

Petric, Eileen 208 

Petit, Pete 273, 369 

Peterson, William 208, 313 

Peterson, Linda 299 

Peterson, Eric 208 

Peterson, Dale 208, 280, 369 

Peterson, Brian 329 

Peters Lorin 208 

Peters, Christian 299, 302 

Peters, Becky 208 

Peterangelo, Jo Ann 208 

Petak, George 363 

Pescatore, B 152 



. , . 372 

. . , 208 




207, 308 

Perugine, Lois 

Persky, Jerry 

Perry. Gall 

Perry. Dennis 

Perry. Andrew 

Perrine, Sue 

Perrine, Jean 

Perko. Robert 

Perkins. Russel 

Perkins, Juanlta 

Perinl. Ardell 

Pepkin, Charlie 292 

Pennell, Debra 322 

Penn. Norman 207 

Penn. Gregory 152 

Peluso. John 207 

Pelton, Tom 369 

Pelto, Marilyn 207 

Pell. Cathy 338 

Pell, Catherine 326 

Pekol. Harold 207 

Peebles, Tim 296 

Pederson. Terry 281, 350 

Peck, William 207 

Pearson. Carol 279 

Pearsol. William 207 

Pearl. Jeff 329 

Peale. Priscilla '..... 207 

Peake. Sandra 207 

Peabody, Gerald 325 

Payne. Donna 347 

Pawlak, Tina 207 

Pawlak, Dennis 207,333 

Pavolino, Richard 207 

Pavlish, Jane 207 

Pavlinac, Judith 207 

Paulus, Marilyn 207 

Paulus, Kurt 353 

Paulls, Robert 207 

Pauley, Linda 207 

Paulas, George 154 

Paul, Peter 206 

Paul. Kathleen 283 

Paul, Gary 375 

Patton, Don 348 

PattI, Chuck 206 

Patterson. Richard 315 

Patterson. Mel 382 

Patterson. Carol 290 

Patrick. Laura 275, 302 

Pastorelle. Gary 309. 317 

Pastis, Cathy 341 

Paskert, Richard 154 

Pasco, David 206 

Paryzek, Sharon 206 

Parton, James 206 

Parsons, Benjamin 296 

Parks, Merle 302 

Parker, Winifred 206 

Parker, Walt 206 

Parker, Suzan 206 

Parker, Ronald 333 

Parker, Dann 206 

Park, Marilyn 206,376 

Park, Becky 206 

Paras, Paula .296 

Pap(>as, Karen 341 

Pape, Dave 375 

Paparone, Linda 305 

Panutsos, Gus 371 

Pandora, Bernard 325 

Pandoll, John 206, 348 

Pandin, Wanda 206 

Palubniak. Daniel 206 

Palmieri. Dave 353 

Palmer, Joan 366 

Palmer, James W 206 

Palmer, James M 206 

Palidar, Edward 206 

Pahner, Susan 206, 299 

Paglla, Chris 326 

Page, Susan 275 

Page, Ratso 353 

Paganulll, Al 206 

Packer, B .328 

Pack, Jane 206 

Pabin, John 206 


Owen, Delores 206 

Overlow, Cathy 206 

Overfleld, Sandra 206, 312 

Overcasher, Jim 155 

Over, Patircia 206 

Ott, Sally 326 

Otremba, BarrI 206 

Oswald, Fred 277 

Orrick, Judy 206 

Orr, Emmett 206 

Oros, Larry 206 

Orner, Debbie 342 

Orlowe, Debbie 341,379 

Ord, Carol 341 

O'Pelt, Rod 360 

Onyak, Richard 206 

Olszewski, Gayle 205 

Oleyar, Donna 350 

Olenick, D 321 

Oldford, Dorothy 205 

Olah, Jerwood 205 

O'Kollsh, Paul 152 

O'Hara, Maureen 205 

Offerman, Linda 338 

Oetzel, Helen 205 

O'Connor, Terry 360 

O'Conner, Mike 379 

O'Connor, Kathy 376 

O'Conner, Elizabeth 205 

O'Brien, Michael 205 

O'Brien, Kathleen 205 

Oblander, Terry 311 

Oberlln, Bob 353 

Ober, Gordon 152 


Nuernberger, Gall 205 

Noyes, Linda 283, 307, 328, 336 

Nowak, Linda 205, 292 

Nowak, Judith 205 

Nowak, E 322 

Nowak, Barbara 290 

Novotny, Lee 270,382,319,338 

Nottingham, Don 152 

Novak, William 205 

Norton, Shirl 205 

Northcott, Shirley 205 

Norris, Roger 205 

Norris, Patrick 205 

Norick, Beverly 205, 304 

Noriega, Alba 205 

Nord, Robert 205 

Norcia, Linda 350 

Nolan, Quentin 205 

Nolan, J 325 

Nogawa, James 205 

Nofrlo, D 205 

Noble, Judy 299 

NItz, Carl 205 

Nippell, Susan 205, 326 

NIgollan, S. Stephen 205,317 

Nighswander, Tim 287 

Niewlerski, Chet 372 

Nieroda, Henry 205 

Nienaltowski, Kathleen 205 

Nielsen, Carol 205 

Niedm, Michaellne 299 

NIcoIella, Dorothy 205 

NIckey, Donald 326 

Nicholson, Marvolene 205, 381 

Nicholson, Judy 275 

Nicholas, Carol 204 

Newman, Anthony 360 

Nichols, Jim 311 

Newhouse, Jane 204 

Newcomer, James 204 

Newcomb, Kathleen 204 

Neustadter, Mike 353 

Neuhofs, Ann 204 

Ness, Sam 375 

Ness, Elliot 403 

Nemetz, Rob 356 

Nemeth, Mary Jo 204 

Nemeth, DIan 305 

Nelson, Karl 153 

Nelson, James 204 

Neifer, Kert 328 

Neidllnger, Nancy 304, 315 

Neff, Doug 152 

Neese, Ronald 204 

Navratll, Karen 204 

Navoyosky, D 204, 289 

Naukam, Philip 155,204 

Naukam, David 155 

Naukam, Barbara 204 

Nauhaus, Eric 204 

Natlvio, Rudy 335 

Nathanson, Mary 204, 318, 341 

Natalina, Carl 152 

Nassal, William 314 

Nash, Wendy 204, 283 

Nappi, Thomas 154 

NappI, TonI 204 

Nakoneczny, Terrence 204 

Nakoneczny, John 204 

Nakatsuka, Patricia 204 

Nakonezny, Christine 305 

Nagy, Donna 204 

Nageotte, Richard 325 

Nagelbush, M 270 

Naccarato, Guy 204, 287 


Myers, Sam 353 

Myers, Mark 382 

Myers, Melissa 153 

Myers, Janet 204 

Myers, Glenda 204 

Myers, Donald 204 

Muzzy, Richard 204 

Muto, Deborah 204 

Mussey, James 204, 278, 280 

Musser, Frank 152 

Muske, Gerald 152 

Music, Pat 376 

Murton, Karen 204 

Murray, John 204 

Murphy, Laura 381 

Murphy, Kathy 295 

Murphy, Janie 372 

Murphy, Ed 152 

Murich, David 204 

Murawski, Joyce 337 

Munson, William 155 

Munson, B 155 

Mundy, Mary Jean 292 

Mundy, Alexander 333 

Munay, D 153 

Mumaw. Barbara 203, 323, 324 

Mullet, Rebecca 302 

Muller, Debbie 319 

Mullen, Susan 327 

Mulholland, Nancy 203 

Mulhern, Sally 203 

Muha, Barry 363 

Mueller, J 304 

Mrus, Mary Martha 203, 366 

Mrozek, Fred 152 

Mraz, Richard 203 

Moyer, Cindy 203, 287, 301 , 31 1 

Mower, B 299 

Mouyard, Madonna 318 

Mount, Kathy 203 

Motyka, Denny 372 

Mottice, Susan 309 

Mosser, Paul 203 

Moss, Cheryl 203, 381 

Morse, Bunny 296 

Morrow, Danny 348 

Morrison, Janice 203 

Morris, Dave 372 

Morrice, Lawrence 203, 308 

Morin, Sharon 203, 366 

Morgenstern, William 203 

Morganstern, Kirk 155 

Morgan, Nancy 203 

Morgan, Kathle 203 

Morgan, Craig 284 

Moreland, Deborah 203 

Morehouse, Dick 339 

Morehead, Linda 203 

Morbito, J. K 297 

Moran, Maribeth 338 

Moore, N 152 

Moore, L 152 

Moore, Lonnle 346 

Moore, K 273 

Moore, Jenny 348 

Moore, David 203 

Moore, D 277 

Moore, Connie 203 

Mooney, Pamela 203 

Moomy, Susan 203 

Moody, Beth 203 

Montgomery, Daniel 203 

Montgomery, D 270 

Mongell, Phil 334 

Monaco, Edward 375 

Molner, Steve 314 

Molner, George .315 

Molineaux, Bruce 356 

Mokros, Thomas 203, 152 

Mohr, Reinhole 270 

Mohr, Gall 203 

Mogk, Wayne 295 

Moglsh, Ken 152 

Mobley, Robert 272 

Mobley, Jerry 339 

MIotek, Helene 302 

MIodzik, Karen 283 

zer, Carol 203, 326 

tzo, Monica 203 

ttman, Diane 203 

ttlga, Paul 203 

Mitsak, Carole 372 

tchell, Victoria 202 

itchell, Linda 202 

tchell. Donna 302 

itchell, David 202 

itchel. Donna 348 

tchal, Saundra 381 

tchal, Marsha 381 

ssler, Barbara 274 

rka. Mart 202 

racle. Barb 339, 341 

nkin, Karen 202 

ngrone, Gabe 353 

lum, Nancy 336 

Ine, Karen 281,336 

Ms, Ron 202, 342 

lis, R 278 

Ms, Michael 296 

lis, Melinda 202, 348 

lis, Fred 299, 286, 348 

llman, Marjory 311 

Her, Westley 202 

Her, Susan 202 

Her, Scott 353 

Her, Ron 356 

Miller, R 152 

Miller, Michael 202 

Miller, M 284 

Miller, Lesle 202 

Her, Karen 153,202,314 

Her, Karen 291,329 

Her, J 286, 300,319,322 

Her, J 281,323 

Her, Julia 202 

Her, Judith 202 

Her, Joyce 202 

Her, John 348 

Her, Jennifer 376 

Her, Jeff 339 

Her, Jack 380 

Her, Edie 202 

Her, Doug 356 

Her, Charles 297 

Catherine 303 

Her, Barbara 304 

Ikovich, Michael 154,382 

kovich, Daniel 154 

ette, Gerald 202 

les, Linda 202 

Id, Richard 202 

lavec, Patricia 202 

kash, Steve 320 

haiko, Patricia 202 

gnona, Annette 299, 356 

gden, Joe 202 

gdall, Murray 202 

gdal, Murray 202, 360 

gdal, Andrea 292 

ck, Steve 315 

chaux, Liz 295, 350 

challc, Andrew 152, 201 

MIchal, Robert 202 

MIchal, Rob 379 

Michael, Maryann 350 

Michael, Jim 292 

Michael, James 202 

Meyers, Pat 364 

Meyer, Mary Louis 202 

Meyer, Kathy 376 

Meyer, Andrew 154 

Meuche, Bob 348 

Metzler, Robert 326 

Metzger, Paul 202 

Metz, Charlie 353 

Melcalfe, Alvin 202 

Melcalf, Karen 322 

Metcalf, David 201, 327, 313 

Metcalf , Karen 359 

Messina, Joseph 201 

Messersmith, Linda 201 

Messer, Douglas 152 

Mesnick, Rich 280, 372 

Mesnick, Richard 201 

Mesnick, Gary 201 

Mertus, Pamela 201 

Merski, Anthony 201 

Merrlfield, Judy 201 

Mermer, Dolly 376,382 

Merklinger, James 201 

Merllla, Mary Ellen 201 

Merlll, Chris 376 

Mentges, Mark 201 

Menge, Chris 376 

Merllla, Marg 322 


Merges, Mark 272 

Mendiloa, Loretta 201,305 

Meluch, Lynn 201, 305 

Meizlik, Jim 372 

Meister, Thorn 342 

Meister, Jim 201 

Meirowitz, Bruce 155 

Meinke, Patricia 201 

Mehta, Amit 231 

Mehaiko, Joseph 201 

Meeson, David 155 

Mees, Sandra 281 

Meeker, Richard 201 

Mease, William 201 

Means, Terrence 200 

Mead, Walter 200, 320 

Mazzola, Louis 200 

Mayo, Pam 338 

Mayo, Angle 381 

Mayhall, Steve 200 

Mayfleld, Michael 200 

Mayer, Timothy 200 

May, Patricia 325 

May, Maggie 341 

May, James 200, 379 

May, Charles 200, 299, 312 

Maxwell, Marlene 200 

Maxwell, Kathleen 200 

Maxsom, Jane 200 

Mauyard, Madonna 259 

Maurer, William 200 

Maunus, Barbara 200 

Matthews, Sandra 200 

Matthews, Lorelei 200, 317 

Matthews, James 295 

Matthews, Handy 200 

Matlock, V 200, 309 

Mathis, Vearle 299, 338 

Mastroine, James 200 

Mastrinana, Paul 200 

Mastriana, Bob 371 

Mastrangelo, Gerry 375 

Mastny, Jane 200 

Mastile, Cheryl 305 

Massaro, Patricia 200 

Marz, Cynthia Ann 200 

Marx, Paula 200, 350 

Maruszan, Judy -. . . , 200, 366 

Marunski, Brenda 200 

Marsico, James 296 

Martino, Toni Ann 200 

Martin, Dona 295, 350 

Martin, Connie 305 

Marteeny, John 200 

Marshall, Willir-n 200 

Marshall, Penn 200, 279 

Marshall, Jonh 200 

Marrone, Bob 329 

Maroli, Al 334 

Maroa, John 321 

Marks, Susan 199, 283 

Marks, Bob 375 

Markovitz, Sidney 324 

Markovitz, Marsha 199 

Marine, Michael 199 

Marguart, D 153 

Margolis, Bob 380 

Margolis, Marianne 199 

Marek, Christopher 199 

Marcum, Bill 270 

Marchese, Victor 199 

Marasco, B, 270 

Marabito, Linda 199 

Manzer, Gerald 199 

Mantell, Helen 199 

Manning, Mike 371 

Manners, Kathleen 199 

Mankuff, Larry 372 

Maniscaico, Patricia 299 

Mani, Marcia 318 

Manes, Dennis 199 

Manes, Denny 375 

Mancino, Douglas 278, 280 

Mancino, Doug 364 

Mancini, John 199 

Mamula, Nick 353 

Mamujee. Mustafa 155, 199 

Malner, Thomas 203 

Malloy, Tony 363 

Mallory, Virginia 199 

Mallett, G 319 

Maiko, Richard 308 

Malicki, Kathleen 199 

Maiek, Sharon 324 

Malcher, Dennis 199 

Maksymowicz, Arlene 275 

Majkrzak, Maryann 199 

Majewski, Walt 369 

Majdan, Mary 199 

Majcher, Christine 199 

Mainwariing, Bob 353 

Mahon, Madelina 199 

Mahaffey, Pamela 199 

Magyar, Sandra 309 

Magner, Mary 199,281,284,301,338 

Magid, Karen 296 

Maeder, Dennis 297, 328 

Maeder, Beverly 199 

Madden, Diane 199 

Macy, Bonnie 199 

MacLean, M 311 

Macketarrean, Marg 338 

Macko, Thomas 154 

Mack, Guy 154 

Mack, Donna 199 

Macioci, Steve 375 

Macey, Judith A 299 

Maccioli, Janet 199 

Maccioli, Janet 199 

Macaulay, Lynne 336 

Macak, June 199 

Macadam, Gilbert 199 

Mass, Bruce 380 


McVey, Michael 199, 375 

McVey, Bonnie 198 

McQuiston, William 198, 277, 289 

McQuistion, Mark 297 

McPherson, Marsha 305 

McMillen, Robeit 285 

McMichael, Evelyn 198, 347 

McMannis, Lee 375 

McLeran, Pam 333 

McKinney, Karin 198 

McKinnell, Kent 280, 356 

McKenna, Ellen 311,338 

McKay, James 152, 198 

Mclntrye, Angus 198 

Mcllvaine, Charles 198 

McHenry, Molly 198, 376 

McGuire, William 311 

McGuire, Priscilla 198 

McGuire, Lynda 341 

McGraf, Barb 338 

McGowan, B 154 

McGivney, Mary Jane 341 

McGinley, Neil 329 

McGhee, Henery 154 

McGeo, Jeani 356 

McGee, Sandra 198 

McFerren, Mary 198 

McFate, David 198 

McElroy, Dyonna 381 

McElroy, Barbara 198 

McDonough, Susan 198 

McDonough, Mary 284, 325 

McDonough, Kathleen 198, 319 

McDonald, Thomas 152 

McDonald, Scott 360 

McDonald, Patricia 198 

McDermott, Mary Brendan 275 

McDermott, James 198, 276, 284 

McDermott, Dan 294 

McDay, Penny 198 

McDavid, Pam 198, 347 

McDaniels, Debbie 381 

McCune, Jim 348 

McCullough, Jill 198 

McCrobie. Pat 279 

McCoy, Mary Ann 198 

McCoy, Jody 341 

McCosby, Susanne 198 

McCorkle. Margie 336 

McClintock, Paul 198 

McClain, Sue 198,279 

McCastle, Kay 198 

McCarver, Donna 316 

McCarrell, Bernie 375 

McBride, Tom 371 

McBride, Robert 198 

McBride, Mary Ellen 292 

McBride, Marilyn 198 

McBride, Kathy 281, 286, 318 

McAllister, Sid 198 

McAllister, Kay 198, 303 

McAbee, Charles 197 

Lytle, Connie 197 

Lynch, Wayne 329 

Lynch, Michael 197 

Lynch, Kathleen 197 

Lynch, John 197, 285, 286,309 

Lutz, Thomas 353 

Lutz, Catherine 319 

Lutkus, Diane 295, 336 

Luoma, Edward 197 

Lundberg, Dave 339 

Lukachek, Carol 197 

Luhaney, Joanne 337, 197 

Luginbill, Ronald 197 

Luedemann, Martha 197 

Ludwik, Carol 197 

Ludick, Stephen 197,152 

Luce, Rebecca 302, 327 

Lucas, Lora 305 

Lucas, Bonnie 197 

Lubisch, Sandor 278, 280, 363 

Lubanovich, Joyce 197 

Lown, Roberta 306 

Lowe, D 154, 312 

Lowe, Cathleen 293 

Lovett, Carole 281 , 337 

Loveland, Nancy 197 

Loveland, Marilyn 279, 283 

Lossing, John 371 

Lose, Linda 197 

Lorson, Timothy 197 

Lorson, Dorothy' 1 97 

Lori, Charles 152 

Lopez, Sonya 197 

Loomis, Theresa 197 

Longo, Leo L 155, 360 

Long, Natalie 337 

Long, Gregory 197, 312 

Long, Gary 152 

Long, Chuck 371 

Long, Cherie 197, 292 

Lombard, Jim 379 

Loichot, Elizebeth 197 

Logan, Janet 197 

Lodge, Thomas 197, 276 

Locker, Timothy 197 

Locke, Ralph 197 

LoCicero, Dois 274 

Lloyd, Pat 347 

Lloyd, David 197, 360 

Little, Linda 279 

Littell, Glenda 197 

Litsinger, Betty 311 

Litchfield, Robert 197 

Lister, Pamela 319 

Lisson, Judith 196 

Lipscomb, Byron V 196 

Lipcsik, Joseph 360 

Linton, Jeanne 196, 366 

Lintala, Dale 339 

Linkwald, Marsha 196 

Link, Janice 196 

Lindquist, Werner 196 

Lindler, Marilyn 196 

Lindemuth, Calvin 196 

Lindecamp, Mark 371 

Lmcoln, Nancy 196 

Limoncelli, Ronald 196 

Lima, G 306, 382 

Lilley, Pixie 318,341 

Lilley, Lynda 196 

Lifschultz, Donna 196 

Lieberman, Arrol 154 

Lieber, Steve 348 

Lidon, Judy 319, 338 

Licker, Robert 196 

Liberman, Alan 196 

Liberatore, Tony 329 

Liadis, Jeanne 196 

Leyda, Lois 196 

Lewis, Robert 308 

Lewis, Barbara 196 

Lewers, William 195 

Lewandowski, Terrie 299 

Lewendowski, Terry 348 

Levy, Brooke 195 

Levnajic, Maria 195 

Levitt, John 363 

Levit, Mark 380 

Levia, Nancy 336 

Levine, Al 372 

Levey, Ken 380 

Lever, Diane 195 

Leven, Barry 155 

Leone, Michael 195 

Leone, Julie 195 

Leonard, Joe 334 

Lemann, Ralph 195 

Leitner, Lawrence 195 

Leinweber, Judith 302 

Leishman, Guy 195 

Leis, Diane 338 

Leidy, Howard 195 

Lehmann, Jill 281,339,359 

Lehman, Dave 195, 353 

Lehman, Cynthia 195 

Lehky, William 195 

Leeth, Murcelle 346 

Leemhuis, Jeffrey 297 

Lee, Peter 276 

Lee, Patricia 195 

Lee, Cynthia 195,281,318 

Lee, Cindy 366 

Ledyard, Susan 306 

Leder, Ladd 195,273,276 

Lecitn, Eiken 366 

Leath, James 314 

Leasure, Larry 333 

Leahy, Robert 155 

Lazor, Lois 329 

Lazor, Barbara 195 

Lazarus, William 287, 311 

Laynon, Carol 195 

Law, Ron 296 

Law, Kendra 270 

Lavine, Alan 195 

Laurich, Kathleen 306 

Laurenzano, Joseph E 313,314 

Laughery, Shelby 195 

Latowski, Mike 369 

Latimer, Nancy 195 

Latham, Sizie 366 

Lasser, Ronna 195 

Lasagna, Anthony 152, 195 

Larson, Larry 371 

Larson, George 348 

Larson , Dean 369 

Larrigan, Anthony J 152 

Laquidari, Vincent 270 

Lapp , Miriam E 322 

Lanzer Harlen 273 

Lanker, Manual 195 

Langer, Barbara 195 

Lange, Deborah 318 

Lang, Wayne 195 

Lane, . Susan 195 

Lane, Patricia 302 

Lane, Barbara 326 

Landy, Deb 338 

Landwehr, David 195 

Landis, Kristine 195 

Landis, Bruce 194 

Landers, Pattie 194 

Lampley, Handy 152 

Lambert, Carole 194, 366 

Lambert, Barb 341 

Lakso, Linda 194 

Lakeman, Oscar 364 

Lake, Sue 356 

Lahovich, Jacquelyn 194, 322 

Lagodich, Tom 154 

Ladrach, Rebecca 194 

Lado, Linda 194 

Ladanyi, Alice 194 

Lad, K 305 

Lacy, Sheryl 154 

Lacy, Sheri 318, 359 

Lace, Becky 388 

LaBruno, Carol 194,323 

LaBant, Laura 194 


Kyttler, Terry 350 

Kvart, Pat 194,275,283 

Kuzma, Larry 194 

Kuyon, Virginia 194 

Kutz, Dale 194 

Kutler, Jocelyn 324 

Kushner, Janice 194, 350 

Kurtzhals, Cynthia 194, 329 

Kurta, Martin 194 

Kurilla, Paulette 259 

Kurian, Sandra 293 

Kuprowski, Ellyn 366 

Kunzi, Cynthia 194 

Kunst, Roger 277 

Kunkie, Susan 194 

Kunkle, Cathy 194, 326 

Kunc, James 194 

Kukia, Myron 152,194,311 

Kukia, Madeline ' 194 

Kuhn, Nancy 305 

Kuhel, Carol 194 

Kuemerle, Karen 194 

Kuebler, Patricia 194 

Kudia, Thomas 194 

Kuchling, Raymond 363 


Kubinski, Thomas 194 

Kubick, Marleen , . , 382 

Kubacki, Carole 295. 299, 366 

Krusoe, Dale 153. 194 

Krumpe, Herbert 194 

Krumel, Richard 317 

Krulik. Jim 379 

Kronenthai. Janice 322 

Kronenthal. Joyce 193 

Krislof, Laurel 193 

Kriegmont, Pat 193 

Kretchum, Gregg 299 

Kress. Frank 193 

Kresge, James 270 

Kreisler. Jacques 329 

Kreiner. Joseph 1 93 

Kreiner. Joe 348 

Krayeski, John 193 

Krawitz. Barbara 292 

Krawczyk. Dianel 193 

Krawetzki. Sherri 193 

Kravetz, Emery 193 

Krauss. Leslie 153 

Kraus. Kurt 284, 334 

Kraus. K 155,279 

Krand, Kathy 341 

Kraley, Barbara 193. 275, 287 

Kraig, Carole 193 

Kraczkowski. Adam 155 

Kozich. John 152 

Kozelka. Kerry 193 

Kowals, Karen 193 

Kovacs, Elizabeth 193 

Kovach. Kenneth 297 

Kovach, Gene 360 

Koury, Michael 193 

Koukol, Karen 193,275,286,323 

Kotz. Marty 272 

Kotyk, Ronald 193 

Kotyk, Janet 193 

Kotun. Carol 193 

Kotula. Margaret 305 

Kotula. Christine 292, 309 

Kotowski, Michael 299 

Kostin, Kim 348 

Koss. Margaret 322 

Kosisky. Ron 193 

Koshel. Art , 372 

Korn, Marty 356 

Kormendi. Sandra 193 

Kormanik. Gretchen 193 

Koren. Rosalie 304 

Korecko. Eileen 193 

Kordel, Janice 193 

Korade. Karen 193 

Koprowski. Ellyn 193 

Koppenhafer, Carol 193 

Konya, Larry 360 

Konvalinka, G 278 

Konvalinka. Barney 333 

Konopka, Donald 289 

Koniecko, John 193 

Kondik, Suzanne 274 

Kolthoff. Marlene 193 

Koller. Robert 328 

Kolb. James 193 

Kok. Eugene 152 

Kojiro. K 321 

Kofsky. Kenneth 299 

Koesterer, Kathy 350 

Koenick, Judy 192 

Koehn, Robyn 292 

Koehler, Elizabeth 303 

Koch, Nancy 275 

Kobrak. Christopher 284 

Knowlton, Donald 363 

Knoll. Beth 295 

Knoch, Judy 295 

Knoch, James 295 

Knittel, Barry 192 

Knittel, Barbara 3C5 

Knetz, Andrea 322 

Knepper. Linda . 302 

Knauer. Randolph 192 

Knapp, Susan 192 

Knapp, Donna 192, 274 

Knapp. Diana 192. 274 

Knapp, Cheryl 192 

Klucher, Marilyn 305 

Klubert, Dolores 325 

Klotz, Lynn 336 

Klohr, Marilyn 192 

Kloc, Beradine 192 

Kline, John 192 

Kline, D 303 

Kline, Becky 336 

Klina, Carole 192 

Klika, Diane 192 

Klicker, Donna 366 

Klicker, Dona 192 

Klekota, Marilyn 192 

Kleiman. Nancy 281. 286, 303 

Kleiber. Terri 192 

Kleder. Carl 192 

Klatka. Virginia 192 

Klass. Marilyn 318,338 

Klar. Charles 192 

Klainer. David 192 

Klaameyer. Donna 302 

Kitchen, Christopher 152, 192 

Kiskaddon, James 192 

Kish, Jerry 192 

Kish, Elaine 356 

Kirsopp, Cheryl 293 

Kirsh, Sherry 366 

Kirk, Samuel 192 

Kirk, Beverly 353 

Kiraly, Timothy 192 

Kinzel, Kathy 192 

Kinney, Jack 192 

Kingzett. Mary Lou 323 

King, Steven 152 

King. Kevin 192 

King, Deborah 295 

King, Christie 192,279,350 

King, Bruce 192 

King, Alan 191 

Kindzia, John 191 

Kindilchie, Amer 191 , 321 

Kimpel, Maria 191 

Kim, Jeung 191,270,312 

Kim, Gerda 191, 270 

Kilpatrick. Thomas 191.317 

Kilkenny. Rosemary 381 

Kilbride. Ron 348 

Kilbourn, Leiith 381 

Kilanowski, Michael . 191.278.280,382 

Kiesielevi/ski, Barbara 296 

Kierstead, Margaret 315, 304 

Kierstead, Dorthy 191 

Kidikas, Carol 191 

Keyser, Kathy 191 

Kew, Susan 191.286.303,313 

Kevern. John 191 

Keslar, Keith 191 

Kerwin, John 191 

Kerr, Rosemary 191 

Kerr, Rick 348 

Kerr, Marilyn 191, 366 

Kerr, Juanita 293, 319 

Kenter, Edw^ard 272 

Kenny, Robert 191 

Kenning, Marene 153 

Kendel. Linda 191. 279 

Kemper. Roy 191 

Kemper. Paula 191 

Kemper, Margaret 191,309 

Kemper, Cecelia 283 

Kemp, Gwendolyn 191 

Kemp, Bob 364 

Kemberling, Sue 336 

Kelsy, Linda 359 

Kelso, Bruce 191, 353 

Kelly, Linda 366 

Kelley, Robert 191 

Kelso, Bruce 191,353 

Kelly, Linda 366 

Kelley, Robert 191 

Kelley, Mary Ellen 191 

Kelley, Linda 191 

Kelley, Charlene 191 

Keller, Michael 360 

Keith, Steven 333 

Keith, Merry 191 

Keith, Douglas 191 

Kehoe, Thomas 190 

Keffer, Ken 369 

Keeney, Glenn 190 

Keeney, Dennis 190, 333 

Keefe, Barbara 1 90, 323 

Keatine, Mary 190 

Kearney, Richard 190 

Kearny, George 333 

Keane, Patricia 325 

Kaylor, Ralph 190 

Kay, Maria 190 

Kay, Linda 190 

Kay, Jan 366 

Kaviiaiek, Richard 190, 314 

Kavinsky, Gregory 190,317 

Kaven, Mary Beth 337, 190 

Kavcar, Judy 382 

Kavcar, John 152, 190, 382 

Kauffman, Barbara 307 

Katz, Elizabeth 295 

Katryck, Carol 318 

Katon, Linda 348 

Katila, David 190 

Kass, Dave 372 

Kass, Barb 353 

Kaskey, Thomas 190 

Karrer, Diane 303,318,286,359 

Karmia, Tina 305 

Karia, Diane 190 

Kappers, Polly 359 

Kapitan, John 295 

Kanter, Steven 190, 278, 280, 333 

Kangas, Michael 190, 289 

Kane, Frances 190 

Kandrac, Linda 293 

Kanally, Ann 322 

Kan, Timothy 190 

Kamps, Lee 190, 289 

Kaminsky, Patricia 190 

Kaminski, Donald 190 

Kaminski, Dennis 190 

Kamienski, Sharon 302 

Kamerer, James 277, 316 

Kamerer, Alice ,190 

Kame, Laurene 190, 273 

Kalnitzky, Barbara 190 

Kalninski, Barb 366 

Kalisz, Robert 190 

Kalinowski, Nancy 190 

Kaleal, Deenay 333 

Kaine, Patricia 190 

Kail, Cheryl 189 

Kadlowek, Noreen 337 

Kachmar, Rebecca 290 

Kachmar, John 320 

Kacerski, Ann 295, 304 

Kabin, Robyn 189 

Kabat, John 317 


Juillerat, Candy 189 

Judice, Ed 348 

Juaulenas, Christina 189 

Joyce, Thomas 333 

Joyce, Robert 189, 333 

Joyce, Martin 189,320 

Joslyn, Judy 359 

Joseph, Carol S 279 

Jofgeson, Janna 376 

Jordon, Rosena 338 

Jordon, Lewisene 347 

Jordon, Janet 359 

Jones, Terry 189 

Jones, Peggy 336 

Jones, Paula 189 

Jones, Nina 189 

Jones, Marlene 189, 337 

Jones, Malanie 337 

Jones, Lynn 189 

Jones, Karen 189 

Jones, John 189 

Jones, James 346 

Jones, Chuck 342 

Johnston, Pamela 189 

Johnston, Jennifer 376 

Johnston, Bill 342 

Johnson, Roger 189 

Johnson, Plumer 189 

Johnson, Phillip 152 

Johnson, Marianne 307 

Johnson, Linda 189, 304, 316 

Johnson, Kathy 366 

Johnson, Jerry 188 

Johnson, Harvey 296 

Johnson, George 314, 360 

Johnson, Don 339 

Johnson, Dave 339 

Johnson, B 289 

Johnson, Arthur C 155 

Johnson, Sue 338 

Jewell, Robert 363 

Jerrick, Stephan 188. 278. 280 

Jensen, Lyda 188 

Jenkins, Marty 342 

Javitch, Linda 275 

Jauitch, Linda 329 

Jaudon, Joseph 363 

Javetts, Linda 339 

Jarvis, Robert 188,273,317 

Jarrett, Cynthia 

Janson. Karen 

Jansante. Jamie 376 

Janning. James 

Janner. Judy 

Janik. Ronald J 289 

Jamison, William 

James. Thomas 152 

Jakowlew, Monika 188. 326 

Jagucki. Rita M 275 

Jacobs. Ken 380 

Jacobs. Jeannie 

Jackson. Shari 

Jackson. R 276, 325 

Jackson, Patricia 

Jackson, James 317 

Jackson, David 

Jackson, Chan 379 

Jackson, Cathy 336 

Itzkowitz. Sheila 324 

Ita. Elizabeth 

Isaacs. Douglas 

Irwin, S 307 

Ireland, Gloria 

Intrevado, Rita 

Ingham, William 

Imobersteg, Connie 

Immormino, Michele 341 

Imholt, Kathleen 

Imhoff, Linda 

Ilkanic, Ellen 

Ignatz, Linda 187 



Huxel, J 154 

Hutzel, Rebacca 187 

Huttlin, Irene 187 

Hutchinson, Nancy 187 

Hutchison, Bonnie 187 

Huslop, Chris 353 

Hurst, Linda 187 

Hurley, Elizabeth 299 

Hurd, Stuart 187 

Hurd, Robert 305 

Hunsinger, Paula 187 

Hunger, James 187, 272, 277 

Huner, Rita 350 

Humphries, Faye 187 

Hull, Rusell 187 

Hull, George 297 

Hugo, James 187, 287, 317, 375 

Hughes, Donna 187 

Hufler, Thomas 155 

Hudock, Robert 187 

Hudson, Andrea 296 

Huck, Richard 333 

Hubler, Tom 353 

Hubka, Janice 353 

Huber, Wililiam 187 

Huber, Tom 371 

Hubbell, J 289 

Hrivnak, Cynthia 187 

Hrenya, Mark 152 

Hrbek, Susan 187 

Hrach, Joanne 187, 336 

Hoyt, P 326 

Hoyt, Bill 364 

Howie, Harold 155 

Howie, Harold 187 

Howell, Jane 187 

Howell, Bill 292,364 

Howe, Rebecca 153 

Howard, Sue 359 

Howard, Lesie 187, 341 

Howard, Janice 187 

Hover, David 155 

Hovanick, Carol 187 

Houston, Roger 187, 382 

Houston, Roger 152 

Hottensmith, Cherelaine 187 

Hostler, Jane 187 

Horvatis, John 187 

Horvatis, Jack 333 

Horvatich, JoAnn 187 

Horvath, Rosemary 187 

Horvath, John 360 

Horvatch, Kathy 186 

Horst, Jim 372 

Horrigan, Vince 348 

Horning, Jon 329 

Hornack, P 303 

Horn, Marlyn 186 

Horn, Margie 186 

Hoover, David 186 

Hoopes, Ralph 186 

Hoon, Margaret 186 

Honroth, Janet 186 

Homola, Sharon 186. 283 

Holz, Roy 380 

Holy, Marilyn 186 

Holtzman, Gail 186 

Holowecky, Kathy 186 

Holmes, Douglas 186, 342 

Hollister, Terry 153 

Hollingsworth, Donald 186 

Holleran, Maureen 186 

Hollenbacker, Rita 186 

Holleman, Michael 297 

Holland, Pamela 299 

Holland, Fredrick 152,186 

Holland, Barb 376 

Holladay, Louis 186 

Holding, Stella 186 

Hoinski, Jeffery 186 

Hogan, James 186, 333 

Hogan, Gary 312, 315 

Hogan, Edward 275, 364 

Hoffmann, Joanne 186, 286, 301 

Hoffman, Mitchell 186 

Hoffman, Marg 341 

Hoffman, Mary 186 

Hofling, George 186, 356 

Hoessle, Jeanne 186 

Hoehl, Michael 328 

Hodnett, James 353 

Hodnett, Frannie 253, 376 

Hodgson, Penny 294 

Hockinbury, Linda 186 

Hocevar, Margaret 186 

Hobbs, Robert 186 

Hobbs, Howard 186 

Hnas, A! 334 

Hittle, Russell 185 

Hitch, Dorthy 319,359 

Hirshberg, Craig 303, 327, 341 

Hintz, Thomas 154 

Hinson, Robin 152 

Hinske, Robert 185, 308 

Hinshaw, Tim 292, 322 

Hinman, Kathe 185, 292, 293, 319 

Hindman, Donald 155 

Himler, Nancy 322, 350 

Himes, Portia 185, 286, 294, 303 

Hills, Robert 297 

Hillenbrand, Margare 322 

Hillegonds, Nancy 185 

Hilliard, Jeanne 341 

Hiles, Gary 185 

Hildebrand, Joel 363 

Hietala, Joanne 185 

Hicks, Susan 185, 376 

Heyward, Bryan 152, 346 

Hetz, Linda 296 

Hessler, Daniel 185 

Hess, Vickie 185 

Hess, Thomas 155 

Hess, Richard 185 

Hess, Kathleen 185 

Herzfeld, Bruce 185 

Herz, Robert 185 

Hertivik, Lori 376 

Hersey, Susan 1 85 

Herrmann, Joseph 272 

Herrman, Bob 348 

Herrington, Suzanne 341 

Herrick, Sherry 185, 322 

Herminghouser, Candi 338 

Herman, Sandra 185 

Herman, Janet 185 

Herchek, Patricia 185 

Herbert, William 312 

Herbert, David 154,185,291 

Herbert, Bonita 154 

Herald, Debbie 185 

Hensel, Debbie 319, 336 

Henry, Richard 185 

Henry, Clifford 185 

Henry, C 314 

Henry, Claudia 185 

Henry, Charles 185 

Henning, Karen 185 

Hennie. John 185 

Hendrickson, Barbara 185, 295 

Henderson. L 290 

Hemsley, Cindy 359 

Hemming, Cathy 185,326 

Helfand, Susan 

Heiskovitz, Arnold 

Heintzelman, Joan 

Heintzelman, Jeannie 184 

Heinselman, Tonda 184 

Heinselman, Karl 

Heinonen, Lee 334 

Heinnickel, John 184 

Heinisch, Charleen 293 

Heilman, Llyod 284,285 

Heil, Mark 329 

Heffner, Barbara 184 

Heck, Marlin 184,276 

Heck, Marilyn 302 

Heatwole, Erick 353 

Hearn, Dennis 294 

Heard, Rufus 184, 381 

Heard, Marguerite 184 

Hazard, Caria 293,318,338 

Hayward, Geoffrey 184, 290, 297, 314 

Hays, John 369 

Hays, David 379 

Haynes, Terry 184 

Haynes, Susan '. 184 

Hayes, Larry 346 

Hawkins, Lynn 184,275 

Hawkins, J 319,303,376 

Hawes, Bryan 1 52 

Havener, Ronald 333 

Haveland, Ken 152 

Hauser, John 155 

Haughn, Micheal 184 

Hathy, Eugene 184 

Hatherill, James 184 

Hathaway, Sara 184 

Hatcher, James 328 

Hatch, Tamilyn 184,281,286,318 

Hatch, M 301 

Hassa, Joanne 184 

Hass, Linda 336 

Haseley, Kenneth 289 

Harvey, John 184 

Hartzell, Tim 184 

Harth, Kenneth 297 

Hart, William 184 

Hart, Sue 153 

Hart, Bert 152 

Harrlin, Brian 270 

Harriss, Susan 184 

Harrison, Shirley 296 

Harrison, Joyce 338 

Harrison, Jonell 184 

Harrison, Bert 152 

Harris, Susan 184, 292, 307, 328 

Harris, Mark 155 

Harris, Louis 184 

Harris, Greta 341 

Harris, Gloria 184 

Harris, D 276 

Harrington, Johnnie 333 

Harper, Mike 184, 292 

Harnish, Pat 295 

Harmon, Thomas 1 84 

Harl, Diane 183, 322 

Harcar, Janis 183 

Harad, Hannah 183, 275 

Hanzel, Stephen 183 

Hansen, Susan 183 

Hansel, Barry 183 

Hannold, W 319, 328 

Hanni, Sharon 183 

Hanner, Susan 275 

Hanna, R 155 

Hankins, Lynn Kay 306, 308 

Hank, Diane 183 

Hancock, William 328 

Hampton, Carol 381 

Hammill, Robert 183 

Hammargren, Thomas 152 

Hamilton, Marion 183, 350 

Hamilton, M 153 

Hamilton, Marilou 183 

Hamilton, Joanne 183 

Hamilton, Francis 183 

Hamel, Margaret 183 

Hambleton, Cathy 183 

Hamada, S 155 

Halter, Sandra 183 

Halter, Kenneth 183 

Halloran, Martin 270 

Halley, Candace 183 

Hallal, Donna 183, 289 

Hall, Roseanne 302, 359 

Hall, Nancy 304 

Hall, Linda 275 

Hall. Johnny 183, 346 

Hall, J. Keith 183, 308 

Hall, J 154 

Hall, Claudia 183 

Hale, Barbara 183,311 

Halbert, Kenneth 154, 291 

Hajek, Raymond 183,324 

Hajec, Walter 360 

Haines, Scott 375 

Hahl, William 308 

Hagerty, Joanne 183 

Hagans, Pat 183 

Hagan, Elizabeth 183 

Hagan, Dorothy 183 

Haden, Gregory 183,364 

Haberkost, Deanna 183, 305 

Habercorn, Christine 315 

Haase, Thoman 153 

Haas, Linda 322 

Haas, David : 317 

Haag, Andrew 182 


Guzzo, Paula 182 

Gutwrith, Marie 182 

Gustafson, Jeanne 182 

Gurian, Joel 182 

Gunther, Margo 182 

Gunning, Patricia 182 

Gundelach, Connie 341 

Gulrich. Julie 182 

Guilliouma, Kathy 182 

Guiher, Daine 294 

Guggenheim, Paul 363 

Guess, Kathy 293, 382 

Gruszecki, Jerome 313 

Grusza, S 154 

Grunspan, Willy 182 

Grubbs, Sandra 322 

Grow, James 182 

Groves, Sue 379 

Grover, Donald 182 

Gross, Mary 182 

Gross, Linda 182 

Gross, Joe 342 

Gross, D 155 

Gross, Barbara 182 

Gross, Allan 283 

Grosjean, James 182,286 

Grondin, Gerald 155 

Grombacher, Christine 182,322 

Griswell, S 182 

Grischkan, Shari 181 

Grisak, Linda 181,316,319 

Grindel, Kathy 180 


Grimes, Doug 348 

Grimes, Albert 181 

Griggy, Patricia 181 

Griggs, Michael 152 

Griffon, Rhonda 326 

Griffiths, Michael 181 

Griffith, Terry 181 

Griffin, D 302 

Griffin, Betty 152 

Grieve, Margaret 181 

Gnessard, Robert 181 

Gribble, Terrie 181 

Gretchen, Beck 376 

Gresh, Cathy 181,341 

Greloch, Connie 181 

Greiner, Judith 311 

Gregurich, Constance 181 

Greguric, Vicki 293 

Gregory, Lynn 153 

Gregory, Carl 181 

Greenwalt, Susan 181 

Greenberg, Harold 311 

Greenberg, Geneieve 181 

Greenberg, Berry 380 

Green, Larry 342 

Green, Ken 372 

Green, David 181.369 

Greb, George 152, 382 

Gray, Thomas 155 

Gray, Susan 181, 312 

Gray, Janet 181 

Gray, Carolyn 181 

Gray, Bill 360 

Graveno, Thomas 314 

Graven, Suzanne 181 

Grasso, Paula 181,376 

Grant, Donald 181,360 

Gransey, Donna 359 

Granger, Scot 348 

Grandinetti, John 181 

Gram, George 181,292,299 

Graham, William 181, 314 

Graeser, Mark 360 

Grady, Carol 181,350 

Grad, Beverly 181 

Gottlieb, Marsha 181 , 304 

Gottlieb, Karen 275 

Gostely, Martha 275, 302 

Gorman, J 295 

Gorman, Janet 350 

Gordesky, Linda 180,323 

Gontovsky, Anita 356 

Goodyear, Greg 180 

Goodson, Stephen 270 

Goodson, Dennis 180 

Goodring, William 180 

Goodman, Jim 371 

Goodhart, Timothy 152 

Good, Bill 371 

Colston, Sam 364 

Goldstein, Ronald 180,372 

Goldstein, Michael 180 

Goldschmidt, Carl 152 

Goldsbury, Pam 180 

Goldner, Julia 322 

Goldman, Barb 339 

Goldberg, Lewis 291 

Gold, Joanne 180 

Goff, Linda 359 

Goecks, Susan 180 

Godshalk, Pam 350 

Gobely, Willis 180 

Gobely, Linda 180 

Gluszek, G 155 

Glover, Karen 302 

Glover, Darlene 180, 322 

Glinski, K 293 

Glennen, Nancy 180,283 

Gleason, James 296 

Glass, Gary 334 

Glaser, Lyinn 299 

Gladigan, Richard 180 

Girone, Janice 318 

Girone, Barbara 341 

Gintert, Mark 371 

Gintert, Barbara 180,301,376 

Gingrich, S 180, 2^9 

Gillet, James 180, 270, 277 

Gilles, Bonnie 180 

Gilhousen, Joseph 154,180 

Gilhousen, Carolyn 180 

Giles, Bruce 333 

Gilcrest, Elinor 180 

Gilbert, Patricia 292, 379 

Gigliotti, Karen 275,313 

Gier, Lois 322,366 

Giel, Mike 369 

Giel, Adelbert 180 

Gibson, Linda 180 

Gibson, Joan 180 

Gibson, J 286, 301.319 

Giblin, Mary Pat 180 

Gibbs, Richard 180 

Gibbs, Frank 334 

Giannamore, Bert 371 

Gianakos, Patricia 180,274 

Giampapa, Steve 334 

Giallombardo, Toni 180 

Gesa, Mary Kay 342 

Gerstenslager, W 270 

Gersdorf , Ted 356 

Gerhart, Gail 359 

Gerhardstein, Mark 325 

Gerber, Dale 180 

Gerber, Barbara 1 79 

Gerard, Martin 179 

George, Norma 179,284,366 

George, Lynn 179 

George, Karen 179 

George, Arthur 179 

Gentry, Wilbert 179 

Gelfand, Shelly 179 

Gelerinter, E 324 

Gela, Kathleen 179 

Geiselmen, Kenneth 154 

Geiser, Pat 375 

Geiger, Rolie 179,382 

Geierman, Kaye 179 

Geier, Kathy 341 

Gedeon, Ruthann 1 79 

Gebhardt, Jim 353 

Gaw/rilow, llija 179 

Gaugler, Hanson 270 

Gauer, Carol Ann 274 

Gatien, Richard 179 

Gary, Jane 179 

Garvey, Ruth 295, 341 

Garver, Charles 179, 272, 276 

Gartrell, Ken 375 

Garnis, Theresa 322 

German, Bob 329 

Gargon, Carol 179 

Garger, L 154 

Garg, Ramesh 321 

Gardner, John 179 

Gardini, Marlene 305, 319 

Gardner, Dan 356 

Garber, Law/erance 179,291,317 

Garber, Jerry 353 

Gantz, Cheryl 179 

Gang, Rita 356 

Gambone, Dominic 179 

Gamble, William 179 

Gambino, Hallie 179 

Gambill, Thomas 179 

Gallo, Ed 375 

Gallizzi, Patrick 333 

Gallagher, Audrey 353 

Gail, Elaine 179 

Galena, Jane 327, 313 

Gale, Marilyn 179 

Galdun, Nancy 319 

Galathris, Christina 179,283 

Galasso, Janice 179 

Galassine, Barbara 178,283 

Galanese, Mark 178 

Galambos, Denny 339 

Gailor, Nancy 179 

Galley, Paul 178, 273 

Gaiffe. Michael 297. 328 

Gabel, Sharon 327 


Fusillo, Bruce 178,348 

Funk, Donna 178 

Fulop, Kathleen 178, 292 

Fuller, Terry 178 

Frontino, Jayne 307, 350 

Fronczak, Ernie 356 

Frommel, Bea 178 

Fritz, Charlie 334 

Frisina, Frank 176, 286, 290, 328 342 

Friestedt, Lynn 178 

Friedman, S 307 

Friedman, Phyllis 178 

Friday, Deloris 178 

Frew/, Kathleen 178 

French, James 333 

Fremanis, Inese 293 

Freeburn, Jane 178 

Fredrick, William 178 

Fredrick, James 297 

Frazier, Bob 364 

Frazee, Kathleen 178. 376 

Fraser, Richard 178 

Frantz, Barbara 1 78 

Franks, Marie 1 78 

Franklin. Lynn 303,318,376,381 

Franklin, Barry 155,178,312 

Franklin. Alan 152, 178 

Frank, Paul 339 

Frank, Nancy 178 

Frank, Karen 322 

Frank, David 277,296 

Frank, Constance 289 

Frango, R 306, 338, 342 

Frame, James 178, 317 

Frabriso, Mary Ann 178 

Fox, Margaret 1 78, 292, 328 

Fox, Deborah 178 

Fousek, Therese 322 

Forte, Michael 292 

Forsthoffer, Marilyn 178 

Forrer, Andrea 281 

Forrest, Steven 178 

Forney, Joan 283, 293 

Forman, Mary Ann 177 

Forman, Jeffery 178, 372 

Forfia, Kathleen 302 

Ford, R 323 

Ford, Gary 353 

Ford, Figit 353 

Ford, Cathy 177.337 

Forcella, Lisa 336 

Foradas, Francine 322 

Foote. Michel 154, 291 

Foltz, David 177 

Folk, Jean 353 

Foley, Michael 177 

Fogel, Catherine 177 

Flynn, Scott 334 

Flow/er, Roger 177 

Floro, Jackie 341 

Florence, Dreama 177 

Fling, Jacquline 177 

Fleming, Ron 360 

Fleeman, Bonnie 177, 281 

Fletcher, Evelyn 177 

Fiasco, Daniel 177, 273 

Flandera, Mary Ann 177 

Flanagan, Kathleen 322 

Fitzsimmons, Bill 356 

Fitzpatrick, Edward 177 

FItzpatrick, Carole 177,319,376 

Fitzgerald, Maureen 177, 366 

Fitzgerald, John 329 

Fittipaldo, Beverly 299 

Fisher, Wayne 177 

Fisher, Thomas 353 

Fisher. Edwin 273 

Fisher, Brian 155 

Fischer, Martin 177,360 

Fischer, Larry 177 

FIrlotte, Marie 176 

Firestone, Ronald 273 

Fiori, Robert 176 

Finnen, Mike 334 

Finkelstein, Dick 342 

Fink, Richard 176 

Fine, Karen 341 

Filo. John 176 

Filler. Sheila 324 

Filgate. Carol 315 

FIgliuolo, Barbara 176 

Figel, Diane 341 

Fifer. Linda 341 

Fiedler. William 176, 379 

FiedJer. Mark 379 

Fesnak, Jane 176 

Ferry, Delbert 309 

Ferry, David 1 76 

Ferris. John 283 

Ferraro, Linda 176 

Ferraro, David 1 55 

Ferrante. Fran 299. 336 

Fernella, M 155 

Ferlong, Barbara 366 

Ferguson, Sally 353 

Ferguson, Jerilynn 323.359 

Ferguson, Cheryl 176 

Ferens, Kathi 294, 348 

Fereres, Harry 176 

Fenske, Doug 356 

Fennen, James 152 

Fello, Bob 152 

Fellner, Jack 155 

Feldstein, Stuart 176,311 

Feldmann, B 290 

Feldman, Steve 353 

Feldcamp, Lennle 176 

Feick, John 152 

Feiber, Alan 176, 360 

Fedak, Christina 306, 322 

Fechter, Richard 176,360 

Fazekas, Steve 342 

Fawaz, Joe 1 76, 321 

Faulkner, Bonnie 359 

Fatica, Anthony 326 

Farnolz, Marylou 176 

Farkas, James 176 

Fannis, Carrie 175 

Fanning, Patrick 326 

Fallis, Stephen 175 

Fallis, Barb 359 

Fairchlld, Julie 175. 286, 359 

Fagin, Shelley 323. 324 

Fagan, Kathleen 175 

Fackler, Russell 175, 273 

Faber. Dennis 1 54 



Eyeman, Jane 175 

Ewing, Mike 329 

Everett, Christopher 363 

Evans, R 154 

Evans, Rayola 175 

Evans, James 175 

Evans, Charles 175 

Evans, G 283 

Evans, Carol 175 

Evans, Allen 175 

Ester, Kenneth 175,314 

Estell, Michael 175 

Estabrook, Robin 359 

Essig, Richard 272 

Essel, Donna 275 

Eshelman, Paul 175, 348 

Erwin, Duane 175 

Erw/in, Dewey 348 

Erskine, Kathleen 175 

Ericson, Scott 375 

Ericson, Glenn 175 

Ericson, Connie 175 

Engel, Michael 328 

Engel, Michael 328 

Emmerling, Deborah 290 

Eminger, Gary 175 

Emery, Jane 175 

Elsman, Ann 350 

Ellis, Robert 175 

Ellis, Keith 284,342 

Ellis, John 175 

Ellis, David 175 

Elliott, Lorna 175 

Elliott, David 175 

Elliott, Cleo 381 

Elling, Christina 316 

Elias, David 175,320 

Elkins, Janice 175 

Elford, Linnea 175 

Eley, Vicki 299 

Elan, Robert 175 

Eisentrout, Samuel 175 

Eiseman, Ann 174 

Eiben. Patricia 295 

Eiben, Mary 174, 289 

Eiben, Deborah 174,301,309 

Egan, Maureen 174 

Edwartowski, Elain 174 

Edwards, Susan 174, 292 

Edwards, Rhonda 174, 293 

Edwards, Marsha 322 

Edwards, Kent 342 

Edmondson, Bob 369 

Edmunds, James 174 

Edgecombe, Patty 376 

Eder, John 174 

Edel, Ann 174 

Eckhardt, Ken 342 

Eckblad, Stuart 174 

Eckblad, James 314 

Echart, Sue 366 

Eberhardt, Irene 174 

Eastman, Dale 272 

Eames, Bill 329 

Eagerton, R 299 


Dzede, Bruce 174 

Dylewski, Sandra 174 

Dylag, Charles 174, 360 

Dwyer, Timothy 320 

Durk, Elaine 174, 289 

Durban, Marilyn 356 

Durand, Dennis 320 

Dunn, Kristi 174 

Dunn, James 363 

Dunlavy, Harry 334 

Dunlan, Carol 174 

Dungan, Kathy 338 

Duncan, David 174 

Dum, F 286 

Dulzer, Robert 174 

Dulin, Linda 174 

Dukes, Thomas 353 

Dugger, Karen 174 

Dugan, James 313,328 

Duffy, Cathy 293 

Dudley, Mike 364 

Dudich, Tim 174 

Dubick, Mary Ann 174 

Dudek, Louis 174 

Dudar, Irene 174 

Ducotey, Marcia 174 

DuBois, John 360 

Dubek, Lou 292, 303 

Dube, Phyllis 341 

Duale, William 296 

Droullard, Linda 174,275 

Drop, Michael 174 

Driver, Brenda 174 

Driscoll, Kathleen 173 

Driscoll, Helenmarie 173 

Dreussi, Gina 303 

Dreier, Frank 152, 382 

Drennan, Dennis 152, 173 

Driefort, Lee 173,292 

Draper, Pamela 173 

Doyle, Karen 299, 359 

Doull, Jim 334 

Douglass, William 173 

Douglas, Clabette 173 

Doughton, Jane Ann 326 

Dougherty, Nina 173 

Dougherty, J 307 

Douds, Sandra 173 

Doty, W 297 

Dotson, Carolyn 173 

Dostal, Lenard 173 

Dorsey, Joe 372 

Doria, Maryanna 173 

Donsky, Barbara 173,283 

Donnelly, Susan 173,326 

Donnelly, Maureen 275 

Donatone, Jean 173 

Don, H ,.313 

Dommel, Thomas 152 

Dombach, K 152 

Dogger, Caria 302 

Doeberling, Al 325, 339 

Dodd, Karen 173 

Dobson, JoAnn 382 

Dobbins, Richard 173 

Dlwgosh, Carol 173, 326 

Dixon, Anita 292, 295 

Diruzza, Rich 356 

DiLullo, Steve 311 

Dills, Lorena 173 

DeGrino, Nick 155 

Difloure, Tom 173, 311 

Difford, Deborah 302 

Dietzel, Carol 173 

Dietz, Merrilyn 173 

Dietrich, Arlene 353 

Dickerson, Thom 154 

Diamond, Madelyn 173 

Diamantis, Xenophon 173 

Diaman, Stephen 270 

DeVos, Lloyd 173, 308 

DeVore, Kathleen 173 

Devananzio, Regis 155 

Defter, Neal 153,375 

Detling, Merrilou 173 

Detjen, Robert 276 

DeStasio, Ron 173 

Deshaies, Leo 173 

Desatnik, Neal 380 

DeSantis, Robert 173 

DeSantis, Holly 172 

De San Jose, Joan 172 

Dera, Robert 172 

Depfula, Pat 382 

Denton, William 363 

Dentici, Debbie 376 

Dennis, William 277 

Dennis, John 172,273 

Dennis, Craig 382 

DeNaples, Margaret 325 

DeMarco, John 172,356 

DeMarco, Kathy 172, 319, 353, 376 

DeMarco, Bruce 334 

DelPozzo, Diane 376 

DeLong, Jan 313, 376 

DeLong, Al 380 

Delattre, Patricia 172 

Delaplane, Whitfield 172 

Deibel, Diane 172 

DeHaven, Westi Jo 172 

Defrange, Timothy 172 

Deeter, Richard 363 

Deering, Gemma 172,301,309,318 

Deering, Diane 172, 366 

DeCoulo, Dennis 155 

DeCore, Darlene 172 

DeClark, Daniel 155 

Decker, Susanne 172, 273, 304, 316 

Decker, Mark 353 

DeChellis, Allen 333 

DeCapite, Jill 274 

DeBord, Elizabeth 172 

DeBlasio, Jeannette 270 

Dean, Linda 306 

Day Norman 273 

Dawson, James 172,289 

Daw, Brian 379 

Davis, Sylvia 299 

Davis, Robert 172 

Davies, Richard 172 

Davis, Randy 172, 333 

Davis, M 152 

Davis, Kathy 376 

Davis, Gerald 172 

Davis, Dana 366 

Davis, Dale 172 

Davies, Bruce 172, 353 

Davidson, Thomas 304 

Davenport, Thomas 172 

Daunoris, Cherylann 326 

Daull, Robert 172 

Daugherty, Kent 172, 283 

Dattilo, Joseph 172 

Dates, Mary 172 

Darvas, Jeanette 1 72 

Dartt, Kathy 153 

Darnell, John 371 

Darling, Vicki 329 

Daring, Allison 172 

Dantimo, Frank 342 

Dante, John 171 

Daniels, Saul 171, 287, 311 

Daniels, Richard 171,353 

Daniels, Gary 356 

Daniel, Cynthia 293 

Danhoffer, Dolores 279 

Dambach, Keith 333 

Daly, Kevin 171, 297, 314 

Dahler, Lacy Ann 171 

Dado, James 171 


Czehut, Donald 315 

Cutler, Sharon 353 

Cutler, Enid 171 

Culbertson, James 171 

Gushing, Ann 171 

Cushey, M 324 

Cush, Mike 171 

Curtis, Deborah 171 

Curry, Paul 171 

Currey, Janet 171 

Cupp, Carol 171 

Cunningham, Gail 171 

Cummins, Sandra 171 

Cummins, K 309 

Cummins, Dale 295 

Cummings, M, 152 

Cummings, Lutricia 171 

Cumens, M 153 

Culp, Helene 171 

Cullum, Joseph 270 

Cullen, Andrea 170,309 

Culberston, Judy 336 

Cukovich, H 322 

Cuda, Frank 170 

Csaka, Mary Ann 379 

Crysler, Barb 338 

Cruise, B 299 

Cross, John 369 

Crosetto, Norma 326 

Crosetto, Joan 302 

Crocker, Sandra 170 

Crittenden, Claire 170 

Crites, Karen 170 

Crawford, James 170,348 

Crawford, Catherine 170 

Crawford, Barbara 170 

Graver, Wendy 376 

Cramer, Barbara 170 

Craiglow, Jerry 170 

Craig, Arlyn 170 

Cox, J 286, 300 

Cox, Brian 334 

Cowperthwait, L 290 

Courtright, Teresa 322 

Courtad, Judith 293 

Cowden, Paul 170,278,339 

Cowden, Greg 339 

Cowan, Jane 170 

Cotton, Diane 359 

Cottingham, Kristin 170, 294 

Cotman, Kathleen 170 

Costello, Thomas 170, 333 

Costanzo, Rody 170 

Costantion, Val 273 

Cossention, Mary 170 

Corsi, David 152 

Corrigan, Michael 154, 170 

Corrigall, James 152, 170 

Cornes, Judy 356 

Cordray, Carol 315 

Cordier, Nancy 170 

Corcoran, M. 152 

Corbet, Alan 364 

Coppins, Linda 307, 341 

Cooper, Roberta 1 70 

Cooper, Kathy 170 

Cooney, Karen 366 

Cooney, Jim 348 

Coon, Jim 382 

Coon, Carol 305 

Cooksey, Robert 333 

Cooke, Jim 334 

Contes, Nicholas .170 

Conte, Linda 169 

Contant, James 272 

Conroe, Douglas 286 

Conrad, Charles 169 

Conover, Lynda 1 69 

Connors, Carol 336 

Connolley, Jim 382 

Connelly, Kathleen 169 

Connelly, Frances 169 

Conn, Settle 169 


Conley, Patricia 169 

Conkel. Carolyn , 169 

Conkel. Barbara 169 

Condley, C 315 

Condella, Jim 382 

Combs, Ellen 326 

Collins, Rose 294 

Collins, Kathleen 169 

Collins, Leslie 366 

Coleman, James 169, 342 

Coleman, Gwen 381 

Coleman, Deborah 299 

Cole, Beverly 169 

Cole, Barry 154, 169 

Cohen, Ted 380 

Cohen, Steven 297, 314 

Cohen, Raymond 1 69 

Cohen, Michael 169 

Cohen, Mark 169, 277, 284 

Cogan, Vaughn 342 

Coe, John 169 

Cochran, Jean 381 

Coblentz, John 272 

Coats, Linda 169, 341 

Clymer, Donald 152 

Cleveland, Cathy 319, 376 

Clendenning, Renee 381 

Clemens, Jerry 152, 382 

Clegg, Cheryl 169, 304 

Clayton, John 375 

Clark, Michael 169 

Clark, Mary 169 

Clark, Hugh 169 

Claridge, Greg 169 

Ciresi, JOAnn 169 

Cirell, Linda 169 

Circosta, Bob 329 

Cipiti, Tomasina 169 

Cioiek, Donald 317 

Cincala, Al 297 

Chyall, Margaret 169 

Church, Barb 339, 341 

Chrzan, Linda 169, 336 

Christopher, Thomas 169 

Christopher, A 152 

Chormanski, Dale 333 

Chisholm, Robert 152 

Chisholm, Patrick 169, 334 

Chipukits, Sandra 304 

Chipps, S 319 

Cheonutt, Marty 359 

Cheng, Robert 168 

Chen, Rafael 168 

Chen, Cynthia 168 

Chase, Sharon 306, 322 

Chase, Richard 356 

Charvat, Chris 1 68, 281 , 366 

Charns, Larry 168 

Charlton, Mary Beth 353, 376 

Charlesworth, Barbara 168, 283 

Chard, Peter 168 

Chapman, D 303 

Chapin, Janice 322 

Chandler, Carl 333 

Challeffe, Rob 380 

Chaleff, Robert 168 

Chaff, Marlene 168 

Chadwick, James 168 

Cettomai, Joseph 168, 308 

Cendroski, Deanna 168, 312 

Cella, Larry 152 

Cax, Judy 359 

Cavileer, Sharon 168 

Caves, Gloria 168 

Caton, Linda 336 

Gathers, Mike 339 

Catchpole, Linda 168 

Casy, Kathy 366 

Castelli, Perry 168 

Castellana, John 155 

Castanien, Andrea 168,299,322 

Cassidy, Jim 353 

Cassell, Richard 168 

Case, John 371 

Carter, Victor 270 

Carson, Robert 168 

Carroll, Sue 376 

Carroll, Gregory 168 

Carroll, Barry '. 168 

Carroll, Glen 364 

Carr, Jill 376 

Carpenter, Pam 168 

Carpenter, Jennifer 168 

Carpenter, Bob 329 

Caron, James 272 

Carman, Sally 168, 366 

Carlson, Kathy 168 

Cariss, Alvin 154 

Carducci, Don 375 

Cardinal, Robert 333 

Carderelli, RoseMarie 168, 339 

Garden, John 168 

Cappetti, Barbara 168 

Cappelli, Rosemary 168 

Capite, J 312 

Caperones, Peter 167 

Capecci, Sandra 299 

Capecci, Louis 167, 299 

Caparanis, Laraine 167 

Cantlon, Jim 375 

Canter, Eda 167 

Cantalamessa, Joe 369 

Cannon, Cheryl 356 

Canning. Kathleen 167 

Cann, Deborah 279 

Canfora, Chicky 353 

Canada, Debbi 167 

Campolieto, Judy 167 

Campbell, Roger 167, 317 

Campbell, Larry 167 

Camp, Cindy 376 

Callough, Jim 348 

Callari, Ronald 167 

Call, Rick 167 

Calhoun, Randy 167 

Calhoun, Beth 359 

Calendar, Condrad 154 

Gale, Nancy 276 

Caldwell, John 167 

Caldwell, Charles 167 

Caldwell, Breda 167 

Galderone, Kathy 153 

Caldas, Charles 167 

Calasbetti, Charles 167 

Cain, Chris 336 

Cahen, T 152 

Cabala, Jackie 366 

Byrnes, Richard 167, 333 

Byrd, Virginia 315 

Butler, Valerie 167, 279 

Butler, Margaret 323 

Bussell, Thomas 320 

Busse, Russell 320 

Bushnell, Cynthia 167 

Bushman, Feme 167 

Burton, Sharon 347 

Burrier, Richard 1 67, 272 

Burns, Robert 167, 360 

Burns, Kathy 296 

Burns, Kathleen 167 

Burnham, Skip 382 

Burnette, Mike 369 

Burleson, Robert 333 

Burleigh, Richard 167, 328 

Burky, Bruce 167 

Burkhardt, Jim 342 

Burke, Michael 167 

Burke, Joseph 167 

Burke, Jeff 364 

Burgett, Douglas 154 

Burkbaher, Thomas 167 

Burden, Bruce 154 

Burd, Susan 167 

Burch, Rob 334 

Burch, Barbara 166 

Bunch, Tim 364 

Buller, Robert 166 

Bullard, Howell 166 

Bukszar, Gary 272 

Buker, Gary 364 

Bujwalo, Irene 166 

Bugosh, Michael 166, 308 

Bufalini, James 166 

Budai, Lynn 350 

Bucker, Beverly 381 

Buck, Mike 369 

Buck, Linda 166 

Buchholz, David 272 

Brzytwa, Barbara 1 66, 366 

Brush, Mike 334 

Brunst, Linda 279 

Bruno, Thomas 363 

Bruning, Linda 293 

Bruni, Margaret 166 

Brumbaugh, Keith 320 

Browne, Virginia 296 

Browne, James 296 

Browne, William 343 

Brown, Thomas .166 

Brown, Tom 333 

Brown, Sheila 336 

Brown, Richard 166 

Brown, Patricia 166, 283 

Brown, Kent 353 

Brown, Ken 339 

Brown, J 153, 154 

Brown, Catherine 166 

Brown, B. L 324 

Brown, B 153 

Brown, Alam 166, 354 

Brown, A 278, 280 

Brouse, Richard 153 

Brothers, James 320 

Brooks, Daverly 166 

Bronza, Donna 166 

Broemsen, John 166 

Brodsky, Fred 372 

Brockway, Joanne 302 

Brockett, Gary 328 

Brislinger, Barbara 166 

Brigner, Mike 375 

Bridge, Jane 166 

Bridenstine, Lakalyn 166 

Brickman, Chuck 334 

Bricker, Donald 297 

Brewster, Robert 334 

Brewer, Barbara 166 

Bresnick, Lonnie 166,312 

Breshear, Sue 382 

Breoiger, Douglas 166 

Brenstuhl, Lawrence 166 

Brenning, Dan 152,291,334 

Brenner, William 295 

Brennan, Paul 166, 329 

Breit, Sue 166 

Breen, Marianne 166, 324 

Braunstein, Jill 166 

Braun, Kathy 366 

Brashear, Carol 270 

Brandt, David 166 

Brandfass, Kenneth 166, 300 

Brand, Linda 307 

Braiman, Daryl 342 

Bragaw, Rexford 165 

Braff, Mike 339 

Braff , Denny 339 

Brady, Patricia 165 

Brady, Mary Ann 1 65 

Brady, Ed 329 

Bradley, Tom 369 

Braden, Paul 334 

Brachha, Tom 165 

Boynar, Charles 165 

Boyle, Robert 165 

Boykin, Stanley 152 

Boyer, Beverly 275 

Boyd, Steve 342 

Bows, Craig 165, 346 

Bowman, Carol 366 

Bowes, Murray 165 

Bowersox, Ted 1 52, 360 

Bower, Toni 270 

Bower, Ginger 165 

Bower, Charles 165 

Bower, Beverly 165 

Bowen, Lynne 165 

Bowen, Gwen 381 

Bowen, Gary 152 

Bowen, Carolyn 318 

Bowe, Allen 381 

Bowdish, Ann 165 

Bourgeois, Charles 165, 273 

Boughton, Marita 165 

Bostwick, Donald 165 

Bossell, Robert 152 

Bosma, Sharon 165 

Bosch, Lawrence 165 

Boryczewski, Julian 165 

Borwell, Skip 342 

Borsch, Susan 275 

Borovitcky, Karen 165 

Borman, Gary 165 

Borland, Gary 165 

Borkowski, Edward 165 

Borkeson, Brooke 376 

Bope, Linda 319 

Bonk, Karen 165 

Bondus, Jennifer 366 

Bond, Susan 165 

Bond, Judy 336 

Bonnano, Grace 165 

Bollinger, Ann 165 

Bolitho, Dennis 165, 333 

Bolin, William 165 

Bohannan, Mary 165,347 

Boguski, Barb 302, 336 

Bogo, Lawrence 286 

Bogdan, JeaTiette 164 

Boehm, Cathleen 164 

Bodnar, Theresa 164 

Bodnar, John 333 

Bodkins, Mike 154,164,286 

Bobb, Nelson 152,164,291 

Boback, Steven 1 64 

BIy, Phillip 164 

Bluxome, Margaret 164 

Blower, Karen 164 

Bluhm, Mary Joe 376 

Bluhm, Kevin 369 

Bluestein, Harold 372 

Blosse, Fred 152 

Bloomfield, Rochelee 324 

Bloomfield, Lynda 164 

Bloom, Alam 164, 364 

Block, Pete 342 

Bliss, Richard 164 

Bliss, Paul 315 

Bleehash, Thomas 164 



Blattner, Steve 324 

Blatt, Linda 372 

Blatnik, Bonnie 164 

Biasius, Donald 155 

Blankenship, Leander 164 

Blandford, Linda 164 

Bland, Henry 346 

Blancliard, Al 339 

Blair, Tod 164 

Blackstone, Ronald 163 

Blackstone, Robert 163, 309 

Blackstone, Goerge 163, 334 

Blackman, Robert 163 

Blackman, Jeffrey 163 

Black, Valerie 163 

Black, Larry 379 

Black, Garry 163 

Black, David 163 

Black, Barbara 163 

Bissler, Peg 350 

Bishop, Jewel 163 

Bishop, Gary 152 

Bisenkamp, Cynthia 163, 337 

Bir, Madeline 163, 281 , 338 

Binder, Frank 163, 312 

Billson, Deborah 163 

Biles, F. D. R 302 

Bike, Lon 297 

Bigelow, Kathy 293 

Bigelow, James 317 

Bierut, Patti 292, 322 

Biemel, Alice 279 

Bierman, Barb 359 

Bielich, Pam 338 

Biehl, Gary 163 

Bidinger, Rae Louise 153, 163 

Bickerstaff, Karen 295 

Bible, Janie 163 

Bianculli, Kathleen 163 

Beyer, James 363 

Belts, Sally 163, 281, 286, 

313,318.323, 376 

Belts, G 285, 290 

Bettes, John 342 

Betley, Linda 163 

Bethel, Rae Ann 163 

Best, Kathleen 163 

Besco, Tom 353 

Bertucci, Mimi 163, 341 

Bertrand, Robert 155 

Bertram, Pam 376 

Bertram, Cynthia 292 

Berthold, Paul 155 

Berry, Sharon 1 63 

Berry, Scott 382 

Bernet, Lawrence 163, 273 

Bernard, Tom 333 

Bernard, Rick 329 

Bernal, Yvonne 381 

Berman, Eileen 163 

Berkowitz, Hollace 163, 323 

Bergnon, Becky 366 

Bergman, Robert 163 

Berg, Mimi 281, 353, 376 

Berg, Darlene 322 

Berens, Michael 163 

Berbelis, Paulette 323 

Bentz, Kathy 353 

Benson, Judy 307 

Bennett, Lester 162 

Bennett, Joan 1 62 

Bennett, Dave 380 

Benjamin, Keith 152 

Benham, Carol 279 

Benes, Mark 379 

Benedict, Robert 162 

Benedetto, Jane 162 

Benedetti, Greg 329 

Bender, Janine 162 

Belovic, Lynn 162 

Bellowe, Marsha 162 

Belley, Kathleen 162 

Belian, Ruth 290 

Bell, Thorn 162 

Bell, Sandra 153 

Bell, Jack 162 

Belan, Rick 162 

Bejbl, Frank 369 

Beier, Constance 1 62, 286, 301 , 341 

Begue, Ronald 162 

Begala, John 154 

Beer, R 290 

Beekman, Barb 162 

Bednarik, John 162 

Bedell, Thomas 346 

Beckwith, Mrs. Laura 342 

Becker, John 1 62, 375 

Beckenholdt, Cheryl 292 

Becka, Joan 1 62, 274, 305 

Beck, Vicki 153 

Beck, Mary 162 

Beck, James 162 

Beck, Gretchen 162, 318 

Beck, Betty Jo 162 

Bechtold, Leslie 311 

Becht, George 360 

Becher, Barbara 1 62 

Beaton, Lynn 162 

Beam, Brenda 376, 382 

Beale, Laura 162 

Baytos, Steve 360 

Bayko, Emil 162 

Bayachek, Janet 1 62, 322 

Baxter, Andrew 155 

Baumgardt, Bruce 363 

Bauer, Steve 153 

Bauer, Paula 366 

Bauer, Karen 162 

Batchelor, Norman 162 

Bastiaans, Robert ,. . . 162 

Basiletti, lllona 162 

Basile, Joan 161 

Bashaw, Don 161 

Base, Constance 161 

Basar, Larry 161, 287 

Bartoszek, Joseph 161 

Bartos, Fred 161 

Barton, Charles 154 

Bartolone, Bill 353 

Barto, Robert 153 

Bartish, Beverly 161 

Barry, Kathleen 271, 284, 328 

Barrett, Robert 161 

Barrett, David 333 

Barrett, Christine 153 

Barresi, Donna 302 

Barrelle, Mary Ellen 336 

Barrare, Don 348 

Barr, Kathy 161 

Barr, Jim 334 

Barr, Charles 161 

Baroody, Jack 161 

Barnett, Francis , . , •. 333 

Barnes, Roberta 161 

Barlow, Dede 292 

Barker, Richard 152,161,270,312 

Barilla, John 161 

Bareele, Mary Ellen 161 

Barbie, Jeff 360 

Barbie, Nancy 376 

Barber, Thomas 272 

Baranchik, Candy 161 

Banville, Jack 334 

Banks, Charles 334 

Bankovich, Mary Ann 161 

Baluk, Jeanette 161 

Baluch, Mary 322 

Balthis, Thomas 154 

Balotta, Marianne 161, 286, 341 

Ball, Ban 317, 375 

Balitz, James 161 

Balfe, Thomas 152 

Balestreire, Thomas 161,278,280,308 

Baldwin, Kathleen 161,281,286 

Balbresky, Linda 350, 353 

Balazs, Kathy 275 

Balasz, Diane 161 

Baker, Wade 290, 375 

Baker, Tom 348, 364 

Baker, Robert 161 

Baker, Jack 152, 278, 334 

Baker, Carl 161 

Bakalik, Lynn 161 

Baird, William 161, 312 

Baillie, Elizabeth 322 

Bailie, Susan 161 

Bailey, Judi 161 

Bailey, Jan 161 

Bai ley, Dan 1 54 

Bahsen, Babs 372 

Bahnsen, B 306 

Baguq, Ron 369 

Baglio, Cecilia 153, 306 

Baer, Barb 382 

Baehr, Jim 299, 342 

Badalament, Ted 375 

Bachtel, Barbara 160 

Bachna, Rudy 155,312 

Bachman, Randl 338 

Bachman, Marilyn 160 

Bacher, Susan 160 

Bacher, John 160 

Babits, Joyce 160 

Babeaux, Kathy 348, 359 

Babbitt, Bruce 160 

Babbey, Mary Jane 307, 359 

Baal, John 342 


Ayers, Chuck 295 

Ayers, A 315 

Avetta, Peter 363 

Austin, Kenneth 154 

Austin, George 152 

Auskings, Judith 322 

Augustene, Tony 372 

Au, Frances 160 

Atwood, Walter 360 

Atkinson, Beth 353 

Atkins, Marty 152 

Athey, Tim 371 

Athas, William J 160 

Ashley, Judith 160 

Ashenfelter, Tucker 375 

Ash, Linda 160 

Artzner, Alan 342 

Arthur, Barbara 160 

Arora, Tarunesh, 313, 314 

Armstrong, Kenneth 289 

Armstrong, Bill 160, 311 

Armbruster, Jan 160, 283, 307 

Arkis, Linda 160 

Arick, Donna ,160, 304, 322 

Arceci, Josephine 160 

Appleby, Diane 160 

Applebaum, James ,160 

Applebaum, Barbara 160 

Appel, Sally 296 

Appel, Rick 339 

Appel, Fredrick 160 

App, Timothy 160 

Anthony, Ralph 380 

Anthony, Paul 1 60, 321 , 353 

Annett, Prudence 1 60, 275 

Ankenbruck, Sue 359 

Angros, Jane 333 

Andrews, Virginia 302 

Andrews, Rebecca 292, 295. 302 

Andrews, Becky 366, 1 53 

Andres, Anthony 154 

Andregg, Eric 315 

Andreas, Nancy 160 

Andreani, Alan 152 

Andonlan, Laura 376 

Andoiek, Judith 299 

Anderson, Terry 160, 336 

Anderson, Sharon 160 

Anderson, Pat 376 

Anderson, Mark 333 

Anderson, Janis 159 

Anderson, Jan 311 

Anderson, Frances 326 

Anderson, Donna 286 

Anderson, Cheryl 159, 303 

Anderson, Carol 342 

Anderson, Bette 341 

Amodio, Mary 159 

Ambrose, Richard 152 

Ambrose, Patricia 159 

Ambrose, Marianne 159 

Ambrose, Judy 329 

Alvarez Dinah 337 

Altshuler, B 275 

Altman, Ronnie 296 

Altman, Nikki 159 

Alter, Jerry 379 

Al-Saffar,, Adnan 159 

Alport. Margery 159 

Allnick, Bob 372 

Allen, R 155 

Allen, Judy 376 

Allen. Janet 159, 376 

Allen, Dan 325, 329 

Allard, Judy 350 

Aliberti, Virginia 159 

Alexander. Lynn 356 

Alexander, Linda 306, 341 

Alexander, Linda 159, 353 

Alexander, Kay 159, 376 

AIek, K 319 

Aldstadt, Judith 159 

Alden, Jamie 382 

Albritton, Bryson 159 

Albrght, Susan 159 

Alberts, Alfred 333 

Albert, Steve 329 

Akel, David 159, 314 

Alton, David 159, 290 

Ainsman, Leslie 159 

Aiello, Frank 159 

Ahrens, Judy 337 

Ahlersmeyer. D 323 

Agricola, Dan 348 

Adrian. W 302 

Adkins. Brenda 159 

Adkins. Anita 353, 376 

Adgate. Sally 159 

Ades, Claire 372 

Adduci, Rocco 272 

Addis, Elizabeth 159 

Addams, C 295, 299 

Adams, Stephen 159 

Adams, Ralph 159 

Adams, Norman 159 

Adams, Gloria 159 

Adams, Glenn 375 

Acs, K 302 

Accettola, Lorrie 159 

Abood, Walter 159 

Able, Carol Sue 350 

Abercrombie. Nancy 359 

Abens, Linda 159, 283 

Abel, Carol 159 






Al King 


Jim Gille 

Assistant Copy Editor 

Florence York 

General Office 

©1970 Chestnut Burr 

The 1970 Chestnut Burr is printed on 80 lb. 
IVlead Offset Dull, manufactured by the Mead 
Paper Company. 

Body type is Helvetica. Headline type is Univers, 

Color pictures were taken on High Speed Ekta- 
chrome Daylight, High Speed Ektachrome Type B 
and Kodachrome II at recommended manufac- 
turers ratings. 

The cover was manufactured by Kingscraft 
Covers, Inc. 

Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas 
printed 9100 copies of the 1970 Chestnut Burr. 

Special Thanks: 
Chuck Ayers 
Thomas Auld 
Mary Ann Bankovich 
Henry Beck 
Richard Bentley 
Mrs. Margaret Brown 
Mary Chastain 
Richard Cupp 
Daily Kent Stater 

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Jack Davis 
Whitfield Delaplane 
Steve DiLullo 
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Ron McNees 
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John Naccarato 
Jane Newmeyer 
Dr. Murvin Perry 
Jim Rogers 
Paul Schlemmer 

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